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Order Some Hearty Korean BBQ for a Special Night In From These 7 NYC Staples

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Nourish Yourself with Some of the Best Korean BBQ, Fried Chicken, and Rice Cakes in NYC

In a place like New York City, there is no shortage of restaurant options to pick from. If you are in the mood for some Korean BBQ, you can find a place near you in minutes. But with so many Korean BBQ restaurants in the city, it can be difficult to find one that matches your unique interests and taste buds. That’s why we picked out some of the best Korean restaurants in NYC for you. The next time you are on the hunt for a new Korean BBQ place, check out these top places in New York City.

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Jongro BBQ

22 W 32nd St, Floor 2, Koreatown, Midtown West

Savory Korean BBQ, Pork Tacos, and More Await You at This Popular Korean BBQ Joint

A preview of the beef combo in-progress. Image courtesy of Yelp

One of the hallmarks of Jongro BBQ is its unique meat cuts. At this restaurant, you will find a variety of Korean BBQ cuts you will not find in normal restaurants. All of the beef and pork served in the restaurant have also been produced with only natural feeds. No artificial ingredients have been used so that the meats can stay fresh and ready for your consumption. 

The next time you stop in, don’t forget to share an appetizer platter with friends! Some of their most popular appetizer plates include the Spicy Rice Cake, Fried Noodle Roll & Mandoo, and Fried Tofu Salad. 

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“As a born and raised Korean from Seoul, this is the only Korean bbq place I would recommend in Manhattan. The interior is pretty true to feel what a retro-vibe KBBQ place in Korea looks like. If I was blindfolded and just saw the inside, I could believe I was in Korea.” - Yelp Review

Insa Korean BBQ 

328 Douglass St, Brooklyn, Gowanus

Bustling and Authentic Korean BBQ Restaurant in Brooklyn

Image may contain: people sitting, food and indoor
Try the Chimek Monday special, which features half of a sweet soy saucy bird and a pitcher of beer for only $30. Image courtesy of Facebook.

Known for its savory, authentic Korean BBQ, Insa Korean BBQ has garnered a large fanbase from customers all around New York City. While guests will have to wait to dine in-person, they can still enjoy some delicious, ready-to-eat carry-out items. 

Need something hearty and filling? Order the Spicy Smoked Pork, which comes with a side of two steamed buns and vinegar slaw. For something more experimental, try the Seafood Corn Dog. This innovative dish features fried seafood sauce topped with house-made condiments. Don’t forget to grab some Sake. Right now, all Sakes are sold half-off! 

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“The Insa Fried Chicken is insane!!! My boyfriend and I love this place. Great atmosphere inside. Very accommodating amid COVID. Quick preparation and the same quality food.” - Yelp Review

Cho Dang Gol Korean Restaurant

55 W 35th, Midtown West

Popular Midtown West Korean BBQ Restaurant Offering Your Favorite Dishes

Fill your stomach with the Watercress pancakes and a side of dumplings. Image courtesy of Yelp

Cho Dang Gol offers traditional, hearty Korean cuisine for its hungry customers. Right now, customers can order takeout from Cho Dang Gol until they can host indoor dining again. 

Every table starts off with a Homemade Tofu starter. Also known as bean curd, tofu is made by coagulating soy milk and pressing the curds into white blocks. Tofu can complement both sweet and savory dishes. Along with traditional beverages like Sake and CDG Makgeolli, Cho Dang Gol also serves draft beer and wine. 

For the starter, customers can order savory appetizers such as beef pancake steaks, dumplings, or CDG fried chicken. The restaurant’s entree selection includes popular dishes including spicy pollock, baby octopus, and seafood & tofu Jeongol. 

“If you haven't had their kabocha squash and potato pancakes you haven't LIVED. The bibimbap is great but those pancakes are the stuff dreams are made of. They send each order with sides for you to try and they're always delicious. Delivery is fast. Can't wait to go in person soon!” - Yelp Review

So Kong Dong Korean Restaurant 

130 Main St, Fort Lee, NJ

Sizzling Korean Dishes Served Just Outside New York City

Share a plate of the beef brisket with friends. Image courtesy of Yelp.

