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Until now if I wanted to give a gift to any local restaurant, coffee shop, spa etc. in my neighborhood or a friend’s neighborhood, I found it to be a daunting and sometimes impossible task. When trying to purchase gift cards to local establishments, sometimes you find out that they don’t even sell them. If they do sell gift cards, you often have to physically go to the merchant to purchase the gift card.  

Imagine you have a friend who lives across the country in Chicago.  Let’s say you know that they have an upcoming job interview and you would love to send them a little something to say “good luck” and to let them know that you are thinking of them. With GiftYa, you can! It is now so much more convenient to make that a reality.  You can send your friend a personalized GiftYa to their favorite coffee shop that you know is right in their neighborhood and will not be sending them out of their way for the interview. You can personalize the GiftYa with an encouraging message and one of your favorite photos together that you know will make their day.

Or imagine that your brother lives in Florida and you know he has been having a rough couple of days. You immediately wish that you were there in person to cheer him up with a round of golf, something that you both like to do together, but you cannot because of distance.  Your next thought would be that you would love to send him something to let him know that you are thinking of him.  Sure, a text message checking in would be great but a personalized GiftYa with a short video of you would be even better!  You can now send your brother a GiftYa to his favorite local golf course or driving range to brighten his day and truly turn your thoughts for your brother into something that could have such an impact that it turns his entire day around.  


One of my other favorite ways to give a GiftYa locally is actually to my own husband. Any time that I am out of town or planning to be away for an entire day, I love that I am able to gift my husband at any time a GiftYa to our favorite neighborhood restaurants. I know that he would be just fine on his own but there is just something about sending a GiftYa to remind him that I am thinking of him while away. To me that is what makes GiftYa “the thought that counts.”


These are a few of my favorite ways to give GiftYas to local merchants. And the best part is that I can add that personalized and meaningful touch. In the past sending a gift card just felt so impersonal to me as a gift choice. I’m so happy to have the option to send a GiftYa now!

Written by Lindsey Morrison, Marketing Manager

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