Looking For An Incredible Dinner In Hawaii? These Ones Get 5 Stars

A List of the Best 5 Star Restaurants in Honolulu, with Everything from Classic Steakhouses to Traditional Hawaiian Food

Good day, good afternoon, or good evening dear internet reader. Thank you so much for your click. It really means the world to us here on the internet. Today in exchange for your click I can offer you an incredible list of the best five star restaurants you can find in Honolulu,Hawaii. And I’ll link you to the restaurant's website so you can check out their menu (and their prices beforehand). And I’ll also give you their address so that way your app can take you there post haste. And I’ll even let you know when one of these restaurants accepts our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards.

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Helena’s Hawaiian Food

Experience The Spirit of Aloha!

1240 N School St | Kalihi | helenashawaiianfood.com

I can’t begin to say enough good things about Helena’s Hawaiian Food. If you are looking for traditional, delicious, and locally sourced Hawaiin food then Helena’s is the place for you. And not only does traditional Hawaiian food mean an expansive seafood menu comprising some mainland classics, as well as some fish that can only be sourced locally. 

And for those of you who have been in Hawaii for a couple days and are sick and tired of seafood at this point, don’t worry, they also offer plenty of pork and chicken options prepared in the local Honolulu traditional ways. With all kinds of local herbs and spices. 

Helena’s was so good it appeared at the top of this list, as well as at the top of my list of the most famous restaurants in Honolulu, so you know it is incredibly good. And if you don’t believe me, just check one of their countless five star reviews from one of their delighted customers. 

“SO GOOD!!!  Yoooowwwwwweeeeeee. Excellent food and service. Ambiance was so damn weird but it just added to the amazing experience. Food was so worth it. Lots of locals in here enjoying a hot meal solo & with company. You know it's good!!... …Get here early to secure a seat! Will be coming back.” - Yelp Review 

Unfortunately Helena’s Hawaiian Food isn’t one of the 5 star restaurants in Honolulu participating with GiftYa just yet, but check back soon cause they might be any day now.

Ginza Bairin Tonkatsu & Yoshoku Bistro

First One Of Its Kind In the United States

255 Beach Walk | Outrigger Regency on Beachwalk | ginzabairinhawaii.com

If you are looking for something a little different while you are in Honolulu then you are going to want to try Ginza Bairin Tonkatsu & Yoshoku Bistro. They serve the absolute best Japanese food you're going to find anywhere other than, well, Japan. And time and time again they are leaving their customers satisfied. 

With an extremely high rating from their customer with thousands of reviews in. Ginza Barin has been around since the original restaurant was founded in 1921. But the Honolulu location is the first location to have opened up outside of Asia. So what do you say? Don’t you want to be able to brag to all your friends about you had it first years ago in Hawaii when it blows up and is every major US city a few years from now?

“Deliciousness: 10/10. Service: 9/10. Cleanliness: 9/10. Price: 7/10

So glad I finally got to try this place in hawaii! It is very hard to get a spot for dinner time so make sure you make a reservation in advance!” - Yelp Review

Ginza Bairin Tonkatsu & Yoshoku Bistro doesn’t offer GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check back soon because we are always adding 5 star restaurants and attractions in Honolulu!

XO Restaurant

5 Star Restaurant In Honolulu. 5 Star View In Honolulu

3434 Waialae Ave | Ste 5 | www.xorghawaii.com

XO Restaurant serves local Hawaiian cuisine with a modern take. This means you’ll find excellent course options like Adobo fried Chicken, Pork Belly’s and Kale salads, on top of many other local cuisines and delicacies. They deliver their incredible meals in the forms of courses in a family style. They also feature a breathtaking view like many of the restaurants on my list today.

But what really sets XO a[part is the fact that they pay their employees in the top 1% of wages in the industry. And what this means is that their employees are always feeling well compensated for their work. And because they feel well compensated and appreciated they are going to be doing a good job at every step of the process. This means that everything from food preparation, to the customer service, to the ambiance is being done by the employees with the utmost care. 

