The Five Best Greek Restaurants in Miami

October 22, 2020
Food & Drink
jason wolfe

Ah, Greek food. Lamb, gyros, hummus. Truly some of the best of the best. If you’ve found yourself in Miami, or you already live here and are looking for a fun night out, here are Miami’s top five best Greek restaurants. Whether you’re a Greek food aficionado or just dipping your toes in, you can’t go wrong with any of these spots.

Greek Food

Greek food is the cuisine of the country of Greece and utilizes many types of poultry and vegetables in its primary dishes. From lentil soup to gyros and roast corn, Greek food contains some of the best flavors you’ll ever have. If you’re a fan of Greek food, maybe you’re looking for Greek restaurants you haven’t heard of yet in Miami. Hopefully at least one of these is new to you, and you can go explore! Read on for Miami’s top five Greek restaurants, from more laid-back fare to fancy restaurants perfect for celebrating. 

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Nostimo Greek Kitchen

For great Greek salads and more, try out Nostimo Greek Kitchen! Locals and visitors alike love its takes on Greek classics. 

170 Northwest 24th Street

Nostimo Greek Kitchen serves up Greek classics with a classy wine bar to match. Open twelve hours a day from eleven a.m. to eleven p.m., the kitchen is open for takeout during covid as well as delivery and curb-side pickup.

Their popular dishes include lamb, chicken gyros, souvlaki, greek salad, and falafel. There’s something for everyone here, including those more inclined to try authentic Greek over more modern fare. They also have a great wine and cocktail menu for dine in and take out.

“I would highly recommend visiting this spot. I wish I lived closer because I would have showed up today. I am definitely returning though! They have outdoor seating on the weekdays and they also do delivery I believe. I am going to give the gyro a shot next time because my friends' order looked SO good. They also have this Nutella bakhlava that I wanted to try but I ordered so much already so I held off.” - Yelp Review

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Maria’s Greek Restaurant

Maria’s Greek knows authenticity- if you want that homemade taste, Maria’s has it in spades. Welcome to the kitchen! 

2359 Coral Way

Maria’s Greek Restaurant provides homey feels with classic Greek fare for a comfortable, casual night out. They are open for delivery, takeout, pickup, and sit-down dining. Their popular dishes include Greek salad, gyro sandwich, village salad, and lamb shank. The menu is large with a good variety of items, and the prices are super reasonable for the value. If you want to feel like you’re inside the home of an adorable Greek grandmother who’s cooking for you from scratch, well- Maria’s Greek Restaurant is the way to go.

“AMAZING. Just picked up the chicken platter for lunch with vegetables and roasted potatoes. Everything is so delicious I couldn't even finish it before writing this review. That's how much they deserve praise! I saw the inside when I went to pick the food up, and it was very pretty and had a great Greek vibe to it. I will definitely go for a sit down once COVID-19 is over, but until then it's going to be a regular staple for my work lunches.” - Yelp Review

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Greek House Kitchen

An option on the fancier side, Mandolin provides the best of the best. 

17041 S. Dixie Highway

Greek House Kitchen specializes in good and cheap. Want a delicious meal but don’t want to spend big bucks? Greek House Kitchen is the way to go. Their most popular dishes include lamb gyro pita, saganaki, grilled salmon platter, chicken gyros, and lamb chops. There’s something for every type of taste bud out there, from classic Greek sweet treats to salty and bitter. The portions are very sizable and you’ll definitely want to be bringing home the leftovers- or maybe just eat everything there, so you don’t have to bring home the food and share!

“We ordered take out since we are still not dining in anywhere!  What a nice surprise and a treat for us. Delicious authentic Greek food.  The Lamb gyros are tasty and packed with lettuce , tomatoes, and onions. The tzaiki sauce is a great complement.  The portions are plentiful and will spill into two meals. I will definitely order take out from there again but I'm looking forward to dining in sometime soon!” - Yelp Review 

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Mandolin Aegean Bistro

On the lookout for delicious desserts and entrees to match? Greek House Kitchen has exactly what you need, and on top of that is true bang for your buck. Giant portions on the cheap? Sign us up! 

4312 NE 2nd Ave. 

Mandolin Aegean Bistro is for when you want to go all out. Consider it a restaurant for an announcement, for anniversaries, or simply for a really special evening. The place is cozy and lively, an adorable bistro serving only the best of the best. 

Their most popular dishes include lamb chops, grilled octopus, chicken kabob, manti dumplings, and Greek village salad. Their calamari, as well, is to die for. They are only currently open for takeout, but when they’re open full time their outside seating provides beautiful views and comfort to match. Perfect for a romantic evening for two, or a quiet evening alone.

“I had an amazingly delicious meal here last night. I had not been to this restaurant in years and had forgotten how great it is. I especially recommend sitting outside (if it is not too hot) because it is so charming and cute. Transports you to the Mediterranean....definitely has one of the most romantic vibes of any restaurant I have been to in Miami.” - Yelp Review

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Meraki Greek Bistro

Meraki Greek has all the classics and more- located in the heart of Downtown, it’s the perfect place for a night out on the town. 

Downtown Miami 142 SE 1st Ave.

With two locations in both Downtown and Coconut Grove, Meraki Greek Bistro serves Greek fare in a modern setting with modern twists. They specialize in bringing an authentic Mediterannian experience to you in Miami. 

Their most popular dishes include lamb kabob, lamb chop, grilled salmon, and chicken gyros. They are currently open for takeout and delivery. You may want to keep hush hush about this place- it’s considered a hidden gem by some locals, so you know it’s good. The desserts, between you and us, are a must-have.

“Hidden little gem in downtown I wish I had found sooner! My personal fav is the chicken on skewers (with pita, aioli sauce and a side salad). Super fresh and delicious! The hummus and pita is a must have, if you come here and don't order that, you're doing yourself a disservice- straight up... not going to sugar coat it people, GET THE HUMMUS & PITA. Another must have is the baklava, it's a given that if i eat here I’m somehow someway making room for all that dessert! Absolutely love Meraki! I've done take out from here (good portions) and I've earned here for a nice romantic night out. Def recommend!” - Yelp Review

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Finding the perfect restaurant for a night out or a lunch break can be a herculean task even for the biggest foodies among us. If you’re dining with a group, it can be hard to find a place that serves everyone’s dietary needs and preferences. Thankfully Miami has options galore, especially if you and your friends veer towards Greek food whenever you’re searching for a bite.

Miami is full of great Greek food to chow down on. Whether you’re Downtown or off in a little hidden gem, the Greek flair of Miami is everywhere. Grab some gyros for your next night out and some pita and hummus for the road!


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