The 11 Best Sushi Restaurants in Austin

You need to check out these Austin sushi restaurants.

From paddleboarding on Lady Bird Lake to enjoying the nightlife in the Rainey Street District, Austin has a lot to offer, and good sushi is no exception despite being a landlocked city. Explore Austin’s sushi scene from Soto to Tadashi with the help of this list of Austin’s 11 best sushi restaurants.

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1. Soto

The best makimono in the area.

11066 Pecan Park Blvd | Cedar Park |

This chef-driven restaurant boasts the best makimono (sushi rolls) in the area due to putting a creative spin on traditional rolls. 

Hamachi Apple (Yellowtail, Mixed Herb Salad, Yuzu Pepper, and Serrano) and Land & Sea (Torched Wagyu, Spicy Tuna, Serrano, and Avocado) rolls are just two of the several unique maki rolls on offer. Their menu also features sashimi, nigiri, and entrees like Wagyu Fried Rice.

In addition to Japanese fare, there is also a selection of Japanese whiskey and sake to enjoy with your meal.

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“Soto is the perfect place for a sushi dinner date. The service was exceptional. The food was well presented and the sushi was high quality and delicious. We will definitely be back to try more things on the menu!” - Yelp Review

2. Tomodachi Sushi

Delightful sushi restaurant by husband and wife team.

4101 W Parmer Ln | North Austin | 

Husband and wife team Steve Riad and Tina Son, sushi chef and maitre d'/artist, respectively, are behind this hip restaurant in North Austin.

Here you can get unique rolls like the Japanese Lasagna, covered in bubbly cream cheese, or traditional rolls like Spicy Tuna or Salmon.

Be sure to order a roll with a fun name like Who's ur Daddy? (spicy tuna, asparagus, and salmon with spicy creamy sauce or Ex-Girlfriend (crab, avocado, and spicy tuna with halibut tempura and spicy mayo) for a laugh - it’s not every day you get to say that to your waiter or waitress!

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“This place is so good that I ate here two nights in a row. Not only does the fish taste so fresh but very flavorful! The negitoro and salmon rolls were my favorite. I will definitely return to this restaurant soon!” - Yelp Review

3. Ichiban

Austin’s original Tatami-style dining experience.

7310 Burnet Rd | North Austin | 

Not only does this restaurant offer both Japanese and Korean cuisine, but they also offer a memorable dining experience, from being greeted by their beautiful and calming Koi pond, to eating in Tatami-style on the floor with your shoes off!

When it comes to the sushi, we recommend the Green Hat Roll (escolar tempura, spicy krab, jalapeno, and unagi sauce) and the Spicy Susan Roll (spicy tuna, spicy salmon, mango, avocado, tempura flakes, green onion, and masago).

Be sure to stop in for happy hour Monday through Saturday from 4 pm-6 pm and all day Sunday to enjoy their specials at amazing prices. 

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“Wow was this place a treat! We picked up multiple rolls to go here and really enjoyed our experience. We loved all our sushi rolls and can't wait to do our next date night in person once fully vaccinated!” - Yelp Review

4. Tadashi

Upscale sushi restaurant.

12820 Hill Country Blvd | West Austin | 

Here at Tadashi, fish is flown in from the Tsukiji market and other countries twice a week for sushi of outstanding quality and freshness. 

We recommend you try the Foxy Lady (spicy tuna and cucumber topped with tuna, avocado, spicy mayo, and spicy red sauce) and Hot Lava (unagi, oshinko, and cucumber topped with spicy tuna, spicy red sauce, and eel sauce) rolls.

If you are looking for an upscale dining experience, Tadashi is just the place for impeccable food and atmosphere.

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“Anytime we need a good sushi fix, Tadashi does not disappoint. My absolute favorite on the menu is the Hawaiian sunset roll which includes just about everything - a good mix of flavor and texture. Service is generally pretty attentive.” - Yelp Review

5. Osaka Mansun

Serving the neighborhood since 1993.

13492 N Highway 183 | Anderson Mill | 

This restaurant, aptly named Osaka Mansun (“mansun” meaning "the ship with a full load of fish"), has been serving sushi boats in the Anderson Mill neighborhood since 1993. 

You can’t go wrong with the namesake Mansun sushi boat, which comes with 20 pieces of chef's choice nigiri sushi, 12 pieces of sashimi, and your choice of 4 rolls from Rainbow Roll, Dragon Roll, Amazing Roll, Alaska Roll, Sunshine Roll, Oishiee Roll, and Ken's Roll. However, you may want to order some fun rolls in addition to the boat such as the Funky Roll (soft shell crab, eel, mango, avocado, and masago wrapped with soybean paper) or the Crunch Roll (crab delight and avocado with tempura flakes and eel sauce on top).

Their menu also offers a tuna tower, ceviche, chicken teriyaki, gyoza, and more!

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“My favorite by far was the blackened tuna. It was some of the best tuna that I've had in Austin. Anyways, if you're in the mood for some decently priced quality sushi, I highly recommend Osaka Mansun!” - Yelp Review

6. Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

Conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

6929 Airport Blvd | North Austin | 

This one is for those who are all about the experience - what could be more fun than watching your roll come to you via conveyor belt?

All sushi plates are $2.85, so you can try a variety of different rolls from maki rolls to hand rolls without breaking your budget.

