These Peruvian Restaurants In Miami Are Simply Spicy, Savory, And Sensational!

You might find french fries as a side at some of these restaurants, but it’s really all about the Peru(vian) dishes.

There is no shortage of restaurants making delicious international cuisines all around Miami, but one of the most popular ones you’ll find in the 305 is Peruvian food! Among all of the global eats the city has to offer, Peruvian food has become all the rage in the past few years. If you don’t have the chance to go and visit the country itself, there are some pretty authentic Peruvian restaurants for you to try out right here in Miami. 

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1. Pollos & Jarras

Warm tones and good vibes all at this restaurant making some of the best foods!

115 NE 3rd Ave | Miami |

The literal definition of “Pollos Y Jarras” is chickens and jugs, and the theme of this beloved Peruvian restaurant could be well described as a place with a ton of great chicken dishes and pitchers of delicious drinks, which sounds pretty good to us!

Now we’ve said that their main “get” is chicken, and that’s true, you can even order a whole rotisserie chicken to share with the entire table if you want to! But Pollos & Jarras also has a great selection of traditional foods like their La Tía Veneno, Churrasco, and Chicharronada Bailable. 

Cocktails are made right at the bar for you if you’d like to enjoy one with your meal, and you can also enjoy a number of non-alcoholic beverages, as well. Stop in soon to see what everyone’s been talking about!

“I love coming here and ordering their rotisserie chicken. You can get a half or a whole chicken w I believe it is two sides. Soooo juicy and tender with rice and salad. My favorite. They're mojitos are delicious As well. And the service is always impeccable.” -Yelp Review

2. CVI.CHE 105

Great cocktails, great food, and an even greater time at this well loved Miami hotspot!

105 NE 3rd Ave | Miami |

Looking for a place that serves truly authentic Peruvian cuisine that’s so good it’s won multiple awards? Then look no further than CVI.CHE 105 which is brought to you by the same people behind Pollos & Jarras- (so you know it’s going to be good). They have been winning awards as one of the best Peruvian restaurants in Miami for the past twelve years.

As the clever styling of its name would suggest, the key dish that they serve up in many forms at this restaurant is Ceviche, and it’s so good that people have been coming back to try out all of the flavors they have to offer since they first opened over 10 years ago.

There are so many impeccable plates to try out at CVI.CHE 105 like the Pura Tradición, El Ganador, Tacu Tacu Con Lomo Saltado, and much much more. 

“Food and service was amazing. We got lucky not having a long wait but it was packed during Basel week. I recommend making a reservation. Every dish was amazing and so were the cocktails.” -Yelp Review

3. Divino Ceviche

Food that’s so good you can now order it on their very own app! How neat!

2629 NW 79th Ave | Doral |

Peruvian food is about more than just the bold flavors and unique ingredients. In any Peruvian home, you’ll find that one of the best ingredients is the strong bond of a family. We all know that food made from love tastes better and that’s exactly what makes Divino Ceviche so special. 

First introduced to Miami in 2011 by two brothers named Christian and Frank Encalada, Divino Ceviche has got its roots based in the bond of these two brothers, and that has really helped to make this Peruvian restaurant stand out. 

Both born and raised in Peru, they have very different personalities, as well as ideas of how they want the restaurant to work, but weirdly that’s what makes it all come together to work. You’ll find recipes inspired by food they ate growing up in Peru with a few Spanish influences Christian picked up while living in Spain. On the menu you can expect to see Trilogia De Causas, Croquetas de Pulpo, Pulpo Anticochero, and more!

“Very good service, very nice waitress. First time coming to this place and it surprised me. Food was delicious and even my lemonade. We will be coming back for sure!” -Yelp Review

4. Aromas del Peru

Since 2003, this Peruvian restaurant in Miami has been serving some of the best!

5757 SW 8th St | Miami |

Looking for a place where you can chow down on some delicious authentic Peruvian food in a quiet, relaxing space where you won’t be too bothered by any loud conversations or music?

Aromas del Peru is the perfect place for you to enjoy Peruvian cuisine while unwinding at the end of a long week. Bring along your laptop to get some extra work done while you eat or just stop by for a nice intimate meal with a friend or partner.

You can try any one of their traditional Peruvian dishes, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be savoring every last bite. They have items like Ceviche Classicó, Salmón Ahumando, and Causas with a bunch of different protein options- (including Vegan). What you really don’t want to miss out on, though, is their desserts, which you’ll just have to go and see what they are for yourself, they are all made fresh and in-house every day for you to enjoy!

“Our Uber driver suggested this place and it was amazing!  The food was really great. The wine was amazing. And they offer an indoor and outdoor option. The wait staff were attentive and very nice!” -Yelp Review

5. Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar

An upbeat restaurant featuring classics and new innovations of Peruvian foods.

10548 SW 8th St | Miami |

If you’re a fan of Peruvian food then you know that limes are one of the main go-to’s when it comes to cooking and prepping dishes. That’s why this aptly named Peruvian restaurant in Miami, Dr. Limon Ceviche Bar, takes this well loved ingredient and highlights its importance in the cooking process.

Peruvian food is, of course, made up of many different ingredients to make it unique among the other cuisines throughout Latin America, but the one thing that tends to remain consistent throughout each dish in the country is limes.

Dr. Limon tries to source as many of their ingredients as possible from local farmers, so you know the food here is fresh. They have risen in popularity throughout the years and have seven locations running, with one more on the way. On the menu you can expect dishes like Ceviches, Tiraditos, Amar Es Compartir, and much more.

