These Top 10 Most Popular Birthday Gift Cards in the USA Sure Take The Cake!

August 5, 2022
jason wolfe
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Tis the season of, well…birthdays!

Whether it’s a family member, romantic partner, or friend, someone’s birthday is always coming up soon, and figuring out what to buy them becomes tricker and tricker every year. Not knowing what exactly someone wants can cause a lot of inner conflict. So why not go with an age old reliable? That’s right, we’re talking about gift cards! Gift cards to some of the most popular best-selling distributors around the country to be exact. If your loved one is in the market for clothes, make-up, home goods, books, food, or literally almost anything they can think of then these top 10 birthday gift cards in the USA are sure to bring a smile to their face!

And what’s even better about discovering the very best places to grab a gift card? It’s how GiftYa, the online gift card ‘warehouse’ full of all of the places listed below (and so many more), make gift card buying fast and easy. Simply go to the GiftYa website, or download the app, search up one of the places listed below or find another place you’re interested in, purchase any amount up to 100$ of the card, and get to gifting! You can even personalize the gift card with fun text/colorful images to make the gift card special for someone’s birthday!

Find out more and text a birthday gift card to someone special right here!

1. Amazon

You know it, you use it, and it has almost everything you can ever want!

Text an Amazon digital gift card with GiftYa

Amazon. The colossal online shopping hub that has literally almost everything you could want. If you’re in the market for groceries at the end of the week and need them without messing up your busy schedule, Amazon has the ability to order all your food online. Or maybe you’re shopping for your new house and looking for furniture, electronics, and other house-hold supplies, Amazon’s got you covered! Video games, movies, music, tv-shows, clothes, jewelry, and so so much more are all available at this mega store. Plus if you have Prime, you can get 2 day shipping on supporting products, so there’s no need to wait for your package! With so many options there’s plenty to choose and you can make your birthday something special with an Amazon gift card!

Click here to buy a digital Amazon gift card!

2. Visa

You can use it almost everywhere, it’s money to spend on anything you’d like!

Text a Visa digital gift card with GiftYa

A great gift choice for an upcoming celebration, holiday, or birthday, a Visa gift card is here for all of your gift giving needs. What makes a Visa gift card a great gift to give? Well, it’s perfect for almost all ages, as it’s just money you can use at any participating store, and don’t worry about not being able to go to your favorite place to buy the thing you want, Visa gift cards are available to use at millions of stores all around the country, including online places! 

Easy to give, easy to activate, and easy to buy exactly what you want. It’s secure too, so if the card gets lost or stolen, it can be replaced! Visa gift cards are a good choice if you aren’t exactly sure on what to get someone!

Click here to purchase a Visa e-gift card!

3. Target

The eighth largest retailer in the USA, this chain has exactly what you need and a great value to meet!

Text a Target digital gift card with GiftYa

Target. You know it, you’ve probably shopped there, and you might know why it’s number 3 on this list. From adult’s, teens, kids, and baby clothing, to home decor, patio & garden, kitchenware, make-up & beauty products, known high end electronics, the latest video games & movies, toys, sports & outdoor fun, grocery, pets, and more, Target continues to have what you need at a price you won’t bat an eye at! 

Target is convenient too, with the ability to order online, you can pick it up at the store where they will have it ready for you or enjoy same day delivery with options to choose at the end of your check out! Target also makes sure to have the brands you love and introduce you to new ones that might have you changing your style to something new and exciting! “Expect More. Pay Less.” That’s the Target tagline, and with their variety of products and nearly 2,000 locations around the country, you’re in for a real treat!

Buy a Target e-gift card here!

4. ULTA Beauty

For those who adore all things make-up, beauty, and self-care products!

Text an Ulta Beauty digital gift card with GiftYa

Self care. An important thing in everyone’s lives. Whether it’s putting on some makeup to highlight your features, taking care of your hair, body, or face, that’s what Ulta Beauty is here to bring to you. With products ranging from makeup palettes and brushes, to mousterizers & serums, suncare, perfumes, shampoos & conditioners, and all the more self-care products you can imagine!

Now Ulta Beauty doesn’t just have a wide selection of products, but they also have their own Salon! They have hair, brows & wax, makeup & lashes, skin, and their new ear piercing services ready for everyone who walks through Ulta’s doors. The salon features a complimentary consultation with a licensed beauty professional and once you both feel comfortable with the direction of beauty vision, then you can get to beaut-i-fying! A simple run to the store (or browsing online) to grab what you want or get your own treatment, Ulta Beauty is here to provide!

Purchase an Ulta Beauty gift card here!

5. Sephora

Featuring nearly 340 (!?) brands, along with their own, this beauty mega store is here to make you feel like your best self!

