Spring Into Spring Roll Heaven at These Authentic Chinese Restaurants in San Antonio

From Traditional Cantonese to Sichuan to Peking Duck, You Can Find Some of the Best Chinese Cuisines Right in River City

Everybody gets a craving for Chinese food every now and then - but did you know that there are actually different styles of Chinese food for you to crave? Consider this: Are you craving something sweet or spicy? Do you want meat or something packed with veggies instead? Are you a fan of noodles? Depending on your answers to these questions, you might find yourself craving a type of Chinese food that extends far past the boxes we often put Chinese food into. Below, we’ve compiled a list featuring several different styles of Chinese fare at some of the best restaurants around San Antonio.

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Li’s Restaurant

Image courtesy of LI’s Restaurant Instagram

20330 Huebner Rd, Ste 106 | Stone Oak | lissichuansa.com

There is something undeniably appealing about a Chinese restaurant that refuses to compromise on what they value in order to appease a larger audience. If you’re looking for a restaurant that isn’t interested in sacrificing on authenticity in order to satisfy an American clientele, look no further than Li’s Restaurant.

Specializing in Sichuan style Chinese food, you’ll find that pretty much all of the food here has a bit of a spicy kick to it - but you can still find a few options on the milder side if you’re particularly sensitive to spicy food. With food that is cooked up with the perfect balance of spices, regulars here at Li’s are adamant that it really is one of the best Chinese restaurants in San Antonio.

Not only will you find that the food here is some of the absolute best that you can find in River City, but they also offer up some of the friendliest service you’ll find around here. While many Chinese restaurants may be able to satisfy your cravings, significantly less of them can do so while making you feel like you’re right at home.

“This is a foodie's place!  Nothing on the menu has been Americanized. Authentic northern Chinese food. Spicy garlicky and savory. The dumplings are handmade. Definitely try the spicy wonton. For the more American palate, try the seafood crispy rice.” - Yelp Review

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Ding How Restaurant

Caption. Image courtesy of Ding How Restaurant Instagram

4531 NW Loop 410 | Leon Valley | dinghowsa.com

There’s more that goes into creating an authentic Chinese restaurant than putting all of your energy into the food. The food is important, yes, and you’ll absolutely find that they’ve put a great deal of consideration into their menu here at Ding How Restaurant, but they’ve put considerable effort into creating an ambiance inspired by Chinese culture as well.

Known alternatively as “the restaurant on stilts, Ding How restaurant isn’t just another hole-in-the-wall Chinese joint you’ll find on every street in any city. 

With an edifice styled to reflect some of the most beautiful traditional Chinese architecture known in history, as well as an interior imbued with symbols of good luck and fortune throughout China, this is truly an experience like no other.

Stop in to try a bite of their fan favorite orange chicken, and crab rangoons in all of their glory. On your way out the door, don’t forget to rub the head of the jade elephant in the foyer for a stroke of good luck!

“Our FAVORITE Chinese restaurant ever! Great service, fast service and the food is so reasonably priced for the large servings you get. My favorite is the chicken with mixed veggies, fried rice with either an egg roll or crab Rangoon.” - Yelp Review

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Kim Wah Chinese BBQ

Caption Image courtesy of Pixabay

7080 Bandera Rd | Bandera Heights | facebook.com

If there’s anything that should appeal to a born and raised Texan, it’s Chinese food that has been combined with something you know and love - barbeque! 

Of course, the concept of a barbeque is done a little differently on the other side of the world, but if you’re looking for a restaurant that will offer you the perfect opportunity to wade into new culinary waters, Kim Wah Chinese BBQ is the place for you.

From Peking Duck to barbequed pork, you’ll find options here to satisfy all of your BBQ cravings. That being said, if you’re less into the barbeque side of this restaurant and more into the traditional Chinese fare, they’ve got some of that as well!

They even have an entire side of their menu dedicated to Chinese options that have been Americanized if you’re bringing along some friends who are on the pickier side when it comes to foods from around the world. 

