Up Your Brunch Game At These Top Atlanta Restaurants

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Brooklyn is famous for a lot of things, but one thing that makes it stand out from the rest is the flavorsome steak.

Want to wake up at noon but still have your fill of breakfast food? With restaurants that serve brunch, you still can. Gone are the days of breakfast ending at 11 AM, and thank goodness for that. For lots of us, breakfast happens when we wake up, which, during the weekend, is within the realm of lunchtime. 

But this breakfast-lunch hybrid isn’t just about having the most important meal of the day past noon. Brunch is a ritual--a time to regroup after five days of 9-5 or a wild night out. It’s a much-needed catch-up session with friends or a perfect date with your S.O. 

There’s no shortage of barbeque in Atlanta, but that’s not all they’re known for. An up and coming food city, there are so many cuisines and genres to discover. So, why not start with brunch?

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Buttermilk Kitchen

This Farm To Table Brunch Restaurant Is An Ode To Good Old Southern Cooking

In need of some comfort? Sometimes all it takes are some chicken and biscuits and a stiff drink. Image courtesy of Instagram.

4225 Roswell Rd I Buckhead I buttermilkkitchen.com

Cozy feel, loving staff, and quality ingredients--what more can we ask for? Opened in 2012 by chef, Suzanne Vizethann created a haven for people who have a passion for breakfast. What’s lovely about Buttermilk Kitchen is the value placed on the health of its workers--no late-night shifts here. It’s no wonder the place is run out of a tiny house! At this spot, everyone feels at home. 

If you’re looking for some good food that supports local farms, look no further. Everything at this brunch spot is straight from the farm. And these days especially, it’s not always easy to be privy to where your food is coming from, let alone pronounce each ingredient. 

Feeling famished? No worries. This Atlanta spot has something for everyone--appetizers, sides, and so much more! Start with the classic biscuit basket. For your main, go for the pimento omelette or, for a classic southern breakfast, chicken and waffles. In the mood for something sweet? We recommend the buttermilk pancakes. Add some caramelized bananas and sweet vanilla cream, and you’ll be all set. 

Right now, Buttermilk Kitchen is taking safety precautions that allow them to open for indoor dining, takeout, and delivery. So if you’re in need of a change of scenery, consider supporting this beloved Atlanta eatery. 

“Holy moly was this the best brunch spot ever. Stopped here on a whim before I had to catch a flight out of Atlanta. I had a standard breakfast plate with eggs, bacon, cheesy grits, and a biscuit with blueberry spread. I’d highly recommend coming here if you’re in town visiting. If you’re a local, I’m sure you’re already a fan.” -Yelp Review

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The General Muir

For Traditional Deli Noshes, This Atlanta Brunch Spot Is The Place To Be

Get yourself some classic American comfort food at this Atlanta treasure. Look at that presentation! Is your mouth watering yet? Image courtesy of Yelp.

1540 Avenue Pl I Emory Point I thegeneralmuir.com

Want a taste of New York in Atlanta? You’ve come to the right place. Modeled after your classic NYC Jewish deli, this brunch spot has everything you need to be transported up north. This is the spot for anyone looking for a brunch you can go to shortly after rolling out of bed. The food is quality, and the ambiance is casual. 

For a real New York-Atlanta experience, get yourself a bagel and smear (that’s cream cheese, by the way). If you’re looking for something lunch-adjacent, grab a pastrami sandwich the size of your face. For folks who are plant-based, the Vegan Reuben is the choice for you. 

Of course, no meal is complete without something sweet. Here is where The General Muir really shines. New York essentials like the Black and White cookie comes with a twist. Try the Black and Green (Matcha) or Orange (Orange Peel). Or, for something classically Jewish, we insist you try the rugelach and hamantash. 

“We wanted to visit the place Anthony Bourdain raved about. It did not disappoint. Michelle, our waitress, was outstanding. Now we know why people flock here from all over Atlanta. Everyone enjoyed their entree, and the scenery was gorgeous.” -Yelp Review

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Sun In My Belly

This Atlanta Restaurant Will Serve You Some Tasty Food With A Side Of Whimsy

If you prefer a brunch was a little something extra, look no further. Your belly will certainly thank you. Image courtesy of GA Followers.

2161 College Ave I Kirkwood I suninmybelly.com

The owners of Sun In My Belly have a lot on their plates, but with everything they do, they make sure to make it a masterpiece. This restaurant not only has a delicious lunch menu--it also doubles as an event planner. With that said, we’re here for the brunch. 

With an emphasis on elevation, this cute Atlanta destination is the place for anyone who eats with their eyes first. If you’re the type of foodie, who likes to document your delicious endeavors, Sun In My Belly’s presentation won’t disappoint. 

Right now, the neighborhood favorite has a simplified menu in an effort to keep prices down during COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean they’ve scaled back on taste. In this case, a limited menu means they bring it every time. 

For a traditional American breakfast with a twist, try the Kirkwood Breakfast--a cheesy-egg scramble with a side of honey bacon and a lavender biscuit. Feeling like something sweet? Order the french toast--the honey ricotta/banana’s foster combo really takes it to the next level.

“THE BEST breakfast in the city. I mean, everything is delicious, from the lavender biscuit to the meatloaf. I hate eggs but will eat their eggs without a problem because it’s that delicious. The signature coffees, cocktails, and adult Capri suns. I mean, shall I say more?!?” -Yelp Review

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Le Petit Marchè

Enjoy The Comforts Of Brunch Food In The Pocket Of A Tight-Knit Atlanta Community

From decadent dishes to fresh finds, Le Petit Marchè has a plethora of tasty brunch options! Image courtesy of Pinterest.

1984 Hosea L. Williams Dr I Kirkwood I lepetitemarche.net

If you want to find an eatery that gives you an authentic taste of Atlanta, Le Petite Marchè is the place to try. Built on a tradition of faith and community growth, this brunch restaurant was made possible by the kindness of others. Brought on as a young woman, the former inhabitants of what now is a community cornerstone believed in the current owner’s potential. That young woman, Marschet Sparks, proved them right. 

So, along with serving some incredible food, Sparks sought to create a space where everyone felt the same love she’d been shown all those years ago. And what better way into the community’s heart than through its stomach? With recipes inspired by her mother’s cooking and a warm environment, Le Petit Marchè is reminiscent of home.

We can all agree that to feel at home is to feel thought of. And trust us, this brunch destination has something for everyone. For plant-based eaters, a tofu scramble has your name on it, as well as a warming oat option. If you want the essential American breakfast but can’t choose between sweet and savory, well, you don’t have to. The French Toast sandwich was created precisely for these indecisive moments. 

To keep the community safe, Le Petit Marchè is open exclusively for takeout and delivery. If you need some breakfast-induced joy, consider supporting this restaurant!

“I honestly can’t believe it took me so long to check this place out. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this spot! Now I can wholeheartedly recommend this place from my own experience. I ended up ordering The French Toast Sandwich and Grits Stack--WINNERS. All in all, a great brunch experience. Great food. Great service. Great atmosphere.” -Yelp Review

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If you’re in Atlanta and find yourself in need of a late breakfast with a side of southern hospitality, these brunch spots are perfect choices. Atlanta might be known for its sports, airport, and hot weather, but its food scene is something that shouldn’t be overlooked! With varying decor, menu items, and feel, they truly give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘breakfast of champions.’ Don’t believe us? We encourage you to see for yourself! You’ll thank us later.


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