Live a Healthy Life and Try Out These Seven Gluten Free Restaurants in Phoenix

Do you want to eat healthier one step at a time? If so, check out these seven gluten free restaurants in Phoenix today!

There are so many different reasons why you should try to eat gluten free. While some think that it may affect the food you eat and not make it as good, it actually comes with a lot of health benefits and can be pretty tasty! With health benefits such as improving energy levels, gaining weight in a healthy way, reduces joint pain, reduces headaches, reduces depression, and so much more. With all of these fantastic benefits to eating gluten free, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t at least try it out, but where in Phoenix should you go to try out some of the best restaurants in town? Well, look no further because we found the top seven best gluten free restaurants in and around Phoenix to try out today!

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Gluten Free Creations Bakery

Try out this gluten free and wheat free bakery that’s been successful since 2001!

We know you got a sweet tooth, so try out some of these amazing bakery options at Gluten Free Creations Bakery today! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

10880 North 32nd Street | Phoenix |

Do you have a sweet tooth and are craving some tasty donuts with sprinkles, a bagel with cream cheese, or want to pick up a cake for someone’s birthday? If you want to experience gluten free food on a whole new level, then you need to try out Gluten Free Creations Bakery and all of the tasty sweets they have to offer!

Open since 2001, Gluten Free Creations Bakery is the perfect place to get some healthier sweets made completely without gluten. They have some tasty options like bagels, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, buttermilk biscuits, maple walnut scones, banana bread, and so much more! If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth today, make sure to check out Gluten Free Creations Bakery today!

“I personally am not gluten free, and I have tried the cinnamon coffee cake which was very good and the peanut butter cookies which are excellent and some of the best cookies I have ever eaten.” - Yelp Review

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Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen

Check out this restaurant that features organic pizza and pasta options!

Want to indulge into some tasty gluten free pizza? If so, make sure to try out Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen today! Image courtesy of Picazzo’s. 

4669 East Cactus Road | Phoenix |

There’s nothing better than pizza and pasta made from the hands of chefs at an Italian restaurant. We know this is what you’re craving, so why not try out Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen and try out their gluten free options for pizza, pasta, and more! Named the best gluten free restaurant in all of Phoenix, their food is all made homemade with some of the freshest ingredients where it’s authentic to Italian cuisine as possible. 

Well, first off, when you come to Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen, you have to try out their award-winning gluten free pizza, and then you should try some of their other dishes like baked brie, avocado toast, italian chopped salad, caesar salad, classic mac n’ cheese, and so much more! There’s going to be something at Picazzo’s Healthy Italian Kitchen that you will  fall in love with, so try them out today!

“Sometimes healthy means kale on everything.  Not here - they have taken Pizza to a level that makes it no longer a guilty pleasure - but still absolutely fantastic.” - Yelp Review

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Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe

Named the best gluten free bakery in Phoenix, try out all of their tasty food options!

Try out Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe for some of the best baked goods and other savory food options in Phoenix! Image courtesy of Postmates. 

4041 East Thomas Road | Phoenix |

Want to go to the “Best Gluten Free Bakery” in all of Phoenix? If you said yes to this question, then you need to try out Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe today! They serve brunch every single day using locally sourced products and they also serve Local Post coffee, and even have dairy-free options for their coffee and so much more.

We know you’re dying to know what kind of food that Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe has to offer, and let’s start off by saying that their chicken and waffles are some of the best in Phoenix! They also offer Nashville hot chicken, french toast, kale chips, popcorn chicken and so much more, and it’s all 100% gluten free. Sounds good right? Make sure to try our Jewel’s Bakery and Cafe today!

“Pretty sure I've died and this is heaven. Amazing food and service. We drove about a half hour for the food and we aren't sorry. Til next time!” - Yelp Review 

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The Old Spaghetti Factory

Enjoy this family-friendly restaurant that serves tasty spaghetti with a lot of gluten free options!

Enjoy a bowl of gluten free spaghetti when you stop byt The Old Spaghetti Factory today! Image courtesy of Postmates. 

1418 North Central Avenue | Phoenix |

Are you in the mood for lots of different spaghetti options when you are going out to eat? Well, have no fear, because we found The Old Spaghetti Factory and all of their gluten free options for you to enjoy today! First established in 1969, The Old Spaghetti Factory has been the perfect place to enjoy a delicious bowl of pasta, and they even have a gluten free menu too.

