Get Your Fortune Read When You Stop At These Seven Chinese Restaurants in Portland

Sometimes there’s nothing better than that Chinese food you’ve been craving for dinner. Check out these top seven Chinese restaurants in Portland today!

We all know that there is one type of food that is easily craveable at any time of the day. Can you guess what it is? Chinese food of course! With lots of delicious options to choose from, this can be a favorite option among many people when it comes to dining out or even just getting takeout. Are you in Portland, Oregon and looking for the best Chinese restaurant to go to? Here are the top seven Chinese restaurants to check out today!

Main image courtesy of Postmates. 

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Szechuan Chef

An all-you-can-eat section is located inside of this restaurant. Can’t get any better than that!

Make sure to check out Szechuan Chef for all of your Chinese food favorites! Image courtesy of Zomato. 

7007 W Macadam Avenue | Southwest Portland |

Do you want a place that does everything? Like takes reservations, does takeout, offers outdoor seating, and even an all-you-can-eat section? Then you need to stop by Szechuan Chef in Portland today! Szechuan Chef is the perfect place to go to for all of your Chinese favorites, such as tofu, pork belly, egg rolls, sesame chicken, orange chicken, lo mein, chow mein, and so much more. If you’re craving a large variety of Chinese delectables, then you need to go to Szechuan Chef today!

“I ordered takeout from here one night for dinner, and the food definitely satisfied my Chinese food craving! We ordered chow mein, Mongolian beef, stir fry shrimp, and stir fry chicken. They come in good portions so you can do family style.” - Yelp Review 

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Shandong Restaurant

A modern setting where they offer you hand-pulled noodles is as unique as it gets!

Shandong Restaurant offers your favorite traditional Chinese favorites in a modern, one-of-a-kind setting! Image courtesy of Yelp. 

3724 NE Broadway Street | Hollywood |

Dive deep into one of the best Chinese restaurants to go to in all of Portland, Shandong Restaurant. With a unique name comes a unique dining atmosphere, where Shandong Restaurant offers you exquisite dining with some of your favorite Chinese dishes in a modern, more contemporary setting. Offering you some tasty cuisine such as pot stickers, Shandong beef, Mongolian beef, sesame beef, shrimp dumplings, and so much more, you’ll enjoy everything that this place has to offer. Check out Shandong Restaurant in Portland today!

“We have made this a regular take out place. I love the Chile green beans, the moo shu and the steamed dumplings. It's very tasty!” - Yelp Review

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China Star

Want Chinese food on a budget? This restaurant will perfectly fit your budget!

If you want to enjoy Chinese food, but you’re on a budget, don’t worry because China Star has you covered! Image courtesy of Postmates. 

2825 SE 122nd Avenue | Powellhurst-Gilbert |

We read your mind and know what you’re craving, but it comes at a cost. A budget-friendly cost that is! If you’re looking for some deliciously cheap Chinese food that still takes impeccable, then you need to check out China Star in Portland today. China Star is the perfect place to go to because of its delicious takes on traditional Chinese dishes that everybody loves at an affordable price that makes it even better. From orange chicken, general tso’s chicken, pan fried noodles, pot stickers, wonton soup, and so much more, you can enjoy all of your favorite Chinese goodies right at China Star in Portland. Check them out today!

“Five stars for not only being a fast, reliable source of inexpensive comfort food, but for doing their best to keep people safe who come in to pick up their order.” - Yelp Review 

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New Happy Fortune

Are large portions of food the most important thing to you? Make sure to check out this restaurant’s portion sizes!

Just like their portions, New Happy Fortune’s food has a big flavor as well that you need to try out ASAP! Image courtesy of USA Restaurants.

2145 NE 82nd Street | Northeast Portland | 

If the most important thing about going out to eat is having large portions that you can eat for leftovers as a whole other meal is perfect. We know you’re craving Chinese food too, so make sure to stop into New Happy Fortune today for some of the best Chinese dishes ever with not only big portions, but huge flavor too. New Happy Fortune offers some of your favorite Chinese cuisine such as orange chicken, pork fried rice, BBQ pork, chicken lo mein, mongolian beef, and even pot stickers. This place is one you have to check out, so make sure to stop by New Happy Fortune today!

“Food is delicious, super fresh, hot and wonderful service. Def recommend! Lots of options and there's not many places around here that offer combo plates!” - Yelp Review

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Kung POW!

Get a big kick of flavor whenever you stop at this popular Chinese restaurant!

If you want to experience a place that is full of flavor and deliciousness, there’s no other place to go to than Kung POW! Image courtesy of Portland Mercury. 

500 NW 21st Street | Alphabet District |

If you want to go to a restaurant where their name shows as much force as their flavor does, then you need to check out Kung POW Today! Kung POW is a popular Chinese restaurant that is known for its delicious traditional Chinese favorites, such as hot and sour soup, honey fried dried beef, soy curl chow mein, zhen bang chicken, sweet and sour chicken, and so much more. There’s nothing more delicious than diving deep into what Kung POW has to offer, so make sure to check them out and get your kung fu on once you try these kicking flavors!

“Everything was great, but my absolute favorites were the fish balls with that amazing thick curry sauce and the soy curl noodles. I would come back for those items and try some of their other offerings too.” - Yelp Review

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Golden Horse Seafood Restaurant

Enjoy family-style dishes at this restaurant with big portions in a big setting!

Try out Golden Horse Seafood Restaurant for some big flavors with some awesome family-sized portions! Image courtesy of Postmates.

238 NW 4th Avenue | Chinatown | 

Do you enjoy getting family-sized portions that can feed you and a few of your friends, or do you just want more for yourself? Either way, you can have these large portions whenever you stop at Golden Horse Seafood Restaurant in Portland today! Golden Horse Seafood Restaurant is the perfect place to go to for all of your classic Chinese favorites that you have been craving such as orange chicken, peking duck, BBQ pork fried rice, BBQ pork, honey walnut shrimp, and so much more. Stop by Golden Horse Seafood Restaurant for some tasty Chinese classics today!

“Everything was absolutely delicious and honestly (I know so basic but) their pork fried rice was heavenly. Also tried the orange chicken, sweet & sour pork, and honey walnut shrimp.” - Yelp Review 

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Good World Chinese Restaurant

Try out these lunch specials that feature Cantonese and Mandarian dishes at this restaurant!

Enjoy some tasty Chinese food classics whenever you stop by Good World Chinese Restaurant today! Image courtesy of Good World Chinese Restaurant.

5055 NE 122nd Avenue | Parkrose |

We know it’s coming to the end of our list and you want to make sure that you can try out all of the great Chinese restaurants in Portland, and the last one we have to recommend is Good World Chinese Restaurant! They offer some spectacular lunch specials where they include Cantonese and Mandarian Chinese dishes for you to explore and enjoy. They offer some of the tastiest dishes to eat such as BBQ pork buns, chicken lo mein, sizzling chicken, pork shew, Mongolian chicken, and so much more. Come check out Good World Chinese Restaurant today!

“Our current local favorite among Americanized Chinese restaurants in NE Portland, Goodworld is consistently above the bar in terms of quality, portion size, cleanliness of the restaurant, and wait time from order to table.” - Yelp Review 

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Chinese food is a type of food that you could be craving whenever and wherever. The slightest thought of it will have you thinking about it all day. If you just have to satisfy your Chinese cravings, then look no further than these top seven restaurants in Portland that you will definitely keep coming back to!

Is there a Chinese restaurant in Portland that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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