“Super delicious and authentic Peruvian menu foods I've never had before. All delicious. our server really helped out with our choices everyone enjoyed it. We were just here for one night in Miami but we would come back for sure” -Yelp Review

6. 305 Peruvian Modern Cuisine

All your worries left at the door, this laid back restaurant is here to bring the best dining experience in Miami!

261 SW 8th St | Miami |

If you’re looking for something a little different and you’re feeling a bit more on the adventurous side, you may just want to take a road trip out to 305 Peruvian Modern Cuisine. Here, they’ve taken many of the Peruvian classics and added modern twists to them. 

In many of their dishes, for instance, you’ll find a fusion of both Peruvian and Japanese cuisines that come together to create something entirely unique. The best part? They believe in beautiful presentations here at 305 Peruvian Modern Cuisine, which means your plate will always be Instagram ready!

On their menu you can see foods including but not limited to Mixed Ceviche, a Tiradito Roll, Lomo Saltado, Cholo Maki, the “305” Roll, and Aji De Gallina.

“305 Peruvian is my go-to restaurant! If it's your first time here you must try their maki lomo, & Arroz chaufa de Mariscos. You can really taste the freshness in the fried calamari, my favorite appetizer. Dessert pictured: Chocolucuma and Nutella chocolate mousse.” -Yelp Review

7. El Chalan Restaurant

Don’t let its appearance fool you, this spot located in a strip mall serves some of the best food out there!

7971 SW 40th St | Miami |

What exactly is the “marker” of a restaurant that has good food, better service, and some of the best ambiance in the city? Well, a loyal customer base, of course! If you’re looking for a place for truly good Peruvian food where you know people love it, you definitely won’t want to miss out on El Chalan Restaurant.

As a neighborhood, family-owned and operated restaurant, this local favorite Peruvian restaurant in Miami serves up home-cooked meals every day, and you can always tell that it’s homemade (as well as made with love).

They’ve been around since 1985 - that’s almost 40 years - and they’re still going strong. On their menu you can look forward to Causa Limeña, Breaded Steak / Bistec Apanado, Pescado Tropical (con camarones), Arroz con Leche for dessert, and much more!

“Deliciousness!!! Authenticity on off the charts!!!! The service is always amazing!!!! I eat here everytime I'm in Miami this is a must dine at! You will not be disappointed with the tower of fried seafood or the soups! Everything is delicious! Slowly making my way down the menu” -Yelp Review

8. Manta Wynwood

Enjoy this causal sit down place that has its own bar! Time for some drinks with friends!

102 NW 25th St | Miami |

Manta’s main speciality might be seafood but rest assured with their innovative twists on classic Peruvian recipes also on their menu you’ll experience just a little of everything at this Miami favorite. And their food isn’t just tasty, their service and plate presentation adds some flare to the ambience as well.

Featuring both contemporary and traditional dishes, Manta has a bunch of menu items that are enticing like the:

  • Pulpo, Camarones Y Calamares, Tapas De Pork Belly, Tuna Tartare, Ceviche A La Piedra, Arroz Con Mariscos, and more! There’s plenty to enjoy at this Peruvian restaurant in Miami.
“This place is so cute and food was delicious. Service was fast and friendly! Great recommendations. Must try! Perfect for celebrating an occasion, going on a date night, or having lunch with friends! Happy hour is from 3:30-6:30pm, would come back” -Yelp Review


If you’re looking to dress up and go somewhere more upscale for Peruvian food, look no further!

840 1st St | Miami |

Intimo is a sleek and classy Peruvian restaurant that is the perfect place for a night out on the town- especially a date night. They focus their cooking on three main “courses,” sushi, sashimi, and of course, Peruvian food! 

This place is definitely one for those who enjoy dressing up to go out, so if you’re looking to put your fancy clothes on you’ve come to the right place.

Intimo’s menu has a bunch of fan favorites including the Ceviche Intimo, El Ganador, Parrillero roll, Shime Saba Nigiri, Coliflor Ponderosa, Pato Alverjado, with slides like Fried White Rice, Broccolini, and Potato and Cheese Puree!

“Food and service were both great. Daina, our server, was very nice. We had the Lomo Saltado and 2 different kinds of rolls, both of which were good. The drinks were also on point. Would definitely go back!” -Yelp Review

10. Morla Restaurant

Serving delicious and creative takes on classic dishes in a super cool atmosphere!

91 SE 2nd St | Miami |

Welcome to the Morla Restaurant, this sleek modern restaurant is bringing a new type of ambience to the Miami area with their cool dining rooms both inside and out, along with impeccable service, and amazing food. Morla Restaurant offers creative food concoctions from not just Peru, but also Mexico! The team behind Morla wants to share their passion for food with everyone who stops by.

Using the highest quality ingredients, Morla cooks everything to perfection and each menu item has been crafted to be your new favorite plate. You can expect dishes like Branzino Tiradito, Nikkei Salmon Ceviche, Filet Mignon Brochette, dessert like the Lucuma Cheesecake, and a wine list that pairs so well with every meal.

“We went for our anniversary and had a beautiful romantic night! The ambience is exquisite and the food is very good. The dessert is a must have! We loved how welcoming the owners were to us. My husband and I will definitely go back” -Yelp Review

These Peruvian restaurants in Miami offer a range of experiences, from upscale and classy to laid back and casual, there’s a little something for everyone on this list!

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