Six Of The Most Fun Restaurants In Atlanta

December 8, 2020
jason wolfe

Sometimes you’re not just looking for a good meal, but a good time too. The two don't have to be exclusive! Atlanta is filled with restaurants that serve an amazing meal while also offering entertainment that will make your day. What kind of fun are you looking for? Atlanta has restaurants that have fun games and activities that come with the meal. Others have live entertainment, while others have a high-end atmosphere with breathtaking views. Break the boring routine, invite some friends out, and have a delicious meal out at one of these restaurants in the city. 

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Enjoy the extensive pub menu and the floor dedicated to games 

You can grab a seat on the upper floor and enjoy a meal, and then venture downstairs to try some of the many games they have to play. Image courtesy of Ormsby’s’ Facebook

1170 Howell Mill Rd. | Westside | 

When you think of fun restaurants, the first thing you’re bound to think of is the tavern with a whole floor dedicated to games. Ormsby’s has a full bar for you to start at, stocked with all your favorite craft beers. They also make classic cocktails and have a menu with expertly prepared salads, sandwiches, and burgers. You won’t get enough of their shrimp tacos, fish and chips, and their mac and cheese loaded with blackened shrimp and andouille sausage. Head downstairs to enjoy games such as Backgammon, Bocce, Darts, Pool, and Shuffleboard.

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“Ormsby's is a great place to grab drinks & play fun games. Has lots of space too, i was actually amazed on how large it was… Ormsby's is a nice size and they also have great quality food. Much better than your average pub :)” - Yelp Review

Two Urban Licks

A giant dining area: enough room for you and all your friends

Enjoy a nice day outside and the city views on their patio or enjoy their classy interior. Come on a night when live blues is playing. Image courtesy of Two Urban Licks’ Facebook.

820 Ralph McGill Blvd. | Poncey-Highland | 

Two Urban Licks has an ambiance you won’t believe, with a one-of-a-kind 26 foot wall of wine on tap and a view of the city skyline from their patio. While you wait for your meal, listen to live blues playing right by your table. You can also take in the beautiful interior decor of this restaurant and comfortable seating. Get a look at this menu! Get started with a mouthwatering appetizer like mussels or deviled oysters before ordering meals that are calling out to your taste buds. Who can resist dishes like smoked mushroom enchiladas and prime filet mignon.  

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“This place has great Empanadas!… If you sit at the bar, you can watch them prepare the meats which is really cool. Pre Coronavirus this was a great place for a great late night meal. Perfect place for a date. The atmosphere is great. Great service too!…” - Yelp Review

Empire State South

Treat yourself to a classy meal and play some bocce ball on the patio

Take your meal out to their grassy outdoor patio and take in those city views! Image courtesy of Empire State South’s Facebook.

999 Peachtree St. | Midtown | 

Empire State South doesn’t just offer a creative drinks list and a stunning view from their outdoor patio. You can also play a game of bocce ball on their grassy patio! This fun entertainment as you wait for your meal isn’t the only reason why this place is so beloved. This restaurant also has an extensive and creative drinks list to give everyone at your table a fun time. Get a taste of one of their smaller meals such as their farm egg or shrimp and grits. If you’re feeling a bit more hungry, try one of their larger dishes such as pork or trout. 

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“Wow… Empire State South exceeded all expectations… The ambience during dinner time was intimate, yet light and fun. The staff was speedy and attentive…” - Yelp Review

Sun Dial 

Get a view from up high at this spinning restaurant 

This restaurant and bar is on the 78th floor and spins so you can take in all the views while enjoying your seat at the table and an incredible meal. Image courtesy of Sun Dial’s Facebook

210 Peachtree St. | Downtown | 

If you have to wonder what makes this restaurant such an amazing experience, you need to try looking up. Sun Dial is all the way up on the 78th floor, and that’s not all: it spins! Grab a seat by the window and watch the view of the city pass by. Every seat has a good view. While you enjoy the view, don’t forget to appreciate the expertly prepared meal in front of you. If you’re by for brunch, you’ll feel best prepared for the day after a taste of their egg white souffles. 

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“What a cool experience and restaurant in Atlanta! I was able to visit this place during a work trip and it was amazing… For your visit, be sure to check out the bar first and take in the views and watch the sunset over the city! It's truly breathtaking!…” - Yelp Review

Big Kahuna

Get a taste of those delicious California-style tacos and burgers 

Get a seat on the patio and take a bite out of the meal that’s packed with flavors! Image courtesy of Big Kahuna’s Facebook

303 Peachtree Ctr Ave. | Downtown | 

Eat well and have fun, that’s the surfer’s way. While you’re on Big Kahuna property you’ll experience the surfer way with the high-energy environment and the taste of innovative tacos. Grab a seat on their outdoor patio and enjoy the nice day out while taking the first bite out of your burger or sandwich. The organic Angus burgers go really well with the homemade buns. Nothing’s more refreshing than Big Kahuna’s crafted cocktails and beach drinks. You can also watch the game here on an 80 in screen with all the other local sports fans. 

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“I'm usually pretty decisive, but their whole menu (just changed today) looked incredible! Food is fresh and the flavors are plentiful! They offer a full bar with top shelf liquor - Kendall Jackson is part of their "house wine"' selections!…” - Yelp Review

5Church Atlanta

The ambiance here completes an already perfectly prepared meal

If you don’t come for the crazy cool ambiance inside, then enjoy their rooftop seating that gets you a great view of the city. Image courtesy of 5Church Atlanta’s Facebook

1197 Peachtree St. | Midtown | 

Did somebody say rooftop seating? Climb the stairs and arrive on 5Church Atlanta’s refreshing rooftop with a nice breeze and an incredible view of the city’s skyline. The interior of this restaurant is intricately decorated with the walls coated with lines and lines of words you could look at for months on end. The real experience, however, is in the taste of 5Church Atlanta’s food. This restaurant has a technique-driven menu that brings guests dishes such as sweet tea chicken and butternut squash ravioli. Finish off your meal with a dessert favorite: the nutella cheesecake. 

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“One of the places I'll keep going back to every now and then!… Beautiful Ambience- both indoor and rooftop seating available! The servers are friendly… You can't leave this place without trying at least a bite of this dessert! It will blow your mind away!” - Yelp Review

Atlanta has many nooks and crannies that are filled with interesting and new things to try. These restaurants are just a few of the many restaurants in the city that will show you a good time. Don’t waste time on picking your favorite out of the list, making a reservation, rounding up the party of friends, and preparing to relax and have some fun. Who needs an occasion, simply go because you deserve a break and these places sound like too much fun to miss out on!


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