In The Mood For Some Good Food? Here’s The Best Spanish Restaurants In Miami (Not Mexican)!

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It’s safe to say that Miami is a hotspot for so many fun activities and places to see, from the sandy white beaches and glistening blues of the water, to the shops, parks, and museums, you’ll find it hard pressed to be bored there. But one of the major things this vacation city has to offer is the restaurants. Miami has such a wide selection of different foods to experience, each one of them unique in its own right. Today however, we are here to discuss Spanish restaurants, and not just any Spanish restaurants, specifically non-Mexican ones. So settle yourselves in, and let’s talk about the best Spanish restaurants in Miami…(not Mexican of course).

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Graziano's Restaurant Bird Rd

Expect grilled meats, Argentinian flare, and a variety of delicious drinks!

Well presented food makes all the difference! Image courtesy of the Graziano’s Group Instagram page.

9227 SW 40th Street | Miami | 

They say that “Argentina is the Italy of South America,” and well, that explains exactly what Graziano’s is all about. Taking care of each other as much as the products, this restaurant is putting so much love and thought into everything they do, from the service to the kitchen. Their story started 30 years ago at a butcher’s shop in Bueno Aires, eventually this family made their way to America and with that opened up a place that serves the finest traditional flame-grilled steaks with other tasty foods ripe and ready for serving! 

Now Graziano’s has multiple locations all over the Florida area, but today we’re gonna talk about the Bird Road location, a perfect place to enjoy a family meal! On the menu they offer dinner, dessert, and drinks! 

Some of the food you can expect is their Albóndigas Salsa Marinara, Ricotta (meatballs, tomato marinara, whipped ricotta di pecora) appetizer, Graziano’s very own salad, Bife Del Carnicero For Two (a very special hand cut steak that’s limited!), and spinach and ricotta ravioli with a tomato sauce base. Graziano’s brings the flavor, while you bring the palate.

“As I wrote on my previous review, this place is a must visit for us when we visit Miami. Graziano's was spot on again! Delicious tender steaks, servers compared to none, makes this place a 5+ star restaurant. Graziano's we'll be back whenever visiting Miami!” -Yelp Review

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Versailles Cuban Bakery

A large, stylish, and charming eatery with baked goods and savory foods!

The sweets always look this…sweet! Image courtesy of the Versailles Bakery official website.

3501 SW 8th St | Miami | 

Felipe Valls opened Versailles Restaurant in 1971, his goal was to create a place where all families could eat high quality Cuban food at affordable places. With time and nourishment, Versailles Restaurant has become one of the most famous restaurants in Miami! Now with that success, a sister restaurant has been made, and it’s what you’re here for: Versailles Bakery! 

Now just as popular, Versailles Bakery is the place where all of that sweet-y goodness comes to fruition. Aside from the baked goods, this restaurant also has all the parts for a delicious casual Cuban breakfast! 

On the menu is a splendid spread of many different dishes, here’s just a taste of what you can expect when you head on over to Versailles Bakery:

Since there is plenty to enjoy, you can always order a variety of different types of foods so you can taste a bit of everything!

“DELICIOUS AND AUTHENTIC!!! Must try it during your visit to little Havana! We had cafecito of course, best coffee I've ever had! We had guava cheese cake, key lime pie and coquitos (these round coconut pastries)! Highly recommend this place!” -Yelp Review

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Pueblito Viejo

An open-late night hotspot offering Colombian foods and live music!

Colorful, bright, and fun. That's Pueblito Viejo. Image courtesy of the Pueblito Viejo Instagram page.

8285 SW 40th St | Miami | 

Pueblito Viejo was envisioned by Gonzalo Rodreiguez, the owner and creator of this true lively and spirited restaurant. Gonzalo’s ancestors, Colombian roots, and collection of beautiful International music his mother left him were all the main inspirations behind Pueblito Viejo. “Pueblito de mis cuitas, de casas pequeñitas, por tus calles tranquilas corrio mi juventud” is the line from the Columbian folk song that inspired the name, and since the beginning Pueblito Viejo has been one of the top family-friendly restaurants that serves authentic Colombian food and music.

Along with their full service bar, Pueblito Viejo has a top notch menu, with Ensalada, Flaquita, Gorditas, and Chiles Toreados appetizers, Sopa de Pescado, Sancocho de Costilla de Res, and Sancocho de Gallina soups. Vegetariano and Bandeja Carne entrees, sides, desserts, a drinks menu, kids menu, and plenty more not mentioned, Pueblito Viejo is a perfect place to get your authentic Colombian food and experience!