“Hidden gem, great vibe, and fantastic food. Staff answered all questions about the menu and were extremely helpful and fast at service. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Dinner here is an experience that I won't forget.Will fly back just to eat here again.” - Yelp Review 

You can’t get a digital GiftYa gift card to XO Restaurant at the moment but be sure to check back soon as new 5 star restaurants and locations in Honolulu are added all the time!

Duke’s Waikiki

5 Star Restaurant With A Historic View In Honolulu 

2335 Kalakaua Ave | Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort| dukeswaikiki.com

Duke’s Waikiki is not only a five star restaurant. I mean it is. They have a world famous breakfast buffet. And then an expansive lunch and dinner menu. Their lunch and dinner menu also features a buffet option for those who love to sample a bit of everything, as well as a traditional menu for those who want a meal that is curated from the ground up. You can get everything from fish tacos to a Mango BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger on the menu so I’m sure you will find something that is up your alley. I mean they have coconut shrimp. And who doesn't love coconut shrimp?

But on top of the amazing food and service, Duke Waikiki is also built on a world famous beach. That means that the views you get from the restaurant are the same ones that surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku grew up on. When he first honed his skills there a hundred years ago surfing, swimming, and canoeing, I’m sure he never thought there would be a five star restaurant there in his memory. 

But now everybody will remember his name, and you can enjoy part of that magic with the same views, the same sunrise, and the same sunset as a Hawaiin surfing legend when you eat at Duke’s Waikiki and if that isn’t 5 star, I don’t know what is. 

“From the great atmosphere to great food. Hands down I've always left this restaurant with a happy tummy! Their drinks are awesome and their food is so tasty! You have a wonderful view of the beach and on weekends there's live music… …I love this place! So much fun and soooo good!” - Yelp Review 

As always we’re busy adding attractions and 5 star restaurants in Honolulu to GiftYa all the time but you can’t get one for Duke’s Waikiki just yet. Check back soon.


Winner Of Countless Awards. Make A Reservation


2255 Kuhio Ave | Dukes Lane Market & Eatery | basaltwaikiki.com/

Basalt is great because they are probably going to have something on the menu that pleases your party no matter how picky of an eater you have. They serve modern American food, classic bar food, and breakfast and brunch. And they have won awards for practically everything on the menu at this point so they are sure to leave your belly feeling full and happy.

“Just had a wonderful meal at Basalt.  Had the Seafood Paella and the ribeye- both were excellent.  Very good service and a lovely outdoor seating area.” - Yelp Review 

Right now you aren’t able to get a GiftYa digital gift card to Basalt but check back because there’s more 5 star restaurants and stores in Honolulu added all the time.

Morton’s Steakhouse

5 Star Steakhouse In Honolulu

1450 Ala Moana Blvd | Ala Moana | mortons.com/location/honolulu

Morton’s makes it onto the  list not only because it is a fantastic restaurant, but also because it offers a little bit of variety in what I am offering to the reader of this article. Pretty much every other restaurant is just serving American cuisine, which can certainly include steak, but Morton’s really specializes in it. So if you have one of those picky eaters who thinks the only fancy restaurant is a steakhouse then Morton’s Steakhouse is going to be just the spot for you in Honolulu. 

“Excellent service and great atmosphere! Delicious entrees and desserts. I would highly recommend to everyone to spend their special evening with the people they love that would make this event to remember!” - Yelp Review 

Grab a GiftYa digital gift card to Morton’s Steakhouse by following the link right HERE and enjoy some of the best 5 star restaurants in Honolulu you can find!

There it is, my list of the best 5 star restaurants in Honolulu, Hawaii. I tried to offer a little bit of variety in what I was recommending, but Honolulu isn’t that big of a place, and a lot of the food is local cuisine. Which is great, it just means I only have so many options to recommend when it comes to making it to 5 star quality. So I hope this list helped you figure out just the place for your dinner, date, or business meeting on this list. And if you didn’t, be sure to check out our list on the restaurants with the most breathtaking views in Honolulu.

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