7 Places Where You Can Find the Best Tacos in Phoenix

In the mood for some tacos? Check out these popular taco spots that locals love.

Phoenix’s food scene has exploded over the past few years. One of the results of this boom is the wide variety of taco spots you can now find in the city. Whether you are looking for a low-key spot for a quick lunch or an upscale restaurant for Happy Hour, you can easily find a restaurant that suits your needs. In our latest article, we’re reviewing the top 7 spots in Phoenix with the best tacos. 

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1. Ta Carbon

Laid back Mexican restaurant offering a wide selection of authentic dishes at a low price

Ta Carbon serves some of the best tacos in Phoenix. Image courtesy of Yelp

2929 N 43rd Ave. | Phoenix | tacarbon.com

Located inside a laid back, no-frills building, Ta Carbon will surprise you with its savory and authentic Mexican dishes. The restaurant’s extensive menu offers classic Mexican dishes like the Carne Asada Burrito, Tripas, Caramelos, and Al Pastor Tacos. A salsa bar is also available for guests who want to spice up their dishes. Feeling thirsty? Treat yourself to a bottle of Mexican soda or some Bud Light. Both indoor and outdoor seating is available, making it the perfect spot to dine out whenever you’re hungry. 

“The food at Ta Carbon is delicious, authentic Mexican food. The staff was super friendly and the food was packed with so much flavor. Reminded me of the local food we had in Cancun. Also, the restaurant had good cleanliness procedures including providing and ensuring guests used disposable gloves when handling using the condiment bar.” - Yelp Review

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2. Taco Chelo

Craft cocktails and savory tacos served inside a rustic, artsy dining area

Tacos, quesadillas, and more classic Mexican dishes are served at this popular restaurant. Image courtesy of Yelp.

501 E Roosevelt St. | Phoenix | tacochelo.com

Taco Chelo boasts a chic and trendy dining room worthy of capturing and pinning to your Pinterest board. By seamlessly blending their appreciation for both the culinary and visual arts, Taco Chelo’s head chef creates an unforgettable dining experience that leaves guests ready to come back for more. 

On the menu, you can find classic Mexican dishes such as the Beef Barbacoa Tacos, Chorizo Torta, and El Jardin Salad. If you just came for the tacos, you’ll be satisfied with the extensive selection they offer. As for drinks, Taco Chelo offers craft cocktails, wine, beer, and tequila flights. 

“Love this taco shop in downtown Phoenix! We have been coming here ever since our move. It has been one of our favorite spots for fish tacos. Before Covid, we were able to dine in this hip spot with cool decor all around. The ambience has that artsy feel that I adore and makes the experience so much more.” - Yelp Review

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3. Carolina’s

Vibrant eatery serving up delicious Sonoran fare inside a cool, laid back atmosphere

Pictured above is the # Combo. This popular plate is perfect for filling you up! Image courtesy of Yelp.

1202 E Mohave St. | Phoenix | carolinasmexicanfood.com

Carolina’s is another great spot if you’re looking for somewhere casual to kick back and relax. While you probably won’t find as many guests taking photos of their meals for Instagram, you will definitely see plenty of happy people enjoying some delicious tacos. 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served at this popular Mexican spot. Whether you are craving a simple chorizo and egg breakfast or a hearty shredded beef chimichanga, you can find all of this and more at Carolina’s. 

“Best Mexican food in the city. Best takeout. The only problem with take out is you can't eat it fast enough unless you eat in your car. Can't wait for them to open back up. It's such a humble place, but that's the charm of eating there. Green or red machaca is fantastic. Chimis are amazing...beans are so good, you can just plow them into your face with a spoon. Great tortillas, great tacos, and their salsa is like liquid gold.” - Yelp Review

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4. Barrio Cafe

Lively and colorful Mexican eatery offering over 200 tequilas

Guests love the fish tacos, which are filled with fresh pieces of lightly breaded fish, avocado, and lettuce. Image courtesy of Yelp.

