Find the Best Restaurants that Cater in Atlanta For Any Gathering You Have

It can be difficult to find the best restaurants that cater, but in Atlanta, there are plenty. Check out the top seven restaurants that cater in Atlanta today!

Whenever you’re hosting an event of any kind, it is essential to have food there. No matter what kind of food you have, you can guarantee that it will be a hit among the guests that are there because food is what really gets the party going. You can get all different kinds of food for any occasion, but where to get it can be the next difficult part about it. If you’re in Atlanta looking for the best restaurants that cater, we have you covered with the top seven best today!

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Kenley’s Catering and Restaurant

Enjoy a buffet of American comfort classics that you won’t stop eating!

There’s nothing better than some delicious American comfort food, so pick Kenley’s Catering and Restaurant today! Image courtesy of Uber Eats. 

75 Piedmont Avenue NE | Downtown |

When you think about the deliciousness that comes from a cheeseburger, or the heat coming from some traditional buffalo chicken wings, and the crispiness from french fries, then you’ll love all of the goodness that comes from Kenley’s Catering and Restaurant! Located in downtown Atlanta, Kenley’s Catering and Restaurant is an American comfort food restaurant that offers some of the best dishes such as hot wings, baked chicken, spaghetti, chicken and waffles, onion rings, hot dogs, hamburgers, and so much more. Make sure to check out Kenley’s Catering and Restaurant today!

“This place is very good and inexpensive! They have many options to choose from. I ordered the chicken tenders and fries (basic, I know haha) but it was really good! Many people were ordering wings, so I assume that the wings are also really good! Also, the service is excellent!” - Yelp Review

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Catered food that is made from scratch every single day is the best for any occasion!

If you want some of the freshest and best buffet-style food for the event you’re hosting, make sure to try out Endive today! Image courtesy of Julita Catering. 

1468 Mecaslin Street NW | Atlanta |

If you’re looking for something different to provide a delicious, and fresh taste to a traditional buffet, then why not try out what Endive has to offer! Endive is a restaurant that also offers catering services with lots of bold flavors, and unique presentation that many people will enjoy if you cater through them. They offer dishes such as pork tenderloin, thai chicken wonton tacos, Korean BBQ roast, duck pizza, crab cakes, fried lobster tail, and so much more. Make sure to try out what Endive is all about today! 

“Took care of us, made us out of towners feel welcome. The food was amazing. We ordered salmon, crab cakes and lamb to share. I had Bourbon Lemon Drop which was different and great! If you are in Atlanta make sure to stop by!” - Yelp Review 

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DBA Barbeque

Delicious BBQ and homemade side dishes are perfect for any event gathering you’ll have!

If you’re looking for some delicious BBQ meals to try out, then you need to go to DBA Barbeque today! Image courtesy of

1190 N Highland Avenue | Virginia Highland |

There is nothing better than some delicious barbeque ribs, and some homemade sides to go along with it for a delicious combination of dishes that will water in your mouth as soon as the plate is set down in front of you. If you’re looking for something delicious, then why not get DBA Barbeque for an event you’re catering for! DBA Barbeque has all of your favorite, classic BBQ dishes, such as smoked wings, a smoked turkey BLT sandwich, a pulled pork sandwich, St. Louis Ribs, a chopped brisket sandwich, and so much more. Make sure to order DBA Barbeque for some delicious catering food that is perfect for any event today!

“My mom and I ordered our food. We had fried pickles as an appetizer. I ordered the pulled chicken plate with macaroni and cheese and collard greens with a side of cornbread. My mom ordered the ribs, potato salad, and baked beans. We reallyyyy enjoyed our food; definitely some of the best BBQ I've had in Atlanta.” - Yelp Review

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Carlyle’s Catering

Food for any time of the day can be made to cater a special event for you today!

Having a variety of food to choose from to cater your special event should be from Carlyle’s Catering for their variety of options! Image courtesy of LinkedIn. 

