Restaurants in Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami is a vibrant city with great restaurants within its borders.

Miami is a coastal city known for its beauty, warmth, and beaches. When most people picture Miami, they picture groups of swimsuit clad people enjoying the beach. Going to the beach is common in Miami, but there is also a lot to do outside the beach life. Visiting restaurants is especially a great thing to do when you visit Miami. Miami has some of the best restaurants in the world within its city limits, especially downtown. Many of them also happen to offer really cool options, venues, and values. Here are some of the best restaurants you can visit in downtown Miami!

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The menu at this restaurant is diverse and full of Peruvian culture. 

These Peruvian meals will be a delight to enjoy. Image courtesy of Uber Eats

105 NE 3rd Ave | Miami |

CVI.CHE 105 is an award winning Peruvian restaurant with a few different locations. They are known for their vast collection of fresh and creative ceviches along with several other traditional Peruvian dishes. What sets them apart from other restaurants is their commitment to crafting the most delicious food experience for their customers to enjoy. They are consistent in crafting excellence with their passion and striving for the best. 

The menu includes a wide array of foods. There is a section for appetizers, ceviches, tiraditos, traditional, from the sea, and plenty more. They have six different kinds of ceviches mixed with different varieties of seafood, a traditional portion with different chicken and beef dishes, and a specialties menu with all kinds of seafood offerings. 

“Amazing meal as always! I had not been to this location in some years and I'm super impressed with all of the renovations that have taken place. Staff is super friendly and the drinks are delicious. Strongly recommend, I'm definitely a repeat offender!”–Yelp Review

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Crazy About You

Restaurant with romantic waterfront views.

1155 Brickell Bay | Miami |

Crazy About You is a restaurant on a picturesque waterfront with warm decor. It is one of the most beloved upscale restaurants in the area. They have a romantic bayfront terrace for customers to enjoy and play relaxing music for some pleasant background noise. This is a restaurant you will be happy you experienced. 

They have a brunch, lunch, and dinner menu, and also have a menu for what they call Crazy Wednesdays. They serve smoked mahi mahi, tuna tataki, artichoke hearts a la romana, and blackened ahi tuna with baby bok choy along with many other delicious and creative options. And when you order any entree from the menu, you will also get a free appetizer with it

“Amazing selection of tapas and cocktails. I came here for a fun client dinner and our waiter brought the perfect amount of enthusiasm and flare. The views were gorgeous along the water. The place just had great vibes.”–Yelp Review

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Cafe Bastille

This restaurant is inspired by life in Paris. 

Any of these plates will be a good start to the day. Image courtesy of Postmates

248 SE 1st St | Miami |

Cafe Bastille is an all day French cafe that will make you feel at home. It is inspired by the founders’ travels to Paris. They do everything the French way, which makes their restaurant a uniquely enjoyable experience. A look at the menu will excite any kind of person you take to Cafe Bastille. You can have breakfast, brunch, and lunch, or a mix of all of them all day long. 

They offer sweet breakfast, which includes nutella crepes, dulce de leche pancakes, red velvet pancakes, and blueberry mascarpone pancakes. Their savory breakfasts include cajun shrimp benedict, smoked salmon omelet, and egg and cheese crepes. For lunch you can have a French cowboy crepe, a truffle salmon burger, and ratatouille. They also have a great selection of hot and cold beverages. 

“A great brunch spot in the downtown Miami area. So cute and definitely gives a wonderful French eatery vibe. My breakfast was soooo good. The service was great and we were seated quickly without a reservation.”–Yelp Review

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Fratelli Milano

Italian restaurant with delicious handmade pastries. 

213 SE 1st St | Miami |

Frateli Milano is an Italian restaurant that has been delighting the Miami area with its creations since 2006. It is run by twin chefs who craft regional dishes that they first tried in their mother’s Milanese kitchen. This restaurant serves dishes from different regions of Italy, especially the north. You’ll love their whole atmosphere, especially the candle lit dining room and the breezy sidewalk tables!

The flavors of Italy influences this restaurant’s meals about as much as the fresh produce that’s available in Florida. They serve an infinite roster of daily specials because of this. Fratelli Milano has been celebrated by top critics and given awards by major publications. And it's easy to see why that is. Their food is largely made by hand. You’ll find hand crafted pastries, pastas, and artisanal breads. 

“Amazing food!! We shared the Tradizionale Bruschetta which was incredibly fresh and tasty. I got the Agnolotti di Pollo and it was amazing--the pink sauce in particular was fantastic. The service was also excellent-our server answered all of our questions and recommended wonderful dishes.”–Yelp Review

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Chinese-Japanese fine dining in a gorgeous atmosphere. 