“Delicious food! Everything was great, the service is exceptional and the atmosphere is unique. We had the Bandeja Carne, bandeja carne with chicken, Soncocho de Gallina, and Chuzos de Pollo. All were great!” -Yelp Review

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El Palacio de los Jugos

A humble, yet comfortable outdoor stand that serves all things Cuban comfort food!

Fast food is always good if it’s Cuban! Image courtesy of the El Palacio De Los Jugos Instagram page.

5721 W Flagler St | Miami | 

The concept was simple, a takeaway joint that heavily featured three main things, Chicharrones, and freshly made natural juices and smoothies called Jugos, and Batidos. And in 1977 Alpolonia Bermudez created exactly that place, which is the well known El Palacio De Los Jugos! Alpolonia wanted to make sure that the people of Miami could experience the best Cuban dishes with her homemade recipes and locally sourced products. When she retired, her son took over the restaurant and continues her legacy to this very day!

Now El Palacio De Los Jugos has a lot on the menu, and writing that all down would be a lot to go through for you, so here’s a quick overview along with some of their most popular items: Pan con Bistec, Churrasco (Outside Skirt Steak), Sopa de Pollo, and Filete de Salmon. With many well prepared red meat, poultry, pork, fish, pastas, sides, rice dishes, sandwiches, and more!

Don’t forget their signature drinks too! Some of the shakes on the menu are Mamey, Fresa-Banana, and Papaya, while the smoothie section has things like Vainilla Cafe and Naranja-Pina! There’s plenty of other drink options, so even if you don’t get food, you can’t go wrong with a tasty cool drink at El Palacio De Los Jugos!

“The food was great. They gave overly large portions which meant food for days and made it worth the money. The juice was fantastic as well. There is a reason for their name being the palace of juice. They have all kinds of juices which are fresh and delicious.” -Yelp Review

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The Bazaar by José Andrés

Sleek, classy, and unique hotel lounge serving Spanish & Asian island tapas.

Inventing new bites to creative dishes is the Bazaar way! Image courtesy of The Bazaar by José Andrés Instagram page.

1701 Collins Ave #100 | Miami Beach | 

If you’re looking for a more “upscale” experience, then look no further than The Bazaar by José Andrés! Called an “extraordinary dining experience” this restaurant combines the culinary artistry of Michelin-starred chef José Andrés and the ThinkFoodGroup team. Each menu item is carefully crafted to make each “small-plate” dish stand out on its own but compliment each other well. 

At their Miami, FL location has a beachfront view and their menu makes sure to reflect that along with the ambience of the sleek-art deco-like style of the room. Now on the menu are multiple different sections, but their highlighted sections are called Singapore Connection and Spain Yesterday and Today. 

Singapore Connection offers Bao Con Lechón, a Chinese steam bun, pork belly and Kueh Pai Ti, Singapore’s favorite street food! While Spain Yesterday and Today offers Latas y Conservas and Ferrán Adriá Modern and Traditional Olive.

Of course there are plenty more on the menu, from soups, salads, starters, seafood, and more!

“Love eating outdoors here. The service is fantastic and the food has been consistently delicious each time I've dined here. I especially love the sliders, the paella, and even though I usually drink much, I really enjoy their cocktails! Definitely recommend!” -Yelp Review

Although this restaurant doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

Islas Canarias Restaurant

Serving Cuban classics all day in a modern casual, family friendly setting!

Food and wine stacked to serve at Islas! Image courtesy of the Islas Canarias Restaurant Instagram page.

13695 SW 26th St | Miami | 

Established in 1977, Islas Canarias Restaurant is a family owned and operated restaurant, with recipes being passed down through generations and preserved to the fullest standards, this place has been serving locals not just great food, but great service. With the finest ingredients, Islas Canarias Restaurant always makes sure to prepare the traditional plates of the family’s original recipes from Cuba to the top of the delicious scale. 

With Cuban and Spanish style dishes at the ready, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Islas Canarias Restaurant! Here’s a taste of the items you can get there:

appetizers, Langosta al Grill (Grilled Lobster), Rueda de Serrucho Frita (Fried Kingfish Steak), Fettuccine en Salsa Alfredo, Pollo Asado (Roasted Chicken), and plenty more all around!

“Best meal I had the entire time I was in Miami!  The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful with recommendations.  The food was perfectly cooked and super tasty.  Definitely recommend the croquettes for a delicious appetizer and Materva to drink!!!” -Yelp Review

Although this restaurant doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

Miami is known for their many many activities and sights, with all of that to experience, finding the best restaurants to enjoy good food is key to a good stay, these Spanish restaurants in Miami (not Mexican, of course) are just some of the amazing bites you can experience while you’re in town!


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