Top 10 Most Popular Birthday Gift Cards That Take the Cake in 2023

Unsure what to get your loved one for their upcoming birthday? How about money to spend at some of the highest rated places in the country!!

Whether it’s a family member, romantic partner, or friend, someone’s birthday is always coming up soon, and figuring out what to buy them becomes tricker and tricker every year. Not knowing what exactly someone wants can cause a lot of inner conflict. After all, you don’t want to get them something they don’t like or won’t use – or even worse, something that makes them say “You thought I would like this??”

When in doubt, why not go with an age old reliable? That’s right, we’re talking about gift cards!

According to a CashStar survey, most people would actually prefer getting gift cards for birthdays and other gift-giving occasions. These top 10 birthday gift cards in the USA are sure to bring a smile to their face!

1. Amazon

You know it, you use it, and it has almost everything you can ever want!

Text an Amazon digital gift card with GiftYa

#1 Most Popular Birthday Gift Card Two Years in a Row

Amazon. The colossal online shopping hub that has literally almost everything you could want. If you’re in the market for groceries at the end of the week and need them without messing up your busy schedule, Amazon has the ability to order all your food online. Or maybe you’re shopping for your new house and looking for furniture, electronics, and other house-hold supplies, Amazon’s got you covered! Video games, movies, music, tv-shows, clothes, jewelry, and so much more are all available at this mega store. Plus if you have Prime, you can get 2 day shipping on supporting products, so there’s no need to wait for your package! With so many options there’s plenty to choose and you can make your birthday something special with an Amazon gift card!

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2. Starbucks

Help Them Refuel with Coffee and Treats on Every Corner

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

Starbucks may not be on every street corner anymore, but they’re still on most of them! And whether you’re a working professional, a high school student, or a retired grandparent, it’s hard to resist the siren song of the Seattle-based coffee company’s signature drinks. Sending a gift card to a coffee shop like Starbucks is a great way to give your loved one a birthday pick-me-up. From the sugar and caffeine-packed double threat that is the Frappuccio to a cool, fruity Refresher, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Not Currently Available on GiftYa… consider grabbing a Dunkin’ gift card instead!


Send them on a Birthday Getaway to Destinations Around the World

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

Does birthday weekend = weekend getaway for your loved one?

Then a gift card to is sure to make planning a trip for their special day a breeze. The online hotel booking platform offers a bunch of perks to users – ranging from rewards points and savings to extra flexibility if they need to change or cancel a reservation. So why not give them a gift card they can put toward their celebration?

Not Currently Available on GiftYa… consider grabbing a Marriott gift card instead!

4. Etsy

Go-To Marketplace for Everything Crafty and Handmade

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

Is the birthday guy or gal a true individual? If they balk at the idea of big box stores and prefer unique, meaningful jewelry and homegoods, look no further than Etsy for their birthday gift card. From hand-poured candles to custom jewelry, blind date with a book kits to engraved watches, Etsy has plenty of options as creative as they are.

Not Currently Available on GiftYa… consider grabbing a Michaels gift card instead!

5. Apple

The Latest Tech & Accessories, Music, Movies, and More

Text an Apple gift card

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

Perfect for the tech-lover on your list. If they’re an Apple person, chances are they’re plugged into all of the brand’s latest releases. Whether they’ve got their eye on the latest iPhone release or a new strap for their Apple Watch, an Apple gift can be put toward the hefty price tag that’s common amongst pretty much all Apple products.

Text an Apple gift card

6. Target

Fun Home Goods and Practical Home Essentials, All in One Spot

Text a Target gift card

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

Ah yes, Target. The stores have so many practical items – ranging from cat food to people food to cleaning products – that stopping by for some household essentials is probably a regular fixture on your to-do-list. But it’s hard not to get distracted by all of the fun items Target stocks as well… and that’s why a Target gift card can make a great birthday gift.

Give your favorite Red Card holder a chance to enjoy their weekly Target-run – they’ll be there anyway. Now they can shop candles and throw pillows, new release video games and tech products. Maybe they’ll even pick up a face mask to treat themself to a little birthday self care, or splurge on a new sweater for Fido. With some fun money on a gift card, the possibilities are endless.

Text a Target gift card

7. Home Depot

Refresh Their House for Another Trip Around the Sun

Text a Home Depot gift card

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

Perfect for DIY-lovers and handy folks everywhere. Home Depot has everything a weekend warrior needs to tackle their next project. Whether it’s sprucing up the front porch with some seasonal flowers, repainting the kitchen, or simply restocking their workshop, the Home Depot is a birthday gift card that anyone is sure to appreciate.

Text a Home Depot gift card

8. Hey Dude Shoes

Lightweight, Comfortable Shoes for Men, Women, and Kids

Text a Hey Dude Shoes gift card

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

Footwear fanatic? The birthday guy or girl will be excited to have a change to refresh their collection of kicks with a Hey Dude gift card. Stocking slip-ons, sneakers, platforms, and sandals, the brand is known for crafting quality shoes that will quickly become your new go-tos. Hey Dude also offers a variety of discounts for students, teachers, military, and healthcare workers, so if your recipient falls into one of those categories, your gift will go even further.

Text a Hey Dude Shoes gift card

9. Lululemon

A Leader in Athletic Apparel and Tech Clothing

Text a Lululemon gift card

New to Our Top Gift Cards in the USA List!

Lululemon is probably the biggest name in luxury athleticwear, so it’s no surprise that it ranks among the most popular birthday gifts on our site. They burst onto the scene with buttery soft, curve-supporting leggings over two decades ago and have only grown in popularity since. Today their catalog has everything the birthday guy or girl needs to hit up their next workout class, or just lounge around in unparalleled comfort on the couch.

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10. Dunkin'

America Runs on Dunkin’, and USA Gift-Givers Run on Dunkin’ Gift Cards

Text a Dunkin' gift card

New to Our Top Birthday Gift Cards in the USA List!

Although Dunkin’ started out in Massachusetts in 1950, it has quickly expanded to include more than 11,000 locations all over the world. That impressive tally includes 8,500 locations across 41 states in the US of A and over 3,200 locations in 36 other countries. All of that is sufficient to say that when you’re craving some caffeine or a delicious, dunkable donut, a Dunkin’ location probably isn’t far off.

Perfect for people who can’t start their morning without a cup of coffee or who like a little something sweet to get them through that afternoon energy slump, a Dunkin’ gift card can be used on any of the brand’s food and beverage offerings. That includes 50+ flavors of donut, premium coffee and tea beverages (even bubble tea, at some locations!), breakfast sandwiches, bagels, and other baked goods.

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There you have it – the top 10 most popular birthday gift cards in the USA.

Finding the perfect birthday present gift can be tough, whether it is a physical gift or a digital gift card. We hope that this list of our top 10 best-selling birthday gift cards this year has given you some inspiration. And don’t forget, on the off chance the gift card you select isn’t the birthday present of their dreams, they can exchange or regift a GiftYa in just a couple of clicks, so they’re guaranteed to end up with something they actually want for their birthday this year.

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