Mastercard Signed 2018 & Finding Another Way without Visa

January 26, 2019
jason wolfe

Finally, in summer of 2018, we signed with Mastercard.

Mastercard logo

Tom Kind and some of their team believed in us, and our energy went way up again.  We assigned a new leader and re-assigned the team back to GiftYa.  

We started integrating with Mastercard.  

credit cards

All was going well, then we had a jam – technical issues that made us drag on and on for months.  During the time, we continued to email and call Visa, but we also met Dwolla, Venmo, and others connected to customers financial institution data.  We thought this could potentially enable us to not need to rely on Visa or Mastercard.  

So we started down the path of reviewing their API’s and integrations.

sending money between phones

We were surprised and decided to integrate with Venmo’s provider.

venmo logo