Fulfill Your Cravings With the Best Pizza in San Antonio

There’s nothing better than enjoying some delicious, mouth watering pizza after a long hard day, or even as a reward for the long work week you had. It’s even a great go-to when you have guests come over and are hosting a party, or get together. What's even better is that you can customize your pizza with different toppings, sauces, and more to make it your very own! With San Antonio being such a big city, we know it may be intimidating to figure out which pizzeria to choose from, so we decided to break it down for you with the top seven best places to go to for a slice of pizza, or a whole pizza at that, in Alamo City!

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Big Lou’s Pizza


2048 S WW White Road


Welcome to the home of the 42-inch pizza, along with classic pastas, hoagies, and salads to enjoy!

Stop by today to experience Big Lou’s 42-inch pizza that could feed you, your family, friends, and more! Image courtesy of Texas Hill Country.undefined

What’s better than getting a large pizza for you and your family, but getting a 42-inch pizza instead! There’s no better place to go to than Big Lou’s Pizza for one of the most memorable pizza experiences of your life. Making award-winning for more than ten years, this local restaurant has been a favorite among the residents of San Antonio, and it offers more than pizza as well!

With Big Lou’s pizzas, you can get a 10-inch pizza, all the way up to a 42-inch pizza and you can choose how many and which toppings you want on it, such as pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, peppers, pineapple, and more! Big Lou’s also offers jumbo calzones, wings, salads, desserts, and much more. Stop by today to experience a pizza as good and delicious as Big Lou’s!

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“This place is always a crowd pleaser with my friends and family! Not only do they make a 42" pizza, but it is absolutely delicious! It is thin and greasy just like I prefer my pizza to be.” - Yelp Review

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Dough Pizzeria Napoletana - Home - San Antonio, Texas - Menu, Prices,  Restaurant Reviews | Facebook

Dough Pizzeria Napoletana


6989 Blanco Road

San Antonio

Dine in for some traditional Neapolitan pizza and even some housemade burrata!

Come to Dough Pizzeria Napoletana for some tasty Neapolitan pizza, and even some housemade burrata! Image courtesy of San Antonio Express-News.undefined

Are you in the mood for some traditional Neapolitan pizzas from one of the most popular restaurants in San Antonio? Why not try out Dough Pizzeria Napoletana for some of the best pizza made with fresh dough every day! Dough Pizzeria Napoletana uses farm fresh ingredients for all of their pizzas and cooks them all in a wood-burning oven at 800 degrees in only 90 seconds!

Dough Pizzeria Napoletana is the perfect place to go for any occasion where they offer many different kinds of pizzas, like margarita pizza, pepperoni, arugula and prosciutto, and their famous Pork Love pizza that was featured on The Food Network! They also offer their own homemade burrata, which is fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream that can be served as a sampler with crostinis or on your pizza! With all this good food, you need to stop down to Dough Pizzeria Napoletana and try out some of the best food Italy has to offer!

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“The tomato sauce on the pizzas is fresh and perfectly proportioned, the toppings are fresh, and the dough is amazing.  Soft and chewy while also being crisp and sturdy.” - Yelp Review 

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Maar’s Pizza and More


14218 Nacogdoches Road

San Antonio

Come here to host a party for any occasion and enjoy some pizza, sandwiches, salads, and more!

Stop by Maar’s Pizza and More to enjoy some pizza, wings, salads, and more in their party room that can be perfect to use for any occasion! Image courtesy of Yelp

There’s nothing better than some pizza, wings, salads, and pasta, so why not stop over to Maar’s Pizza and More and even rent out their party room that is perfect for any occasion! Since opening their doors in 2011, this family restaurant that is space themed has been the place to go to for good, freshly rolled out pizza dough and some beer to go along with your meal.
Maar’s Pizza and More features many different kinds of pizza, such as brisket pizza, galaxy supreme pizza, pepperoni, solar meat pizza, and more! They also offer many different kinds of appetizers that are space themed, such as alien fingers, which are hand breaded green beans served with ranch. They also offer fifteen different kinds of beer on tap surrounded by ten TV’s to keep you entertained, so stop by Maar’s Pizza and More for a good time!

“This has quickly become our favorite Pizza place in San Antonio. I'm from Upstate NY and it's been hard to find really good pizza here. Maars does it right, for sure!” - Yelp Review

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Il Forno


122 Nogalitos Street


Experience some tasty Neapolitan pizza pies made on wood-fired ovens in this comfortable and rustic restaurant!

There’s nothing more delicious than a fresh pizza made on a wood-fired oven, especially when it is at Il Forno! Image courtesy of Il Forno.

