Saying Thank You

November 12, 2019
jason wolfe

Two years ago my husband received a hand-written note on his vehicle’s windshield.

It read:
“A truck hit your car. The license plate number is XXX-XXXX. Call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX if you need a witness or more information.”

The above numbers were removed for obvious reasons but you get the gist of what happened; someone had hit my husband’s vehicle and kept on moving. Was the driver aware that they made a big ol’ dent in his vehicle? Who knows. Fortunately, though, an individual saw what occurred and was kind enough to provide information regarding the incident.

Once the dust settled with contacting the insurance company and choosing a bodyshop, we still had an important question:
“How do we say thank you to the person who left the note?”

Although he expressed gratitude to her while chatting on the phone, we wanted to gift her something. Ideas were tossed around but nothing really stuck. Do we send her flowers? How about cookies? Or a gift card? We couldn’t settle on anything and felt somewhat limited considering we only had her phone number and thought it might make her uncomfortable asking for an address.  

Fast forward to two years later and I'm working on GiftYa. I realize how a GiftYa would've been the perfect way to say thank you to that kind woman. With this platform, the only thing needed is the recipient's phone number and voila, the gift is directly send to their phone via a text.

Written by Natasha Borato Herleman, Social Media & Content Manager