If that still doesn’t fill you up, order a cup of ramen, udon, or miso soup to satisfy your stomach.

Don’t forget to try a Japanese Style Soy Milk Donut for dessert! It’s the perfect way to end the night, especially if you always find yourself craving something sweet after a meal!

“Conveyor belt sushi is such a fun concept. I love sushi and instant gratification so, naturally, I'm a fan of Kura. The cartoons and prizes you can play/get after inserting your finished plates are so cute! 4 stars!” - Yelp Review

7. Musashino Sushi Dokoro

Tokyo style sushi.

2905 San Gabriel St | Central Austin | 

Tokyo style sushi, or Edomae sushi, uses “akasu” (red vinegar) instead of rice vinegar and is made with fish that have gone through extensive prep work to accentuate the fish’s flavor. If you want to experience Tokyo style sushi all the way in Austin, Musashino Sushi Dokoro is just the place.

Enjoy both raw and cooked nigiri, traditional and specialty maki rolls, and hand rolls. Choose from a variety of unique and delicious dipping sauces such as Jalapeño Soy Sauce, Nikiri, Ponzu, and more.

You can also find entrees like Curry Nanban, Lemon Chicken, Chicken Teriyaki, and Tempura Dinner on their menu if you aren’t feeling sushi.

“Musashino is THE spot to go to for sushi in Austin. I've been to most of the big sushi spots in Austin, and this is hands down my favorite. Delicious, flavorful fish, and I love the wasabi layer in between the nigiri.” - Yelp Review

8. Fukumoto

Japanese restaurant specializing in yakitori, sushi/sashimi, and classic Japanese comfort food.

514 Medina St | Downtown Austin | 

Not only does this Japanese restaurant have excellent sushi and sashimi, they also specialize in yakitori, which is skewers grilled over Japanese charcoal. Grilled quail legs are their current yakitori special, so be sure to get them while they last!

They have chicken, pork, vegetable, egg, and eel yakitori, as well as traditional maki rolls like Tekka (lean tuna) and Kappa (cucumber) and specialty maki rolls such as Kankitsu (salmon, cucumber, Asian pear, and cilantro mayo).

Fukumoto also offers a variety of bento boxes to provide guests with a fun way to try a variety of foods that pair well with each other in one easy to enjoy package.

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“Highly recommend any and all of the skewers, you WON'T be disappointed. The other menu items are also delicious. You seriously can't go wrong with anything, and the food is so filling. I am super impressed with the service, food, everything.” - Yelp Review

9. Uchi

Signature, non-traditional Japanese food.

801 S Lamar Blvd | Austin | 

Award-winning Chef and Owner Tyson Cole, a passionate student of the Japanese tradition, has been serving signature, non-traditional Japanese food in Austin since 2003.

Today, their Uchi’s menu boasts makimono rolls like the pictured vokatsu makimono (avocado, tomato and cured Spanish anchovy) and ham and eggs (pork belly, yolk custard, and togarashi). 

You can also find yasaimono, agemono, toyosu, and hot and cool tastings on their menu, as well as several innovative desserts to finish the night off.

“The hype is real! If you're looking for fine dining or a ‘treat yourself meal’ then this is a place you should check out. The experience overall was great. We have a dozen different bites which were all awesome in their own way.” - Yelp Review

10. Sushi Hi

Affordable sushi and a casual dining experience. 

8557 Research Blvd | North Austin | 

Not everyone wants to get all fancy just to grab sushi for dinner, that’s why we’re so glad we have Sushi Hi in the Austin area!

Stop by alone or with friends for a casual dining experience where you can get great sushi at an affordable price.

Start off with edamame or spring rolls, then explore the variety of sushi and sashimi. You can even build your own poke bowl! Whatever you choose, we recommend you wash it all down with a Melon Cream Soda or green tea.

“This is an adorable little sushi spot. The Unagi Nigiri and Firecracker roll were my favorites based on the balanced flavor and presentation. Honestly this is one of the best Sushi in Austin, simple, fair priced, and decent quality! I will be back again.” - Yelp Review

11. Komé

Home-style Japanese food.

5301 Airport Blvd | North Loop | 

Komé specializes in serving contemporary home-style Japanese meals, sushi, and ramen. Though their dining room is still temporarily closed, this is a great place to order take-out in Austin.

Try their namesake Austin roll (crab salad, tuna, and avocado topped with eel sauce and sesame seeds) as well as their Midnight Sun roll (tempura fried with smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, and candied jalapeño, topped with sunflower seeds and go-go sauce). Don’t skimp on classic sides like Seaweed Salad, Shashito Peppers, and Shumai (fried shrimp and pork dumplings) - they really make your meal!

We love that they also sell Japanese snacks and treats like Hi Chew, Wasabi peas, Pocky, and Karamucho Hot Potato sticks!

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“So impressed with Kome's takeout during these covid times. The menu is ever changing and I love all their specials, especially cocktails! They've never once messed up my to-go order. It's always fresh and delicious, love the virtual happy hour.” - Yelp Review

From fine dining in West Austin to conveyor belt sushi in North Austin, Austin’s sushi scene exceeds all expectations despite being a landlocked city. So tell us, which of these Austin sushi restaurants are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments!

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