1500 Southland Circle | Atlanta |

We know what you could be looking for, specifically for your catering event, and that is a wide variety of many different foods for any type of day. Whether you need breakfast food, lunch food, dinner, food for a wedding reception, or whatever it may be, look no further than Carlyle’s catering that provides hot and tasty food that you’ll love. They have options such as lemon rosemary chicken, balsamic chicken, BBQ, a mix of different kinds of sandwiches, wraps, and so much more. Make sure to book Carlyle’s Catering for the event you’re planning today!

“Delicious Food, extraordinary customer service, great pricing! I just finished a luncheon catered by Carlyles and had to write this five-star review. The food was hot and steamy, so delicious, on-time arrival and everything looked so beautiful. - Yelp Review 

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Sweet Auburn BBQ

BBQ, sandwiches, and Asian fusion dishes? What a delicious combination!

Try out Sweet Auburn BBQ today for some of the best BBQ dishes and Asian fusion food together! Image courtesy of Uber Eats. 

656 N Highland Road | Poncey-Highland |

Have you ever heard of combining BBQ dishes and Asian fusion food together? If not, get ready to test your taste buds to some of the best food you’ll ever have in your life at Sweet Auburn BBQ! What’s even better is that not only you will like the food, but your guests will like it as well with the option to have their food catered for any event you have. With favorites such as pulled pork, pimento cheese wontons, Auburn BBQ tacos, wu tang wings, smoked wings, and more, you’ll love everything about this place, so make sure to check out Sweet Auburn BBQ today!

“The meats were smoked to perfection and paired with delicious side sauces we couldn't help but keep pouring on our sandwiches. In addition to the food, the staff was incredibly professional and respectful, the restaurant was pristinely decorated, and the overall dining experience was a 10/10.” - Yelp Review 

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No Mas! Cantina

Mexican food and margaritas for the win as a catering option!

Enjoy a delicious meal catered to you from No Mas! Cantina and their tasty Mexican food for your planned event today! Image courtesy of No Mas! Cantina. 

180 Walker Street SW | Castleberry Hill |

Are you looking for some delicious Mexican food to get for your specific event you have planned? Well, if you’re looking for some of the best in Atlanta, then you need to try out No Mas! Cantina today! No Mas! Cantina is known for their tasty traditional Mexican dishes, along with their delicious and most memorable margaritas that are perfect for any event. Make sure to try out their tacos, enchiladas, queso, quesadillas, tamales, carnitas, and so much more when you decide to cater with them today. Try out No Mas! Cantina as soon as you can for some one-of-a-kind food today! 

“The restaurant is big on the inside, they have upstairs and downstairs dining areas plus an outdoor dining area. The margaritas are also very good! Do yourself a favor and try this restaurant the next time you're craving Mexican food! The staff is always friendly,” - Yelp Review 

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Maggiano’s Little Italy

Looking for some delicious Italian food? Come to this restaurant and get your food catered today!

There’s nothing better than Italian food, so why not try out Maggiano’s Little Italy so they can cater your event today! Image courtesy of Maggiano’s Little Italy. 

3368 Peachtree Road NE | Buckhead |

We know what you’re thinking about and it’s one simple work, Italian. Italian food is among some of the best when it comes to catering any kind of event you have. Maggiano’s Little Italy should be in the top restaurants to choose from that cater today! There are so many options to choose from, such as lasagna, spaghetti, cheese ravioli, stuffed mushrooms, baked ziti, meatballs, and so much more. Make sure to give Maggiano’s Little Italy a try today to try out some delicious Italian favorites as a catering option today!

“We all enjoyed some of our favorite Maggiano's  classics: Mozzarella Marinara, Italian Meatballs with Marinara Sauce, Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Marsala, and of course their outstanding Lemon Cookies.” - Yelp Review 

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It can be difficult to figure out where you want to get your food catered from for any special event you’re hosting. Whether it’s a high school or college graduation, a 50th wedding anniversary, or even just something as simple as a birthday party, choosing to get your food catered can be a weight off of your shoulders, and something different too. Make sure to check out these seven restaurants in Atlanta that cater today to choose from!

Is there a restaurant that caters in Atlanta that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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