Experience What the Definition of Soul Food is by Visiting These Seven Restaurants in Dallas

Do you love some tasty soul food, or are you just visiting the area and wanting to try it for the first time? Whatever the case may be, make sure to try these seven soul food restaurants in Dallas!

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Down in the South, especially in Dallas, Texas, soul food is one of the most popular kinds of food that you can try eating. With a lot of delicious foods such as fried chicken, collard greens, mac n’ cheese, or even fried fish, soul food has a way of comforting you with all of its deliciousness. Soul food is comforting and while it may not consist of the healthiest foods to eat, they sure are good! When you’re down in Dallas, whether you’re just a tourist visiting the area, or you’re a local, there are so many soul food restaurants to choose from, but where do you go? Well, here is a list of the seven best soul food restaurants to go to in Dallas!

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Sweet Georgia Brown

Come here for some of the best fried chicken, fried catfish ribs, or even fried pork chops in all of Dallas!

Check out Sweet Georgia Brown’s extensive menu with lots of fried foods, and other delicious goodies for you to enjoy! Image courtesy of Roadfood. 


2840 E Ledbetter Drive 

South Dallas

Are you looking to enjoy some of the best soul food in all of Dallas? Well, come to South Dallas, where it’s home to Sweet Georgia Brown’s best selection of soul food around! Sweet Georgia Brown is a small, local business that makes good food that is even considered “grandma’s cooking” because it is that good.

If you’re wondering what is on the menu at Sweet Georgia Brown, just know that you’re in for a treat whenever you decide to come here. From ribs, turkey wings, pork chops, hot links, fried chicken, fried catfish ribs, and so much more, there is always something you can find on the menu to enjoy. With all of this delicious, tender meat that is able to be scoffed down in one sitting, we recommend that you check out Sweet Georgia Brown today!

“This Black-Owned Business is one of the Best Kept Secrets in the Dallas-Ft.Worth Metroplex. It's Soul Food with Soul, that'll allow you to have second and third helpings with no regrets.” - Yelp Review

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South Dallas Cafe

Try out some Southern soul food classics in a cafeteria-style restaurant that is perfect for the whole family!

If you want to have some delicious soul food served cafeteria-style, look no further than South Dallas Cafe to satisfy your cravings! Image courtesy of Twitter.


7035 Marvin D Love Freeway


There’s nothing better than some delicious Southern Soul Food, so why not come to a place that is known for it? Here, at South Dallas Cafe, they make your taste buds come alive with some of the best food in all of Dallas. Serving you food cafeteria-style, you can pick and choose what you want and enjoy all of the great food that you see in front of you!

South Dallas Cafe has a little bit of everything when it comes to what is on their menu. Whatever you’re in the mood for they have it, like cornbread, fried chicken, baked chicken, turkey wings, cajun cabbage, short ribs, and so much more. With all of these great food options, it can be hard to try not to take a little bit of everything, but enjoy yourself and the food when you come to South Dallas Cafe today!

“The cafe has never let me down--their food is always good. I love oxtails and beef tips and all of their sides. Their cakes are good too.” - Yelp Review 

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Lisa’s Soul Food Cafe

Support local businesses at this family owned restaurant that serves homestyle soul food favorites!

Check out Lisa’s Soul Food Cafe, a family owned and operated restaurant that serves your favorite soul food dishes cafeteria-style! Image courtesy of USA Restaurants. 


2550 West Red Bird Lane


If you love supporting local restaurants, we recommend that you go to Lisa’s Soul Food Cafe if you’re really craving some of the best soul food around. Family owned and operated for over thirty years, Lisa’s Soul Food Cafe is known for their cafeteria-style home cooked soul food that they are confident that you will love!

Lisa’s Soul Food Cafe has lots of delicious dishes to offer you whenever you come in. With classic Southern favorites such as smothered pork chops, oxtails, chicken tetrazzini, chicken fried steak, and even pecan pie, we know that you’ll be in for a treat when you come here. If you’re feeling something from the selection of goodies that Lisa’s Soul Food Cafe offers, stop by today to see what they’re all about!

“I tried the turkey tetrazzini and it brought back nostalgia for me. I also got the broccoli cheddar rice casserole and green beans and everything tasted so fresh and I got the banana pudding.  All of this for $13 which is an incredible deal.” - Yelp Review

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Street’s Fine Chicken

Check out this soul food restaurant that is known for the many different ways they make chicken!

