January 20, 2019

The Beginnings of Giftya – 2008/2009

January 20, 2019
jason wolfe

The Beginnings of Giftya – 2008/2009

On September 2, 2009 I met face to face with Thomas Isaacson in my office building in Greentree Pa, right outside of Pittsburgh.

My office building at the time was just converted into the only Visa and Mastercard on-demand fulfillment center in the country. Just a few months before, we had cut the ribbon on our opening.  

We were very excited about the future of GiftCards.com, and Tom shows up talking to me about the next generation gift card.

Right when I was investing millions into GiftCards.com and its fulfillment center and staffing (of up to eventually 120 people), I was enlightened on the concept of gift credits.  

It was not the time for Gift Credits, it was the time for GiftCards.com

Gift Credits are credits waiting on your Visa/Mastercard as a "‘gift,"' and when the transaction occurs, the gift is credited to Visa or Mastercard.  

I loved the idea, but as with everything, it's about timing.  It was not the time for Gift Credits, it was the time for GiftCards.com.  

So I agreed to invest and partner with Tom, and we worked on the concept and patent portfolio.