Have you ever thought about trying some Southern Italian neapolitan pizza? Look no further than Il Forno for some of the best wood-fired pizza in all of San Antonio! Il Forno is known for using some of the freshest ingredients from local farms in San Antonio to use on their pizzas that come with many different kinds of toppings!

Some of the best pizzas that Il Forno has are the americano pizza, which is your standard pepperoni pizza, the margherita pizza, the verdura pizza, which is their own veggie pizza, and much more! Il Forno also serves house salads, pesto potatoes with goat cheese, meatballs, antipasti, and other classic Southern Italian favorites. What are you waiting for? Stop by Il Forno today to test your taste buds on some of the best Italian food ever!

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“A great spot, ingredients seemed to be wonderfully sourced to form amazing food. Restaurant provides an amazing environment that I'm sure anyone could enjoy. I would definitely recommend it.” - Yelp Review

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Poppys Pizza


7115 Blanco Road

San Antonio

Test out this pizzeria, which is known for their thin crust pizza, pasta, subs, and more!

Try one of the top spots for pizza in San Antonio, known for its thin crust pizza, Poppys Pizza! Image courtesy of San Antonio Express-News.undefined

We know how much you love thin crust pizza, so why not check out Poppys Pizza, a hot spot in San Antonio for some of the best thin crust pizza ever! Not only is Poppys Pizza known for its thin crust pizza, but they are known for making the best New York-style pizza and wings in San Antonio!

Poppys Pizza, a family owned restaurant, serves classic pizza pies with many different meats, veggies, and more to choose from. They also have chicken pesto pizza, supreme, meat special, greek, veggie pizza, and even more to choose from. They also have crispy chicken wings, calzones, strombolis, pastas, subs, and even more! Sounds delicious right? Stop by Poppys Pizza and give their New York-style pizza and wings a try today!

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“Poppys popped up on my map for pizza, and this was the best decision ever. Let me tell you the pizza was amazing. The wings were some of the best I have ever had the opportunity of consuming. This place will always be on my list to visit when in the SA area.” - Yelp Review 

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Capos Pizzeria


16350 Blanco Road

San Antonio

Stop by this family-owned restaurant that serves up some delicious New York-style pizza!

Come by Capos Pizzeria today to try out some of the best New York-style pizza in San Antonio at this family-owned joint! Image courtesy of Yelp.

Are you really craving some New York-style pizza, but not sure where to get it? We recommend that you stop by Capos Pizzeria today for some of the best pizza in San Antonio! Capos Pizzeria is a family-owned restaurant that has won the 2019 Readers’ Choice Award for the best Buffalo, New York-style pizza, and have even won awards for their wings and subs.
Capos Pizzeria serves lots of classic pizzas that everyone loves, such as pepperoni, margherita, veggie, supreme, and their signature pizza, Nonna’s Tomato Pie, which is a traditional Sicilian pan pizza that is cut into square slices. They also serve lasagna, strombolis, calzones, award-winning wings and subs, and much more! With all this goodness, what better place to go to than Capos Pizzeria for the best New-York style pizza!

“This restaurant is soooo yummy and has such great customer service!! Their pizzas are so giant and delicious! Their prices are great too!” - Yelp Review 

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7701 Broadway Street

San Antonio

Experience this pizzeria that opened up in the 80s for some of the tastiest pizza in San Antonio!

Eat at Florio’s a family-owned restaurant that opened up in the 1980s for some of the best pizza around! Image courtesy of San Antonio Express-News. 

Are you just craving pizza and desperately need to have your fix right now? Look no further than Florio’s in San Antonio! Florio’s is the perfect spot for New York-style pizza and subs that originally set up shop in New Jersey, but eventually migrated down south to bring its flavor to the state of Texas. 

Stop by Florio’s today to get some classic Italian dishes, such as pepperoni pizza, white pizza, veggie pizza, and many more different flavors and combinations of pizza that you are looking for! Florio’s also offers subs, salads, and more to treat your taste buds to some of the best food around. Stop by Florio’s today for a pizza experience like never before!

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“Can pizza be too good? Yes, yes it can. My husband has been craving NY style pizza so we picked up from here last night. 15 minutes after ordering we had a DELICIOUS pepperoni pizza.” - Yelp Review 

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Pizza is one of the best comfort foods that anyone can ask for. Whether you worked a long, hard week, or you’re just in the mood for some delicious pizza, there is nowhere better to go than these seven best pizzerias in San Antonio! We hope we helped you narrow down where you want to go get pizza, but is there a restaurant that you like, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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