Keep Date Night in the Comfort of Your Own Home at These Restaurants Around Phoenix That Deliver

You could put on actual pants to go out and enjoy a meal at a restaurant, but why not get cozy in your PJs and order in?

There’s nothing wrong with dressing up (or even just throwing on some nice jeans and a sweater) to go out to eat, but sometimes you just don’t want to go to the effort. On those days, you might find yourself wondering if you should just suck it up and cook something or opt for takeout instead. 

If you’re already not in the mood to simply get dressed for a meal out, we reckon you might choose to go with the latter instead. And when you do, the only thing better than not having to put on nicer clothes to go out in public is to have the food delivered directly to your door. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best restaurants in Phoenix that will deliver to you.

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Vegan House

Who said that summer rolls couldn’t be packed with tofu? We beg to differ! Image courtesy of Vegan House Instagram

20 W Adams St | Downtown |

Vegans deserve delivery, too. If you’re in the market for a restaurant that will deliver strictly vegan food right to your front door, look no further than Vegan House where the menu is catered specifically towards what you really do want to put into your body.

More specifically, their menu has been curated to tie together a fusion of Asian cuisine favorites by using all of the flavorful spices and vegetable-based ingredients with none of the meat or other animal products you might typically find at similar restaurants. 

They only opened up shop about four years ago, but since then, their mission has remained steadfast: provide Phoenix with high quality vegan food using traditional Asian flavors to bring about a healthier lifestyle for everyone around.

Whether you’re in the mood for dumpling curry or orange tofu, they have a wide array of Asian flavors infused into their dishes, and they only use plant-based ingredients!

“Delicious Thai flavors. Prices are quite reasonable and the food is delicious! We read reviews about the green curry dumplings and thought they were so yummy. The soy chicken with orange sauce is addictive.” - Yelp Review

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Saba’s Mediterranean Kitchen

Whether it’s Mediterranean or Middle Eastern or a combination of both, the food Saba’s Mediterranean Kitchen delivers to your door will have you drooling at the first whiff. Image courtesy of Saba’s Mediterranean Kitchen Instagram

4747 E Bell Rd | Tatum Point |

If you’re looking for a restaurant that will deliver food to you that is both unique and diverse, boy have we got one for you. With a menu featuring cuisines from the likes of Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Iraq, Morocco, and even Israel, you won’t find a restaurant with a better fusion of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine than Saba’s Mediterranean Kitchen.

Owned and operated by a first generation natural born U.S. citizen, his wife, and his two immigrant parents, the food here is an homage both to his parents’ roots and his own travels around the world in previous years.

With a rich family history and plenty of stories to be told, this definitely isn’t only a place you’ll want to order delivery from, but it will work in a pinch. When you have the chance, stop by to dine in the restaurant and ask them about where their family comes from!

“You guys, the flavors in their dishes are absolutely incredible! We started with a dip and pita trio and got their baba ganoush, tzatziki, and buffalo hummus. YUM!!! They were all amazing but baba ganoush for the win!” - Yelp Review

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Clever Koi

Imagine a world where the food delivered to your door looks just as good as it does in this bowl...well Clever Koi comes pretty dang close! Image courtesy of Clever Koi Instagram

4236 N Central Ave, Ste 100 | Turney |

You deserve to be treated like royalty at a restaurant, even when you’re just calling in to place an order for delivery. If you’re looking for a restaurant that won’t just provide you with some of the most delicious food in Phoenix, but also some of the best service, look no further than Clever Koi.

Here, they pride themselves on providing you with service that you’ll remember and sing the praises of for weeks to come. Like many restaurants around Phoenix, their culinary specialty is actually Asian fusion, with a keen interest in cuisines like Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. 

You may be wondering, then, what could really set this restaurant apart from the others - besides their above-and-beyond approach to service, that is. 

The answer: After providing you with the best possible customer service and most delicious flavors, their next mission is to create a beautiful presentation - which means this delivery will be Instagram-worthy even after it arrives

“Wow...I just had the best ramen! We placed a take-out order and the hostess was so nice and even offered a special they had...I can't wait to go and dine in the restaurant! Great job on the takeout and service!” - Yelp Review

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Matt’s Big Breakfast

While traditional breakfast foods are their main focus here, there’s no rule that says you can’t have a burger for breakfast - especially if there’s been an egg added to the top! Image courtesy of Matt’s Big Breakfast Instagram

825 N 1st St | Downtown |

If there’s any reason you might need further convincing that ordering delivery from Matt’s Big Breakfast will be one of the best decisions you make this week, Guy Fieri’s stamp of approval should probably do the trick. Though Matt’s only opened at their first location sixteen years ago, they have gained a devoted, almost cult-like following - and for good reason.

While their new location is big enough to help serve even more of their loyal customers than ever, it still has its limitations in terms of space, so delivery might even be the better option here (unless you’re prepared for a wait so you can experience the delicious food just as it comes out of the kitchen).

At Matt’s, they don’t even have a freezer - which means that everything they put in front of you is made with 100% fresh ingredients gathered on the day that you get their food. With breakfast served all day long, you can’t really go wrong with Matt’s no matter what time you get a craving.

“Delicious food and reasonable prices. Would highly recommend! I got the breakfast sandwich with a side of home fries and freshly brewed coffee.” - Yelp Review

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Taco Guild

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even match some of your favorite taco flavors to the seasons you associate with them best! Image courtesy of Taco Guild Instagram

546 E Osborn Rd | Central |

If you ever find yourself with a craving for tacos that just won’t go away but an inexplicable desire for something a little more authentic than what you could pick up at a Taco Bell drive thru, Taco Guild is home to some of the best tacos in all of Phoenix - and they’re more than happy to deliver those directly to your front door!

Whether you’re just in it for the tacos or you’d like to make a whole feast out of your order, they have a wide array of options for you to choose from. There are tacos (of course), but you can also start with some of their homemade green chile queso and end with their homemade churros if you’re especially in the mood for a fiesta. 

The restaurant itself is actually located inside an abandoned church, making it one of the most unique locations to grab a bite in all of Phoenix. Even if you just want to order in for this weekend, you’ll definitely want to be making a trip out to see the restaurant in person at one point or another!

“I love the queso dip and was super impressed by the large quantity. It took us 2.5 bowls of chips to get through it! The tacos and street corn were totally crave worthy. And I'll be dreaming about the margaritas!” - Yelp Review

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Ordering in doesn’t have to be nearly as stressful as it tends to be. All of the restaurants we mentioned above are well-known for providing exceptional service and even better food - delivered right to your door. Let us know which one helped make your night a little easier in the comments below!

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