At So Kong Dong, you will find nourishing meals featuring natural ingredients. This New Jersey restaurant, which is located about a half-hour from Manhattan, features delicious menu items such as kimchi beef tofu soup, Korean BBQ ribs, and dumplings. Bibimbob, which is a bowl of rice topped with beef, vegetables, and egg, is also served. 

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“My most favorite tofu house, love their Korean BBQ, seafood/beef tofu. Also, a big fan of their unlimited sides. Usually, food comes out really fast and the servers are very professional.” - Yelp Review

Mill Korean Restaurant

2895 Broadway, Morningside Heights

Flavorful Bibimpap, Bulgogi, and More Attract Guests Around the City to This Bustling Korean Restaurant

The Bibimbap with kimchi and beansprouts is one of the most popular dishes. Image courtesy of Yelp

The Mill Korean Restaurant has served as a popular Korean restaurant in the Morningside Heights neighborhood for over twenty years. Hungry guests around the area have flocked to the Mill Korean Restaurant for its hearty and authentic Korean dishes. 

Savory appetizers like the Twigim Manu, which is comprised of fried dumplings, and the Dangmyun Dduk Boki made of stir-fried rice cakes with glass noodles and fish cakes are perfect selections to start off your special dinner. Hearty soups such as the Dduk Guk made with rice cakes and glass noodles and the Yookgae Jang filled with beef and vegetables are also great starts to an authentic Korean dinner. For the main dish, try one of the Mill Specials. The Modeum Dolsot Bibimbap offers beef, shrimp, vegetables, and egg over rice. The Modeum Nakji Bokkeum is stir-fried octopus served with spicy red chili sauce. 

“We ordered the assorted BBQ meat platter for two. My favorites were the chicken and the bulgogi but it was all very good. We also ordered the scallion pancakes and dumplings and those were great also.” - Yelp Review

Her Name is Han 

17 E 31st Street, Midtown East

Innovative and Inspiring Korean BBQ Restaurant in NYC’s Midtown East Area

Fill your stomach with the popular grilled chicken and tuna dish. Image courtesy of Yelp.

Her Name is Han is a popular Korean restaurant that was built to serve as a hub where busy New Yorkers like you could relax and enjoy nourishing Korean soul food. Rather than attempt to create a fancy contemporary culinary experience, Her Name is Han replicates the same style of homemade, authentic Korean cooking that both Korean-Americans and internationals can enjoy and be reminded of. 

Coming with a friend? Order the Mama Han’s Hearty Meal for Two. This meal includes two bowls of rice, two sets of fresh side dishes, one small plate, one Korean grilled BBQ meal, and one small hot pot. Groups of four also have the option of ordering a Mama Han’s Hearty Meal for Four special. Both specials offer selections such as Kimchi pancakes, Han salad, and croquettes as part of the menu. 

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“We were looking for a new restaurant to try & ordered take out from here last night. We ordered the dumplings, rice cakes, bibimbap, & fried chicken - all were excellent. The bibimbap came with all accompaniments and fried chicken was still crispy. Delivery was also quick, about 35 minutes.” - Yelp Review

Ssam Tong

41-08 149th Place, Flushing, NY 

Korean Restaurant That Brings Prime Fresh-Cut Beef and Pork to the Table

A quick preview of the un-marinated Beef Combo. Image courtesy of Yelp.

Ssam Tong offers fresh, made-to-order Korean dishes from scratch. One of its most popular features is its high-quality, fresh-cut beef and pork, which is cooked right in front of your eyes. Ssam Tong also serves traditional Korean stews and soups with a beef bone broth base. The broth is cooked for hours in order to maintain a sharp flavor. The next time you are in, try one of its signature stir-fried dishes or hot casseroles. 

“The unmarinated beef came with brisket, tongue, flank steak, short rib, and ribeye. Meanwhile the pork combo came with pork belly, pork jowl, and a pork chop served with grilled onions. I can definitely report that the meats were not only delicious but also were well cooked by the staff.” - Yelp Review

There is no shortage of high-quality Korean BBQ restaurants in New York City. Which ones have you tried so far? Tell us what you thought in the comments! 


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