Gifting In The Moment

During this time, we reflect on what we’re thankful for and try our best to give, more than receive. While gifting become the focus in the months of November and December, it’s important to consider it year-round and in the moment.

GiftYa is on a mission to help you accomplish that. With flexible gift options to local businesses or national restaurant chains, GiftYa can be a source of good will. Listed below a few scenarios in which you can useGiftYa to really embrace the meaning of thoughtful gifting. 

Scenario 1: For the friend who has fallen on hard times.

One night, reading status updates and looking at photos on Facebook, you happen upon a friend’s post which reads, it’s been an awful few weeks. Picking up the phone, you send her a text asking to meet up for coffee.

The next day, you meet up with your friend only to discover she recently lost her job. Although she’s been applying for a couple of weeks now, she hasn’t received a call back and is starting to worry.

You part ways with a hug and some word of encouragement. As you watch her head home, you grab your phone and send her a GiftYa to the grocery store a couple of blocks from her house. She receives a text notification saying she has a $50 GiftYa to claim. When she taps the link to claim it, a sweet picture of the two of you from high school appears with a note that says,

This week, groceries are on me. Make sure you pick up some popcorn. I’ll be over Friday night.

Scenario 2: To promote togetherness

Lately, your spouse’s work schedule has been crazy. While the overtime hours have been great for your bank account, the little to no time together has been hard on you both. One night, you stay up late to greet him when he gets home. Tired from a long day, he collapses onto the couch and looks at you with heavy eyes.

Sitting beside each other on the couch, you recall the last time you shared a nice meal together. It was about a year ago, when you went toMorton’s Steakhouse for his dad's birthday. It was the first time either of you had been here and you enjoyed the exceptional service and menu options. For weeks afterward, you talked about going back but then, never did.  

He gets up and starts getting ready for bed. You decide to stop talking about it and actually make it happen. Opening the GiftYa app, you enter Morton’s into the search bar. After choosing the denomination, you selecta wrapper adorned with hearts and type into the message field,

Non-negotiable date night next week. I can’t wait to have you all to myself.

Scenario 3: Just because

It’s been 7 months since you moved away from home. While you call your parents every week, you're still having a hard time adjusting to your new surroundings. One afternoon, walking through your neighborhood, you find a cozy bakery.  You stop in and discover they make the tastiest blueberries muffins that remind you of home.

During your weekly call with your mom, you tell her all about the bakery. You reminisce about the Saturday mornings you spent together baking in the kitchen. The fact that you remembered the family tradition brings a smile to your mom’s face. After the phone call you get a text inviting you to claim a $25 GiftYa to the bakery. When you go to claim the GiftYa, mom’s sweet message reads,

Until you’re able to come and visit, enjoy a muffin and always know that I'm thinking of you. Love, Mom.

In other words, experience the rush of gifting. You know what I’m talking about. That feeling of anticipation and joy you feel when get a friend or loved one a gift you know they’re going to enjoy.

What’s more, with GiftYa, you don’t have to worry about your recipient losing it or having to present something at the store. When you send a GiftYa, the recipient is invited to add it to their favorite payment card, like Visa or Mastercard. Once it’s added, all they have to do is use that payment card at the store or restaurant and like magic, it's credited for the amount you gave.

In short, GiftYa empowers you to give thoughtfully in the moment. Often times we say we’re going to send a card or token of affection, but then forget to or get wrapped up in something else. Actions speak louder than words. So, go on and spread a little cheer.

Written by Mary Koczan, Content Writer & Editor

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