2814 N 16th St. | Phoenix |  barriocafe.com

Since 2002, hungry residents have flocked to Barrio Cafe for its delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine. Many of Barrio Cafe’s signature Mexican dishes have been recognized regionally and nationally for their unique and fresh flavors. Some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes include the Cochinita Pibil and Chiles en Nogada. Along with its famous dishes, the restaurant is also known for its regular live music nights every Thursday through Saturday. 

“This place was voted the best Mexican restaurant in the country for a reason. I ordered to-go but the restaurant is beautiful. Customer service was top notch. I ordered the Cochinita Pibil Oaxaca Taco since the meat is their speciality. It was huge and absolutely phenomenally delicious. I couldn't finish it because it was too big and honestly over ate without even finishing it.” - Yelp Review

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5. La Santisima

Gourmet taco shop known for its beautiful dining room and savory cuisine

A small selection of vegan tacos are available at this popular cafe. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1919 N 16th St. | Phoenix | lasantisimagourmet.com 

La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop seeks to move away from people’s old perceptions of Tex-Mex food. Inspired by the stunning beaches and mountains found in Mexico, La Santisima aims to give guests a fun and rewarding cultural experience. Classic Mexican dishes including burritos, tacos, and quesadillas are all served in a colorful and vibrant dining area. 

If you came just for the tacos, you won’t be disappointed. La Santisima serves flavorful gourmet tacos like the Cabo Shrimp Taco and Oaxaca Black Mole Chicken Shark Taco. A full salsa bar is also available for livening up your tacos and adding some extra flavor to them. 

“The food is always spot on and the service is superb for a casual restaurant such as this. I love the fish taco plate, my boyfriend ALWAYS gets the El Pastor Burrito (can't remember the name on the menu). They also have the best bean and cheese burrito called the Bullet...and I consider myself a bean and cheese connoisseur.” - Yelp Review

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6. Crujiente Tacos

Trendy and contemporary Mexican restaurant known for its creative tacos and extensive cocktail selection

The restaurant’s Korean Fried Chicken Taco placed first at the Arizona Taco Festival. Image courtesy of Yelp.

3961 E Camelback Rd. | Phoenix | crutacos.com 

Located along East Camelback Road, Crujiente Tacos is another popular spot in Phoenix for enjoying savory and authentic tacos. This modern neighborhood taqueria features an intimate and cozy dining space perfect for kicking back and relaxing with loved ones. 

Crunchy beef, Korean fried chicken, pork belly, and seared shrimp are just some of the delicious meats you can find in the restaurant’s famous crunchy tacos. Along with its extensive selection of street-style tacos, Crujiente also offers Latin-inspired dishes and shareable small plates perfect for sharing. 

“These. Tacos. Are. Amazing. If you haven't stopped at CRUjiente Tacos before, you are missing out! I would call these specialty tacos for sure - they utilize super unique ingredient combinations like kimchi, curry, and various aiolis. They are larger than a typical "street taco" but small enough that you get 3 per order. I'd recommend sharing and swapping with whoever you're with so you can try more of them!” - Yelp Review

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7. Tacos Jalisco

Fresh house made tacos served inside a spacious dining area

Share a plate of the Carne Asada Tacos with some friends. Image courtesy of Yelp

3060 N 68th St. | Scottsdale | tacosjaliscoscottsdale.com

Located nearby in Scottsdale is Tacos Jalisco. This casual, no-frills restaurant serves some of the best tacos in the state. All of the dishes are made from scratch using only the freshest ingredients. All of the beans are also made from scratch using ingredients imported from Mexico. Not in the mood for tacos? This popular restaurant also serves classic Mexican dishes including burritos, quesadillas, taquitos, and more. Inside, you’ll find plenty of space to sit down and relax with your friends. 

“First time here and I was so happy we tried this place. All staff, including the cooks in the back were wearing masks and gloves, which immediately put me at ease. My order was ready in ten minutes. As in I called and immediately left and it was ready when I got there! We ordered chips & salsa, #10 (combo: beans, rice, cheese quesadilla, and carne asada taco). I am absolutely in love with their carne asada taco — this is the dream taco.” - Yelp Review

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What restaurants do you plan on visiting next? Let us know in the comments!

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