Exploring The Big Apple? Here’s Some Fun Restaurants In NYC For Teenagers To Enjoy!

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New York City. One of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world! People from all over the globe fly there to experience the sights, see Broadway shows, pursue their biggest dreams, and much much more. The city is known for their constant 24/7 go go go, from morning to night, there’s a lot to note, and that’s not even including their stellar restaurants! 

Some of the very best restaurants in the country can be found in NYC, and if you’re visiting with family, planning your own vacation with friends, or looking for something new in your hometown, these fun restaurants in NYC for teenagers are ready to serve you the very best The Big Apple has to provide! 

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Hard Rock Cafe

A rock n’ roll themed restaurant chain serving American classics!

Burgers, burgers, and more burgers, that’s what I call amazing! Image courtesy of the Hard Rock Cafe Instagram page

1501 Broadway | New York | hardrockcafe.com 

In the heart of New York City, Hard Rock Cafe is the place to “rock your senses with delicious food, drinks, and classic music that will have you grooving in your seat”! With 708 seats, a recently opened 1,800 square foot Rock Shop®, an outdoor space available to host parties, and plenty more, Hard Rock Cafe is well known throughout the country for being a…rockin' good time. Music from artists like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Billy Joel, Elvis, and plenty more iconic bands, (even some more contemporary ones like Gwen Stafani), are all featured here!

On the Hard Rock Cafe menu, they’ve stated that their food is bold, the drinks cold, and the music loud since its conception in 1971. So with that, you are already getting a feel for what to expect when you head on down to this popular fun restaurant. Some of the food you can expect to see on the menu is Classic Nachos, Pepperoni Flatbread, Wings, the Legendary Steak Burger, BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, New York Strip Steak, and their Homemade Apple Cobbler! Hard Rock Cafe is here to house people of all ages and ties with good food and good music!

“Fast service, reasonable prices, a good selection of food items, generous portions (including drinks), a clean restaurant and restrooms, and the rock 'n roll ambience made for a great meal with the "Wow factor"--We'll be back!” -Yelp Review

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Cafe Du Soleil

Old-timey bistro decoration, French fare food, and outdoor seating make this a fun restaurant in NYC for teenagers!

Comfy seats, good ambience, and great food, that’s what makes Du Soleil a fun restaurant in NYC for teenagers! Image courtesy of the Cafe du Soleil Instagram page.

2723 Broadway | New York | cafedusoleilny.com 

While you might not be able to take a plane ride to France immediately right now, you can still celebrate the country’s delicious cuisine right in NYC! Café Du Soleil is a popular French cafe located in Manhattan Valley that serves delicious cuisine and has a great ambience to compliment the menu! Guests can either dine inside or on their cozy patio overlooking the streets of NYC, (and for winter, Café Du Soleil has added extra equipment outside to help block that winter chill)! 

This charming bistro offers savory French dishes such as Merguez Grillées, La Choucroute De La Mer, Vegan Provençal, along with elegant steak and fish dishes served in this colorful and rustic restaurant! If you have a big day out on the town planned, Café Du Soleil also has delicious brunch options like the Bretonne Crêpe and Pancakes Aux Fruits Rouges. This restaurant has a fun vibe that’s perfect for any group of teens looking to try something different or get a taste of a future adventure to France!

“This place has one of the best outdoor dining set ups in the area. Each table has it's own bubble with a heater inside. I was so toasty and actually able to take off multiple layers after being seated. The food was pretty good as well. I'm basic, so I had to get the French onion soup. Will definitely be back for a date night!” -Yelp Review

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Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

Old-school soda shop housed in a 1920’s apothecary set right in Brooklyn!

Smiles all the time at this fun restaurant in NYC for teenagers! Image courtesy of the Brooklyn Farmacy Instagram page.

513 Henry St | Brooklyn | brooklynfarmacyandsodafountain.com 

If you’re looking for a dessert spot on a nice afternoon sunny day or maybe something sweet after your meal, well let us introduce you to this unique hot spot in the city, Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain! This place is a whimsical dessert hub that is known for its creative ice cream dishes. Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain has a rich history, with the original building being an Apothecary back in the 1920’s, there’s plenty more to the story, so if you’d like to learn a piece of history you can read it here

Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain has specialty ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches, and much more! Are you a fan of caramel? Try the Sir Twix-A-Lot. This popular treat features chunks of shortcake crumbles topped with gooey caramel and a chocolate hard shell. Want something with a little more chocolate? The Brownie Sundae is filled with chunks of homemade brownie and your choice of ice cream inside a chocolate hard shell! Make sure to take a look at their whole menu so you can pick what you want ahead of time so you won’t have to spend too much time trying to decide!

“I really want to try everything they have on the menu, but I love their brownie sundae so much that I always end up getting it. Someday... I will be strong enough to say no to the brownie sundae so I can try other things they have which also look amazing:” -Yelp Review

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Barking Dog

A unique American eatery that’s dog friendly and an all around great time!

This little guy is just as excited to be here as you are! Image courtesy of the Barking Dog Instagram page.

1678 3rd Ave | New York | barkingdognyc.com 

Locates on the Upper East Side, the Barking Dog is a popular dog-friendly restaurant that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! This place is famous for their special doggy water fountains right outside for your lil pup to enjoy while you enjoy your own meal. Whenever you come to Barking Dog, you’re sure to spend some nice quality time with friends and your favorite four-legged friend, their goal is to make an atmosphere comfortable for everyone involved, not just the humans.

Offering brunch and dinner, the Barking Dog has a bunch of menu items to enjoy, including but not limited to:

“Couldn't ask for a better service. I wanted to order more stuff but I'm definitely coming back to try the rest. Restaurant looks good, i liked the appearance. The staff in general was very attentive.” -Yelp Review

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Ellen's Stardust Diner

Vibrant 50’s-themed diner that will charm you with its troupe of singing servers!

