The 7 Best Places To Order Fried Chicken In Atlanta

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Go to one of these Atlanta locations for all your fried chicken needs!

Atlanta is known for a lot of things including its Southern hospitality, which makes this city the perfect place to taste the best fried chicken. If you have a fried chicken craving that needs filling, Atlanta can deliver. This city has been mastering the frying and seasoning of fried chicken for long enough that you can be assured a perfect meal. You won’t find just great fried chicken in this city, but also good customer service and comfortable seating arrangements. Check out these venues that are serving up the best dining experience you’ve ever experienced. 

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Gus’s Fried Chicken

231 W Peachtree St | Peachtree Center |

Where better to get your fried chicken than the place that specializes in it?

Come into Gus’s Fried Chicken restaurant for comfortable seating, friendly staff, and of course, the delicious fried chicken. Image courtesy of Gus’s Fried Chicken’s Facebook

You know Gus’s Fried Chicken recipe is delicious because they’ve been using it since 1953. Not only is their fried chicken well-known as tasty, you can also have it served up in so many ways. Take it with a plate of baked beans, slaw, and white bread, or take a smaller snack-sized portion of chicken with bread. No matter how hungry you are, Gus’s Fried Chicken has the right portion for you! They also have kids meals so all ages can enjoy a meal at Gus’s Fried Chicken. 

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“LIVES up to the reputation of "World Famous Fried Chicken " Ssoooo GOOOOD!!! Wow! I'm not a huge chicken fan, but I'd eat their chicken 3 days a week, it's so good…” - Yelp Review

Old Lady Gang Southern Eatery 

177 Peters St | Castleberry Hill |

This restaurant has perfected the art of fried chicken

At Old Lady Gang, you’ll have the satisfaction of a good meal with good company. Image courtesy of Old Lady Gang’s Facebook

The three sisters that started Old Lady Gang are from Atlanta, so they’ve been around long enough to know how to make the best Atlanta style fried chicken. Try their Aunt Bertha’s fried chicken, or their many types of wings. All fried chicken dinners come with two sides and dark meat, so you’ll never leave Old Lady Gang unsatisfied. If you find yourself craving fried chicken late, come to Old Lady Gang after 10 for their late night eats menu. Save room for some delicious Southern dessert. 

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“Excellent food! I had the fried chicken meal. The macaroni was absolutely the best I've ever tasted! My friend had the deviled eggs and I wanted to steal her whole plate....soooooo goooooood!” - Yelp Review

Taco Mac

933 Peachtree St | Midtown |

Try their fried chicken as you sit to watch the game

Their multiple locations allow them to always be close to you so you get to enjoy convenience and good food. Their variety of foods makes this venue a great choice to come to with friends and family. Image courtesy of Taco Mac’s Facebook.  

At Taco Mac, you can slide into a booth or watch the game at the bar. If you’re in no mood to eat out, you can also order out! No matter what your preferred setting is at Taco Mac, you’ll be served some tasty fried chicken. Try their Southern Fried Chicken, served with white BBQ sauce, bread and butter pickles, and a toasted brioche bun. If you're in the mood for wings, you can choose between their original, oven roasted, and boneless wings. While you’re at it, order a drink and some dessert for after! 

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“Good food, was on Atlanta and was walking around and saw this place, the food was a bit above average and the staff was very helpful and not pushy even though they were a bit busy with only takeout. Check this out it's a good place.” - Yelp Review

K & K Soul Food

881 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy | Bankhead

Come to the experts of soul food for your fried chicken needs

At K & K Soul Food, you’ll get great service and the taste of real soul food. Come for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Image courtesy of K & K Soul Food’s Facebook

If you’re looking for good soul food, look no further. K & K Soul Food is bringing to you the meal you’ve been missing. While you enjoy your food you’ll get the Southern feel you’ve been missing. Try their fried chicken with sides such as corn, collard greens, or mac and cheese. Stop by K & K for breakfast too for a stack of hot pancakes! When you order at K & K Soul Food, you’ll get the real taste of soul food.  

“Fried chicken was great! Mac & cheese was pretty good... Dressing was amazing! …” - Yelp Review

Sister’s Real Southern Cooking

27 Piedmont Ave | Sweet Auburn |

Try fried chicken done the real Southern way

Get a taste for real Southern food at Sister’s and you’ll be coming back for more. This is a great place to grab a meal with loved ones. Image courtesy of Sister’s Real Southern Cooking’s Facebook

Here, you can get your fried chicken with sides of mac and cheese and rice: the perfection flavor combination. Or pair it with their other sides, such as greens or yams. No matter what you choose, you’ll find the flavor combos a delicious delight. Come back for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and try all their southern traditions of food! If you want to enjoy their great food at home, they deliver through Grubhub, Ubereats, Doordash, and Postmates. That makes them accessible and the perfect choice for getting a hot plate of fried chicken. 

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“I dived into that crispy golden chicken and creamy mac and cheese, I was in heaven!!! The greens were perfect and the yams had the right amount of sugary love. I really enjoyed the seasoning and the portions… ” - Yelp Review

Tom Dick and Hank BBQ Restaurant – Tom Dick and Hank BBQ Restaurant

Tom, Dick & Hank

191 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd | Downtown |

Go to the meat professionals who’ll serve you the freshest fried chicken

If it’s a nice day out, eat out on their rooftop patio! Fried chicken tastes even better with a little bit of sunshine. Image courtesy of Tom, Dick & Hank’s Facebook.

What started as a food stand has grown into a thriving restaurant that serves the tastiest fried chicken on the block. Tom, Dick & Hank smoke and fry their meat daily so your meal is fresh and made to your standards. Get started on some BBQ chips and make your way to their plates of wings and fried chicken. If you’re still feeling hungry, order some fries along with your meal, or the many other sides they have available. At Tom, Dick & Hank, you’re guaranteed a great meal with excellent service!  

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“Was my first time eating here, you seat yourself. Good food, good people, good customer service, people are so polite…” - Yelp Review

The Wing Bar

494 Flat Shoals Ave | East Atlanta Village |

Get the best wings in town

Come to The Wing Bar to get the wings you’ve only dreamed of! Image courtesy of The Wing Bar’s Facebook.

Get ready for the restaurant that specializes in wings. They get their wings from the local farmers’ market. Their wings are never frozen, always fresh, and seasoned daily. They are then tossed in sauces mixed right in The Wing Bar. Now that sounds like a wing done right! They’ll fry your order exactly the way you prefer, making these wings the best they can be. Don’t forget to order a side of crinkle cut french fries to go with it! 

“Crispy wings with lots of sauce/flavor options. The crinkle fries were generous. Friendly efficient service. We got the HOT and it was the right level of spice for us! Glad to have them in the EAV.” - Yelp Review

In Atlanta, it’s not difficult to find a good place to sit down and experience some Southern hospitality. Fried chicken is a specialty of Atlanta, so whether you live in this city or are just passing by, you have to stop by one of these restaurants and try these expert-level fried chicken. You can’t go wrong with whichever venue you end up finding yourself at. No matter which of these venues you stop by, you’ll experience great service, comfortable seating, and of course, delicious food. 


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