This display will have anyone ready to dive in. Image courtesy of SilverKris

300 S Biscayne Blvd | Miami |

Novikov is a renowned Chinese-Japanese restaurant that is known for its colorful seafood and vegetable market display. They encourage guests to handpick the freshest items from a daily selection of seasonal ingredients that is globally sourced. They have a varied menu that includes many different foods. There is something on the menu for everyone!

Their appetizers include white miso soup, shoyu dashi octopus, and crab & truffle soup. Their dim sum includes wild mushroom, king crab & caviar, and duck & foie gras.They have sashimi and nigiri, and the options are mackerel, sea urchin, and hokkaido among several others. For an entree you can have wagyu ribeye, honey truffle king crab, or yakiniku and so much more. They even serve peking duck. 

“Impressed!  The presentation was beautiful! My friend had the wasabi martini and it also did not disappoint, great taste & presentation. We tried various appetizers, my favorite was the cilantro/Shrimp dim sum. Service: was also great! Very welcoming, made good suggestions, and there was barely any wait time for the drinks, despite being a busy evening. This might be one of my new faves!”–Yelp Review

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Meraki Greek Bistro 

Authentic Greek cuisine in a venue that feels like a restaurant in Greece. 

142 SE 1st Ave | Miami |

Meraki Greek Bistro always strives to bring Miami the best authentic Greek cuisine. This is done in an inspiring setting that makes guests feel as if they have been transported to Greece. Customers get to enjoy a selection of traditional and homemade appetizers, gyros, and a daily selection of fresh fish and seafood. This restaurant also makes sure to use only the purest extra virgin olive oil to really give the most authentic Greek food experience. 

Meraki has an extensive menu that has plenty of great options to choose from. Some of their appetizers are dolmades, hummus with pita, spanakopita, and eggplant halloumi. They have a good selection of salads and sandwiches. You can try the goat cheese & beet salad, shrimp pita, and Greek salad. For an entree, you can get a veggie souvlaki platter, lamb kabob platter, and grilled salmon platter. 

“This place was such a great experience. Felt like I was transported to Greece between the decor and music. Such a great atmosphere. They have seating both inside and outside. The service was great and the food was outstanding. The platters are a large amount of food but perfect for groups.”–Yelp Review

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Toro Toro

Modern Latin steakhouse with award winning food. 

This will be fun to slice into. Image courtesy of Toro Toro

100 Chopin Plz | Miami |

Toro Toro is a modern Latin steakhouse and dining space. Since Miami is home to a vibrant Latin community, the food is also influenced by flavorful Latin cuisine. This restaurant is known for their steaks. They prepare dry aged, USDA prime cuts on a wood-burning rodizio. You will also find Churrasco, picanha, and lomo. Toro Toro infuses the best elements of Latin America’s diverse cuisine into all their dishes. 

Toro Toro likes to hold special occasions in their venue. If you have anything special to plan, they will be happy to give you a space to celebrate. Whether you are there for a special event or for a dinner with friends, the award winning chef’s original menu is sure to be pleasing to everyone. You can order achiote salmon, prime tomahawk, and Mexican chipotle BBQ pork ribs among other great options. 

“We had a wonderful Father's Day brunch here. The brunch buffet was laid out across 2 rooms and there was seafood station (oysters, mussels, shrimp, sushi), omelet station, waffle/pancakes station, and the hot bar with different cuts of steak and assort hot sides. The dessert bar consisted of ~10 different cakes/pies, macaroons, and a chocolate fountain!”–Yelp Review

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Five Guys

This fast food restaurant is known for its variety of burger combinations.

401 Biscayne Blvd | Miami |

If nothing on this list has caught your attention so far, you could always try an American classic. Five Guys is one of the best burger chains in the country, and it certainly never hurts to have more of it! Five Guys has over 250,000 ways to customize your burger and over 1,000 milkshake combinations. 

They use fresh ground beef. You won’t even find freezers in the restaurant. They double cook their fries and hand prepare all their ingredients each day. The workers at Five Guys strive to provide their customers with the best experience they could have every time they visit. This classic burger spot never disappoints. 

“Food was fantastic and satisfying. The Cajun fries were great, my bacon burger definitely hit the spot, and the value was excellent. Overall a great location. Consistent service, great food if you're craving burgers, and great value.”–Yelp Review

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Downtown Miami is a vibrant place with lots of great restaurants. If you try any of the ones on this list while you’re there, you most definitely won’t be disappointed!

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