We’re sure that you’re curious to know what kind of gluten free options that The Old Spaghetti Factory has to offer, so here are some of the best they have. With a selection of chicken piccata, spinach and cheese ravioli, chicken alfredo, balsamic vinaigrette salad, and much more, you’ll be able to find lots of stuff that is gluten free and tastes delicious. Try out The Old Spaghetti Factory today!

“We had excellent service, excellent food and we very much enjoyed the variety of décor!! There are so many unique areas of this HUGE restaurant and so much beauty to take in as you enjoy your food!!” - Yelp Review 

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Pita Jungle

Come here to enjoy vegetarian and vegan food options, along with a lot of gluten free options as well!

Enjoy a lot of gluten free options at a greek restaurant called Pita Jungle! Image courtesy of Phoenix New Times. 

4340 East Indian Road | Phoenix |

Are you in the mood for some tasty Greek dishes? If so, try out Pita Jungle and the gluten free options that they have to offer! This restaurant is known for its pita wraps, burger,s pizzas, and pretty much anything else you can think of. With a little bit of everything, Pita Jungle is the perfect place to go to for something delicious and healthy!

If you’re wondering what kind of gluten free options that Pita Jungle has to offer, you’re in luck because we’re here to help you! They offer hummus with grilled chicken, blue corn nachos, a spinach four cheese quesadilla, a Mediterannean roasted chicken shawarma bowl, and so much more. Make sure to stop by Pita Jungle today for some great food and a great time with family and friends. 

“Pita Jungle has tasty healthy food & are consistent with the taste & service. Definitely worth a visit!!” - Yelp Review 

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The Herb Box

Experience a country setting with a delicious gluten free food selection!

If you want some tasty American food in a fun country setting, make sure to stop by The Herb Box today! Image courtesy of The Herb Box. 

7051 East 5th Avenue | Scottsdale |

We know you want to indulge in some of the best food in all of Phoenix, so why not try out The Herb Box in Scottsdale! The Herb Box is a cute, country-style restaurant that serves innovative takes on American dishes that everybody loves. With using produce, hormone free natural meats, and even free range eggs to make all of their dishes, The Herb Box strives to give their customers exceptional food that is not only delicious, but healthy as well. 

Are you curious to know what The Herb Box has to offer you on your visit there today? Well, they got some amazing gluten free dishes such as Korean fried cauliflower, urban market steak salad, butternut squash and corn enchiladas, market street short rib tacos, and even blackened grilled beef tenderloin. We know you’re anticipating coming to The Herb Box because of their tasty food, so why not stop by today!

“The Herb Box always comes through when we are visiting Scottsdale Arizona. Their ingredients are so fresh, organic and well executed. If you're ever in the area wondering where to go and eat I would highly recommend this restaurant.” - Yelp Review 

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MAD Greens

Start eating healthy with some tasty salads, soups, and wraps!

There’s nothing healthier than some delicious wraps, salads, soups, and other tasty options when you stop at MAD Greens! Image courtesy of MAD Greens. 

1515 North 7th Avenue | Phoenix |

Are you prepared to try the most delicious salads, wraps, soups, and grain bowls of your life? Well, you better be because MAD Greens is here to bring you some of the best gluten free food options in all of Phoenix! MAD Greens is known for being unique when it comes to eating healthy with giving their customers lots of different ways to customize whatever they decide to get.

MAD Greens is a great place to come to for lots of different customizable options when it comes to their food. With options such as a cobb salad, a spicy avocado hummus wrap, caesar salad, and even a BLT wrap, there are lots of different gluten free options to choose from, and you can even switch ingredients out to make it even healthier. We know that MAD Greens sounds like a healthy treat, so why not stop by today!

“What better place to try than MAD Greens! This place is Seriously Fresh! They make their own dressings and their own croutons. I'm enjoying the TyCobb and it is DELICIOUS!” - Yelp Review 

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Eating gluten free can be fun after all! After listing these seven different restaurants in Phoenix that serve gluten free options, we know that you can eat healthy and still eat a lot of your favorite foods. If you want to try changing your life for the better, then we hope we were able to get you on the right foot with these amazing restaurants.

Is there a gluten free restaurant in Phoenix that we didn’t mention, but you love? Let us know in the comments!

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