Text a Sephora digital gift card with GiftYa

You can’t go wrong with more beauty and self-care, and with Sephora on this list, you’re getting exactly that. With stores in 35 countries, it’s safe to say Sephora has taken the beauty world by storm with their array of products that cover all things personal care. If you’re new to the world of beauty, Sephora has guidance set up every step of the way to make your journey into make up and/or self care not overwhelming. On their website they have a lot of quizzes so you know exactly where to go and what to buy. 

Wherever you’re at in the beauty game, Sephora has got a product for you, you can search the “No Makeup Makeup” section, full lists of recommended makeup products that are bold and colorful, and treatments for every other part of the body. Plenty to choose from and plenty to try out for the first time at Sephora!

Send someone a Sephora e-gift card for their birthday here!

6. Home Depot

For projects as big as building your home, to adding in a new lighting fixture, this store is all about your home!

Text a Home Depot digital gift card with GiftYa

The Home Depot is built for one thing, the improvement of your home! If you’re building something from the ground up, adding a new feature to an almost finished home, or replacing something old with something fresh, this retailer has a little something for everyone. Want to make your garden pop this summer? Home Depot has their Garden Center that has a mix of items from landscape edging kits to power tools to set up your new porch! 

Along with state of the art appliances like Samsung Smart Fridges, portable air conditioners, and home security systems. Or you can get your decorating on with flooring and area rugs, furniture, a wide selection of paints, and wall decor! The Home Depot is here for you to make your house feel like a home.

Text someone a digital Home Depot gift card today!

7. Nordstrom

An American high end department store that sells everything from clothes to home decor!

Text a Nordstrom digital gift card with GiftYa

For over 100 years Nordstrom has been changing the fashion game by creating and selling compelling clothing for adults, teens, and kids. What started as a small shoe retail store in Seattle has turned into hundreds of department stores selling clothes, home products, beauty products, and activewear! With colorful and bold clothing that can take you out of your regular “everyday” look, to clothing that makes you feel like you and compliment your style with what’s already in your wardrobe. 

Nordstrom is taking your “daily routine” and making it something to look forward to, from the outfit and makeup, to looking around at your new home decor when you leave for work, this retailer is making things so dang fun!

Purchase a digital Nordstrom gift card here!

8. Barnes & Noble

Calling all bookworms! This retailer is for all your reading needs with their massive selection of books!

Text a Barnes & Noble digital gift card with GiftYa

There’s nothing quite like reading a good book on a nice summer day, by the window when it’s raining, or near the fireplace during the height of winter, and Barnes & Noble is the place to go to for all things books. This store has a huge variety of books from any genre you can think of, with reads from up and coming authors, and stuff from seasoned writers. 

If you head into the store you can look through the stacks, find something you like, and get to reading right in store for a little while before you take your new book home with you. While online there’s over 5 million books ready to ship, 3.6 million eBooks for your Kindle/online reading device, and thousands of audiobooks for an on to go book listener! Barnes & Noble doesn’t just have books, they also have fun accessories and toys from those famous books and other media!

Purchase a GiftYa digital Barnes & Noble gift card here!

9. Lowe's

More home improvement? Sign us up! Always great to add a new coat of paint to your room!

Text a Lowe's digital gift card with GiftYa

Lowe’s knowledgeable associates are here to make your home improvement goals a reality. They are here for you in whatever you need, from planning out a big house work job, to urgent repairs that need to get done while you’re remodeling, they made their business for efficiency and availability. 

According to their website, Lowe’s focuses on 5 key factors, “Pro, Online, Installation Services, Localization, and Assortment.” With this approach, Lowe’s has made the surveying and buying experience for customers hassle free. With high end new fridge models, kitchenware, lighting & ceiling fans, outdoor equipment, and tools to build, you won’t need to go far to make your home improvement something that happens soon!

Purchase a GiftYa Lowe’s gift card here!

10. Wayfair

All things for your home, so you can make your place something you love coming back to.

Text a Wayfair digital gift card with GiftYa

Furniture, Outdoor, Lighting, Bed & Bath, Rugs, Décor & Pillows, Storage & Organizations, Kitchen & Tabletop, Baby & Kids, Home Improvement, Appliances, Pet, and Holiday Décor. That’s Wayfair. A global brand that offers the feeling of making your home feel like a home everywhere. Being one of the world’s largest retailers, it’s no surprise that Wayfair is on this list. You can completely redecorate your home to make it something you feel proud of!

Purchase a GiftYa to Wayfair gift card here!

That's it on our list of the most popular birthday gift cards in our catalog!

These top 10 popular birthday gift cards in the USA are perfect places to gift your friends with something they may need. From a warehouse with almost everything in it, to self-care products and new clothes to make you feel like your best self, and to the potential of transforming your house into a home, these places have covered all of your birthday bases!


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