Halal Restaurants in Honolulu

Honolulu is home to many halal restaurants with unique offerings.

Honolulu is a popular destination for travelers who want to enjoy sandy beaches, blue ocean views, and a relaxed atmosphere. Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii and is the most populated of all its cities. There is where you will find Waikiki beach, a beach that is well known for its beauty. Honolulu is known to be a laid back, tropical metropolis, with city benefits mixed with island charms. If you’re looking for Halal restaurants, you’re certain to find them here! 

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Bombay Palace

This Indian and Pakistani cuisine will delight your senses. 

This meal must be a great complement to a day out. Image courtesy of Yelp

1778 Ala Moana Blvd | Naples | bombaypalacehi.com

Bombay Palace is an Indian and Pakistani halal restaurant. They have an extensive menu that serves a large variety of food. Appetizers include vegetable pakoras, samosas, and the soup of the day. Entrees include traditional curries you can have with lamb, shrimp, or mahi mahi, vindaloo with chicken or lamb, coconut curry, and korma. The kebabs offered include rack of lamb, tandoori chicken, and tandoori shrimp. 

You can order biryani with lamb, chicken, or vegetables, and different flavors of tandoori bread. They have a selection of vegetarian delights. Those are malai kofta, dal makhani, and chana masala. They have paneer made with homemade cottage cheese, and spiced side dishes. On top of the average beverages, Bombay Palace offers traditional Indian and Pakistani drinks like mango lassi. The homemade dessert is also a must try! The Gulab Jamun, kulfi, and rice pudding are worth trying! 

“We had samosas, vindaloo chicken, kadai paneer (really unique and savory), basmati rice, and garlic naan. It was delicious with a friendly owner and staff. Food was served promptly and was on par with some of the best Indian food we have ever had. I highly recommend it. We will be back with our family soon.”–Yelp Review


This restaurant shares the unique flavors of Turkey. 

1108 Auahi St Ste 152 | Naples | istanbulhawaii.com

Istanbul is a woman and immigrant family owned restaurant. It is proudly known as a farm to table restaurant. It has brought Turkey’s unique and wonderful flavors to share with Hawaii’s locals and visitors. The owners and executive chefs have a positive outlook that reflects in their food and in their business. Just this year they have been proclaimed “Women Business of the Year 2022 for the State of Hawaii” by SBA & City and County Mayor!

Their menu includes foods like shakshuka, Ottoman steak & eggs, spanakopita, and meze both warm and chilled. The flavors are derived from Turkey’s seven gastronomic regions. And if you want to know where they source all their food from, you can find that information right on their website! They also offer gift cards that you can purchase to treat any friends of family members. 

“Seriously...they deserve all the accolades and all the hype they're receiving. First-class dining experience...where the food takes center stage in an elegant, modern setting. We went for brunch and it was really special. Stand out dish was the Turkish Sesame Bagel, with an egg baked in the bagel and sausage!”–Yelp Review

Himalayan Kitchen

Authentic Nepalese and Indian food in a comfortable setting. 

This meal has everything you need. Image courtesy of Honolulu Magazine

1137 11th Ave | Naples | himalayankitchenhawaii.com

Himalayan Kitchen ensures their customers and authentic Nepalese and Indian dining experience. It is family owned and operated, and holds a great reputation in its community. They have a list of values they choose to hold on to that have earned them a positive reputation. They only use the freshest of ingredients to make their food, and they like to make sure their guests receive friendly and professional service. From the customers to the staff, everyone at Himalayan Kitchen is treated the way they deserve!

This restaurant’s high quality meals are nutritional and sold at a very reasonable price. The menu is long and full of great options. For appetizers, you can get pakoras, Himalayan spring rolls, and papadum. They have traditional curries, tandoori cuisine, several vegetarian options, and himalayan style seafood. You can choose from one of six desserts, which include dragon fruit lychee sorbet and gulab jamun. 

“Alwaysssss happy with my food here. I've had both dine-in and takeout, and they are both great! I really love their vegan eggplant dish with basmati rice and onion naan bread. Such amazing spices and flavors that blend so well together! Each dish also seems to be enough for 2 people, or to have for leftovers the next day. Prices are fair and lots of good food. I'd recommend this place for sure!”–Yelp Review

Amina Pizzeria

The only halal Italian food in the city!

1694 Kalakaua Ave Ste 105 | Naples | aminapizzeriallc.com

Amina Pizzeria will invite you in to enjoy a tempting experience. The staff is focused on making customers happy and use only the freshest ingredients to prepare your meals. The chef has over 20 years of experience working for the finest restaurants around. They will provide the best Italian tastes for you and anyone you visit this place with. This is the only restaurant in Honolulu that serves halal Italian food! 

The expansive menu is filled with great options. The pizza options include all meat special, vegetarian pizza, chicken alfredo, and cheese. There is a category of French bread pizzas, where you’ll find Italian meatball & mixed pepper, fresh spinach & garlic, and pesto with tomato and cheese pizzas. There are cheese calzones, vegetarian calzones, and chicken, garlic & mushroom calzones along with spaghetti with alfredo, marinara, and with creamy garlic sauce. They also have awesome lasagna and penne options!