Drag Brunch always makes for a better brunch! Image courtesy of the Ellen’s Stardust Diner Instagram page

1650 Broadway | New York | ellensstardustdiner.com 

If you’re in the mood for something truly spectacular, you need to talk a walk down to Ellen’s Stardust Diner. This famous 50’s-style diner is known for its incredibly talented waitstaff. At any time during the day you’ll find someone singing their hearts out on the stage located right in the middle of the restaurant, (and you can even see some of them performing on stage in Broadway/Off Broadway productions)! Ellen’s Stardust Diner has events too, Drag Brunch is a favorite that many enjoy!

On the menu you can expect a range of foods from Challah French Toast, Fruity Pebble Pancakes, Fresh Fruit Yogurt Parfait, Chicken Matzo Ball Soup, Philly Cheesesteak, Crispy Wings, Spinach Salad, Penne Alfredo, and much much more! Ellen’s Stardust Diner has plenty of fun to be had at any time of the day, so make sure to get ready to enjoy good tunes and good food!

“Great experience, so glad we went!  We waited about 25 min on a Monday night at 8pm, but it was worth it.  The food was good, but pricey (not more than other places in NYC).  Our whole family of 4 enjoyed it, including my 13 &19 yr old theater kids!” -Yelp Review 

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Meow Parlour

Home is where the…cat is! Cuddly cats for pets, coffee, pastries, and WiFi!

Cute kitties ready to welcome you at the cafe! Image courtesy of the Meow Parlour Instagram page.

46 Hester St | New York | meowparlour.com 

Welcome to the Meow Parlour, New York City’s first cat cafe! Whether you’re there for just 30 minutes or stay for 5 hours, this place is for cat-lovers and those who enjoy a quaint, calming, lovely little cafe! What’s even sweeter is that every cat you encounter at Meow Parlour is available for adoption, so if you happen to fall in love with one of those little guys, you may be able to help them home! 

Now you may be asking how all of this works, well, let’s give a quick little guide to help you understand what you need to know before you saunter on down to the Meow Parlour. At this cafe they allow a limited number of walk-ins, usually dependent on space availability, a group of one or two is the best when trying to walk in, large groups require a reservation. To make the most of your and your friends time, making a reservation through their website to claw out some cat time for your own is recommended!

Oh! One last thing, if you happen to get hungry while petting these furballs of fun, the Meow Parlour offers a variety of “cafe” like menu items. From coffee, tea, macaroons, pastries, and more! It’s definitely a great place for a light bite or simply a warm drink after walking through the streets of New York…the cats are a bonus of course.

“Where else can you go to get your kitty fix and have a delicious treat ???  The staff take great care to make sure all of these adoptable animals are well taken care of and happy.  The facility is very well organized and clean.  Love all the work they are doing to get homes for these animals!” -Yelp Review

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Max Brenner New York

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate, that’s what you’re getting at this lovely little restaurant in NYC!

Nothing is as sweet as a nice bite of chocolate any time of day! Image courtesy of the Mar Brenner Instagram page.

841 Broadway | New York | maxbrenner.com 

Right in Times Square, Max Brenner NYC Chocolate Restaurant is making exactly what it sounds like: chocolate, and lots of it! Sometimes you’re craving something sweet and savory. Chocolate is the perfect treat to satisfy that craving, and with how popular/acclaimed Max Brenner is, you won’t find a better place to grab a piece of that sweet treat than this restaurant. Now, this hotspot isn’t offering just chocolate, it also has a variety of menu items sure to delight all who stop on by!

Their menu is HUGE. So going through it all with you right now would take too long, so here’s a basic rundown of just some of the things you can expect to see on Max Brenner NYC Chocolate Restaurant’s menu: shareable starters like Max Coco Spiced Waffle Fries, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, waffles, Classic European Fondue, Pistachio Cookie Fudge, milkshakes, and hot chocolate!

“Chocolate chocolate and more chocolate! A fun little haven for a sweet time. My friends and I stop by for a quick treat... it is not a quick treat (I say as I order a million things off the menu) I will say if you come here, make sure you are a little hungry and well hydrated. It's a super tasty place. My friends and I enjoyed it quite a bit.” -Yelp Review

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Krispy Kreme at Times Square

The world’s largest Krispy Kreme store is located right in Times Square!

Glazed donuts all day, every day! Image courtesy of the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Instagram page

1601 Broadway | New York | krispykreme.com 

If you’re looking for something extra sweet and something a little different, why not check out the largest Krispy Kreme retail store around? Located in Times Square, this first-of-its-kind store boasts about its 4,500 square feet of space that serves the hottest and freshest donuts in New York City! 

At this bustling donut store, you can find a wide selection of donut styles, such as the chocolate iced glazed donut with sprinkles, Oreo® cookies and cream donut, and of course the very popular classic glazed donut. Along with its extensive donut selection, Krispy Kreme in Times Square also serves coffee, lattes, hot chocolate, and other popular sweet breakfast beverages to brighten up your day!

If you need to stop by somewhere for a quick breakfast, Krispy Kreme in Times Square is the perfect spot for you! You can just grab a quick donut, drink, or both, then head on your way to the next spot in your New York City trip itinerary!

“Having the Hot Now Krispy Kreme is a real treat every once in a while. Stopped by while in Times Square and we each had one donut just under $2 each. It melts in your mouth.” -Yelp Review

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New York City is home to an exciting selection of trendy and unique restaurants. Whether you are visiting the city with your teen or they are taking a day trip with their friends, these fun restaurants in NYC for teenagers are great choices! Which ones do you plan on visiting next? Let us know in the comments!


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