“This is by far the best Chinese food I've had! Skip the front of the menu and go straight to the authentic menu. Try anything there and you will not be disappointed.” - Yelp Review

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China Inn

Caption Image courtesy of Pixabay

2241 NW Military Hwy | Castle Hills | facebook.com

Sometimes you just need a Chinese restaurant that sticks to your comfort zone and does so exceptionally well. While there are quite a few places around San Antonio that do specialized Chinese fare just as well, if you’re in the market for a Chinese restaurant that ticks all of the boxes of what you’d expect to find, you’ll definitely want to try China Inn.

Located just off of Military Highway in Castle Hills, China Inn is pretty far north as far as Chinese restaurants in San Antonio go, but if you’re willing to make the trip out for some truly delicious Chinese food, this is the place to be. 

Try their egg rolls to experience some of the best pork and cabbage in all of River City, and if you’re on the hunt for some of the best General Tso’s chicken you can find, reviewers of this restaurant often say that theirs is one of the hardest to beat. Being located a little off the beaten path doesn’t mean a trip here won’t be worth it.

“Wow. This is my new favorite Chinese restaurant. Fantastic service. Delicious food. Good prices. Huge portions. Free crispy wonton strips and dessert (orange slices and a sesame ball). They even gave me a calendar for the new year!” - Yelp Review

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Lucky Noodle House

Caption Image courtesy of Facebook

8525 Blanco Rd | Castle Hills | facebook.com

While most people probably think of things like chicken or pork slathered in unique Chinese sauces when they think of a classic Chinese restaurant, that, in fact, isn’t all that they're known for over in China. If you’re familiar with other dishes that you can find at virtually any restaurant, such as lo mein, then you know that chefs in china also do noodle pretty darn well.

Here at Lucky Noodle House, you’ll find some of the best noodles in all of San Antonio - and they’re all homemade! Whether you’re treating yourself to some traditional lo mein or you prefer noodles in broth with all of the delicious spices that’ll add just the kick you need, the noodles here at Lucky Noodle House really are some of the best in River City.

If you like them long and stringy, they have some of those; and if you like them short and robust, they also have some of those. You definitely won’t want to miss out on this slice of noodle heaven when you’re in the Castle Hills area.

“For my cravings of Chinese noodle soup, this place is ultimately legit. They're perfectly chewy noodles are a great complement for the perfectly savory broth they provide in their soup. I got the lamb soup and it was perfectly seasoned and made spicy.” - Yelp Review

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Sichuan House

Caption Image courtesy of Sichuan House Instagram

3505 Wurzbach Rd, Ste 102 | Leon Valley | sichuaneats.com

Surprisingly, there is no shortage of Chinese restaurants amidst the beer and barbeque of texas, but if you want to find the ones that truly stand out above the rest, you have to dig a little deeper than you might normally. Sichuan House might be tucked away in Leon Valley, but they still offer up some of the absolute best Chinese food in all of San Antonio.

With Sichuan in the name, you can probably guess exactly what kind of Chinese food they serve up at this particular restaurant, but if there’s one thing the folks here at Sichuan House want you to know, it’s that the reputation Sichuan food has for being spicy isn’t entirely true. Rather, Sichuan is a particular style of Chinese cooking.

You will, of course, find an abundance of spicy options to gorge yourself on here, but they’ve also made sure to include enough mild options to satisfy people who can’t withstand as much heat - so you’ll have something to enjoy here either way!

“OMG that's all I have to say. We ordered the spicy wonton soup, spicy green beans, spicy crunchy chicken, spicy chicken lo mein, and the numbing beef dry pot. We didn't go wrong with any of their delicious options!” - Yelp Review

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Chinese cuisine isn’t some kind of one-size-fits-all fare that will look the same at every single restaurant. Let us know which Chinese restaurant surprised you the most with different flavors and dishes in the comments below!

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