“My fav pizza spot on island. I've been going here for 7 years. Always tastes good and fresh. They don't overdo the toppings. The garlic cheesy bread is great and always has soft edges. I usually go for the All meats pizza. It tastes amazing. Parking is easily accessible. Both the cheesecake and brownies are great for dessert too.”–Yelp Review

Da Spot

This restaurant offers cuisines from more nations than the average one. 

Many good options await you. Image courtesy of Honolulu Magazine

2469 S King St | Naples | daspot.net

Da Spot is a health food restaurant that offers good food at affordable prices. Despite the great prices, they still offer a diverse and unique outlook on food. They make foods from all around the world. Their main goal is to encourage sustainability and healthy eating practices. They create a wide assortment of ethnic foods that challenges people’s views on food. They offer Italian, Indian, Thai, Malaysian, American, Hawaiian, Korean, and many more different cuisines! 

Some of the entrees on the menu are coconut lemon herb chicken, Thai vegetable curry, Egyptian roasted lamb shanks, and sauteed red fire chicken. Aside from all the great food they have, Da Spot also serves a wide array of smoothies. They have a selection of over 35 different smoothies with the option to create your own. They also offer homemade desserts, from baklava, to different flavors of sorbet. 

“Sooooo goood! Such diversity and kind people. Reasonable prices and excellent saffron rice. Favorites are coconut herb chicken and coconut herb fish. More can chicken and Malaysian vegetable curry is also delicious. So many things to try! Again, very reasonable. Smoothies and deserts are a must! Order up and enjoy!”–Yelp Review

Aloha Melt Waikiki

Grilled cheese done like you’ve never seen before. 

355 Royal Hawaiian Ave | Naples | alohamelt.com

Aloha Melt Waikiki is a casual grilled cheese spot. It's not often that you find a restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese, but Aloha Melt Waikiki does! The menu consists of five different grilled cheese sandwiches with different cheese combinations and ingredients. The options include the classic grilled cheese with cheddar, mozzarella, provolone, and American cheeses with caramelized bacon, onion, and aioli sauce along with a few others. 

The other options are the four cheese sandwich, which is the classic with just the cheese, The AP, which is is a patty melt with beef patty meat and four cheeses, and the aloha, which has the four cheeses with caramelized onion, bacon, sriracha aioli, and pickled jalapeno peppers. They also offer a tomato basil soup that contains crunchy croutons and bacon crumbles on top. It goes perfectly with the grilled cheese sandwiches!

“Charming, no frills grilled cheese joint. I ordered 4 cheese melts. I absolutely loved this sandwich, it's exactly how it looked in the pictures. A gooey, cheesy delight!  Perfect amount of cheese to bread ratio and it came with a dipping sauce which is always fun to have. It was grilled to order so it was hot and fresh and the wait time was decent!”–Yelp Review

Habibi Tasty

Authentic Middle Eastern food inside a gorgeous atmosphere. 

This container is ready to go. Image courtesy of Honolulu Magazine

2346 S King | Naples 

Habibi Tasty is your go to for all your favorite authentic Middle Eastern foods. Habibi means love, and it's a word that represents this restaurant’s values well. This restaurant’s passion towards cooking and serving really shows when you finally try their excellently made food. They make traditional savory foods and sweet foods. It is all made with a combination of fresh ingredients and love!

At Habibi you can find hummus, baba ganoush, falafel with tahini sauce, and stuffed mushrooms with bread. Everything that you get will also come at a great price! This restaurant has a beautiful atmosphere that is well decorated with gorgeous Middle Eastern artifacts. There is also a cool design on the ceiling. The experience you will have at Habibi is a flavorful and unique one. Rather than the traditional bread, you could be served watermelon wedges while you wait for your meal. This is a restaurant you will be happy to have visited! 

“Amazing food, and great service. Limited menu, but everything was freshly made and delicious (and their menu will be expanding soon ). We ordered falafel and cheesy potatoes as an appetizer, and the lamb and chicken sheesh (kabobs) for dinner. Everything was fantastic, and the salads were fresh, vibrant, and flavorful. 10/10, very much recommended.”–Yelp Review

Papa Cristo’s 

This Mediterranean restaurant is new and accommodating. 

3449 Waialae Ave | Naples 

Papa Cristo’s is a Mediterranean halal restaurant that is worth trying. It is pretty new, but has already garnered lots of positive attention. They take their time to make authentic food from scratch, and customers can taste the effort, and it has plenty of them coming back for more. The people who run the place are very friendly and accommodating, and will even offer you samples to help you decide what you want! 

This restaurant serves a variety of great foods, including different selections of daily specials. This gives restaurant goers the chance to try Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods that they can’t just order every day. Some crowd favorites are chicken shawarma, lamb, and falafel. Eating there lets you experience a food adventure that you will love to have had. 

“Being originally from the Balkans, you don't want to know how much I appreciate this Mediterranean place on Oahu. All varieties of food from Eastern Europe to Middle East and Northern Africa here in Honolulu! The heart of the people in this place is filled with so much joy and love. This reflects in the cooking as well. It feels like a family member cooked a good Mediterranean meal for you. Big plates, great taste and the best tahini dip in Hawaii. Try it!”–Yelp Review

Honolulu is home to several Halal restaurants of different kinds. You’ll find halal African, Middle Eastern, and even Italian foods. Don’t miss out on these places next time you find yourself in Honolulu!

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