Good Things Come in Small Packages

How to Make Them Smile, With Just a Text

A newborn baby. Not just the cutest, but the smallest sized version of a human. Despite its size, it is without question the most universally loved and adored version of a human by those bigger humans that surround it.

You’ve heard the expression “good things come in small packages.” Isn’t it mostly true that things that have the most value or quality are small? The size of something doesn’t always properly reflect its value, as perfectly illustrated by a delightful little baby.

When it comes to gift giving, the same is true. It’s never the size of the gift, but the thought that’s been put into it, that counts.

Enter giftya.

You Made My Day

There aren’t many nicer feelings to experience than the excitement and happiness you feel from opening a gift. It just . . . makes you feel good.

That’s especially the case when you’re having one of those days—reaching out to friends to vent or laugh or cry about something that’s gone wrong in your day. 

Imagine that scenario. And within a few minutes of putting the phone down, a message appears from one of those friends with a $10 voucher and a message to “go and get yourself a coffee (or something stronger) and a slice of pie on me.” 

How do you feel now? Thankful? Nah, not strong enough. Overwhelmed? Yeah, that’s more like it. Why? Because you have 10 bucks to grab a coffee and a sweet? No. Because you’re being thought about.

Knowing that someone, somewhere, cares about you and is thinking about you is the best gift you can receive.  

With giftya, you can make someone’s day too.

Congratulations on Your Wedding! Here’s Another Set of Dish Towels. Love, Aunt Mavis.

Yeah, we know, we know. It’s the thought that counts. Aunt Mavis means well. 

But do you ever wish you could just be more specific with a gift? You know, something that the person actually wants or needs, instead of guessing and going with something they don’t?

See, the beauty of gift cards is just that. It allows the recipient to choose what they want or what they need. Then, whatever it is they buy, it’s still from you. But it means more. 

Because of instead of returning the fifteenth set of dish towels they received as a present to the store, they’re in there buying that pointless en-suite bathroom accessory that no-one will ever see.

“Sorry, Ma’am, You’ve Missed The Cut-off”

“You’re kidding. Now it’s gonna show up late and look like we forgot!” 

Don’t worry about it. giftya has got ya.

Is there anything more frustrating than being delayed? You know, traffic jams, flight departures or the time it takes for your dinner to cook when you’re hungry.

What about that card and gift that’s been sitting in the trunk of your car for days because you keep forgetting to go to the post office? 

Don’t let your best intentions and thoughtfulness be defeated!

Recent surveys suggest over a third of consumers prefer the electronic version of a gift card, and nearly half have bought a gift card using a mobile app.  

Send a gift in the moment, straight to a cell, safe in the knowledge it won’t be delayed by our—ahem—trusty postal system or forgotten in the back of your car gathering dust.

“Just Because”

Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, new job, passed your driving test, cat died, had a baby, moved house, I’m really sorry, graduation, thank you *inhales* (have we missed anything?).

These are all events that traditionally you’d get a card or gift for. No, Aunt Mavis, no more dish towels, please!

But what about those impromptu gifts? The ones you weren’t expecting. The ‘just because’ gift cards for your favourite coffee house. Someone’s thought of you. And it’s not because of those other reasons. They just sent you a gift. Because they wanted to. Or maybe even a friendly competition among friends.

Once upon a time, those impromptu gifts were lost in the mail sorting office. Or the pigeon got tired halfway across the state and decided to take your present to the Atlantic Ocean.

Now, with apps and tech and smartphones, instant ‘just because’ gifts are a thing. You can do them. Straight to the other person’s cell. No post. No pigeons. Just a personalised gift to tell your friend you’re thinking of them.

Good things come in teeny tiny packages. Text messages, to be exact. So next time you’re thinking about someone, why don’t you let them know? 

Ready to try it out? Download giftya today.

Or watch our “Sending a giftya” video to see exactly how it works.

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