Come to Street’s Fine Chicken for brunch, lunch, or dinner for some spectacular fried chicken, or any kind of chicken you can think of! Image courtesy of Dallas Observer. 


3857 Cedar Springs Road

Oak Lawn

If you’re a fan of fried chicken, then you are going to love Street’s Fine Chicken and all of the other ways they make chicken as well! Known as being the chicken-go-to restaurant, Street’s Fine Chicken serves chicken and other soul food favorites for brunch, lunch, or dinner and it’s impossible to find something you don’t like on this menu.

Street’s Fine Chicken has lots of delicious favorites on their menu when it comes to soul food. For example, they have fried chicken, fried chicken and mac n’ cheese, deviled eggs, country fried steak, chicken pot pie, peri peri chicken, and so much more. Stop by Street’s Fine Chicken today for chicken however you like it, and other tasty goodies today!

“The mac and cheese is so so good. I had to go and order it with my chicken and waffles  WHICH WERE THE BOMB DOT COM!” - Yelp Review

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Mama’s Daughter’s Diner

Serving up some classic Southern food, come here for the food to taste exactly like Mama’s home cooking!

Come to Mama’s Daughter’s Diner for some delicious Southern soul food to send your taste buds in a frenzy! Image courtesy of Uber Eats. 


2014 Irving Boulevard


There’s nothing that says home more than Mama’s cooking. When you come to Mama’s Daughter’s Diner, you can enjoy some of the best Southern soul food in all of Dallas! Since 1958, this diner is the iconic spot to go to for homemade pies, rolls, cornbread and has even been featured in many different popular cooking magazines, such as Southern Living.

Mama’s Daughter’s Diner has a large selection of some of the best soul food in Dallas. When looking at their menu, they offer some great dishes, such as a chicken fried steak sandwich, french toast, a cheese omelette, open faced hot roast beef sandwich, and even a tasty pork chop sandwich. With all of these great options at Mama’s Daughter’s Diner, stop by today for some delicious home cooking to remind you of mama’s!

“Great service  love to come here with the family.  Food is awesome and the waitress has a good sense of humor. And to me that goes a long way.” - Yelp Review

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Ida Claire

Come eat some delicious food at this fine dining joint where they update traditional takes on Southern soul food!

Try an upscale take on Southern soul food at Ida Claire and enjoy a nice night out with some good food! Image courtesy of KERA News. 


5001 Belt Line Drive


If you want to go out and celebrate a special occasion or event, what better place to go to than Ida Claire in Dallas! Ida Claire is a fine dining, upscale restaurant that features new innovative takes on Southern soul food that we are confident you will love. This restaurant features weekend brunches, delicious dinners, and even a happy hour menu that is perfect for you!

Ida Claire is a great place to go to for all of your fine dining, and soul food needs. With tasty dishes such as fried chicken, sweet potato chip duck confit, pork chops, crawfish corn beignets, pimento mac n’ cheese, and even a waffle benedict. With all of these great, and innovative takes on soul food, why not give Ida Claire a go today! 

“The redfish entree was amazing. My husband and I are still talking about it almost two weeks later. The orzo that came with it was also delicious.” - Yelp Review

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Wing Bucket

Check out this restaurant chain that serves some of the best chicken wings in all of Dallas!

Chicken wings are the best kind of soul food, so why not go to Wing Bucket that is known for their own chicken wings! Image courtesy of Wing Bucket. 


1200 Main Street


If you’re in the mood for the most amazing chicken wings ever, go to Wing Bucket today for some of the best best in Dallas! Chicken wings are known for being one of the best kinds of soul food, and their chicken wings come in many flavors, spices, and so much more. Also known for their ribs and chicken tenders, there are so many good things to try when you come to Wing Bucket!

With all of the great dishes that they serve at Wing Bucket, we guarantee that you will find one that you love! Wing Bucket serves chicken and waffles, honey chipotle wings, bourbon bacon wings, mango tango wings, classic buffalo wings, and so much more. We recommend that you come to Wing Bucket as fast as you can to get some great food at an even better price!

“I ordered a Southern bucket salad with grilled chicken. On my second day and Chicken sandwich combo my third day in Dallas. Both of them were very delicious and had a good portion.” - Yelp Review 

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There is nothing better than soul food after a long day of touring Dallas, or even if you’re just a Dallas local getting off of work. Not only is soul food delicious, but it is also one of the most comforting foods to eat. We hope that we were able to help you find the best soul food restaurant with the seven best in Dallas to satisfy your cravings!

Is there a soul food restaurant in Dallas that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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