The Best Destination Restaurants in Downtown Dallas

September 30, 2020
Food & Drink
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For some people, heading into Downtown Dallas is an occasion reserved for special moments. For others, Downtown is a part of their everyday lives. No matter which category you fall into, there’s a good chance that you’re looking for a restaurant in the heart of the city to enjoy while you’re in the area. These are some of the best ones Downtown Dallas has to offer.

CBD Provisions

Image courtesy of CBD Provisions Instagram


Address: 1530 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201

Neighborhood: Downtown

If you’re going to order a cheeseburger, you may as well go all out and order a gourmet one made by some professional chefs. At CBD Provisions, they have both professional chefs and trained mixologists on their staff - so the drinks are just as good as the food.

Located in Dallas’ Business District, CBD is the perfect place for you to grab a bite to eat at the end of a long day at work, or even to bring potential business partners to for a lunchtime meeting.

Don’t forget to pair your burgers with some of their delicious, fresh-cut fries. Just be sure to keep some napkins on hand to catch any stray drips!

“The bartenders are all mixologists. I am a tequila drinker so prefer to drink it neat and sip. This is the one place that I will say "surprise me" and am always pleasantly surprised.” - Yelp Review

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Cafe Momentum

Image courtesy of Cafe Momentum Instagram.


Address: 1510 Pacific Ave, Dallas, TX 75201

Neighborhood: Downtown

What’s better than a restaurant that’s home to some of the best chefs in all of Dallas? A restaurant that’s home to some of the best chefs in all of Dallas, which also has a pretty amazing mission behind its operation.

Cafe Momentum makes some of the most delicious meals you can find in downtown Dallas, and they do so while running a community outreach program that’s geared towards helping young men and women who’ve recently been released from juvenile facilities to adapt to their new and better lives.

In a 12-month program, Cafe Momentum hires on recently released people to work in rotating roles around the restaurant where they can learn about all of the inner-workings of the restaurant business - including working alongside the chefs! And they pay them all the way through the program!

“An amazing meal with outstanding service that was even better because of the phenomenal mission. This is a must go to spot and I will definitely be back every time I'm in Dallas.” - Yelp Review

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Frankie’s Downtown

Image courtesy of Frankie’s Downtown Instagram


Address: 1303 Main St, Dallas, TX 75202

Neighborhood: Downtown

Are you someone who frequently likes to attend games in the city - be they football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or soccer (Dallas has them all!) - and always starving for a bite to eat afterwards?

Frankie’s Downtown is the perfect place for you to swing by both after catching a live game  or even to hang out there while one of those games plays on their screens if you weren’t able to get some tickets.

Enjoy a beer or two while you chat with sports fans just like you, and be sure to chow down on a burger or some wings at the same time. They even have homemade pizzas if you’ve got an especially big appetite.

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I went with a group of friends for happy hour and was blown away by the incredible and attentive service, and the awesome food and drinks.” - Yelp Review

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Cafe Izmir

Image courtesy of Cafe Izmir Instagram


Address: 211 N Ervay St, Dallas, TX 75201

Neighborhood: Downtown

Texas might be well-known for its bar-b-que and meat-heavy staples, but that doesn’t mean it’s all Dallas has to offer. In the same way, Texas might love to celebrate America, but that doesn’t mean Dallas would deny a cultural smorgasbord of restaurants from taking root.

Cafe Izmir might not be something you’d expect to find popping up in downtown Dallas, but it’s there and it’s there to stay! Offering up a wide selection of Mediterranean fare, this is your chance to travel abroad without actually having to step foot out of your own city.

Enjoy homemade falafel, hummus, and even some kabobs if you don't want to stray too far from your meat-loving comfort zone. The best thing about Mediterranean food, though, is that it offers up plenty of vegetarian options, so if you’re not a huge meat fan, this is actually the perfect place for you to dine.

“Cafe Izmir makes insanely fresh and addict-able food. I've been hooked on the hummus and Russian chicken salad for the better part of two decades. I've had most of the things on the menu and they are equally fantastic.” - Yelp Review

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Rex’s Seafood and Market

Image courtesy of Rex’s Seafood and Market Instagram


Address: 920 S Harwood St, Ste 150, Dallas, TX 75201

Neighborhood: Downtown

Who ever said that being landlocked means you can’t find good seafood? At Rex’s Seafood and Market, they don’t just offer up some of the tastiest seafood you’ll find in Dallas - they also offer a culturally diverse selection of seafood for you to choose from.

All of their seafood is as fresh as they can possibly get it, imported directly from the fishing boats that catch seafood around the world. Rex’s can cook you up anything from sashimi ahi tuna to Scottish salmon to Chilean sea bass.

And if you like what they cook up for you, you can also grab some of that fish from their market on your way out so you can cook some up for yourself.

“Great seafood and nice casual family friendly atmosphere. My husband and I shared a lobster roll since we had never had one and it was awesome! My husband talked about it for days!” - Yelp Review

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Green Door Public House

Image courtesy of Green Door Public House Instagram


Address: 600 S Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201

Neighborhood: Downtown

Looking for a new regular downtown spot to drag your friends to when you need to blow off some steam after a long week (or even a long day) at work? Green Door Public House, located just a few blocks away from Dallas’ Farmers Market is the perfect blend of casual and delicious.

With a come-as-you-are vibe that will have you feeling like you fit in with anyone there from the moment you walk through their front doors, you may not even need to bring your friends with you. Or maybe you’ll want to, just so that when you inevitably widen your circle of friends you can all hang out together.

Being located so close to the Farmers Market has its perks too. When their ingredients are in season, the owners at Green Door Public House will frequently run out the Farmers Market to support the local farmers as they make your meals.

“This place is the epitome of what a pub should be. Peculiar guests at the bar, mixed with great food, and LOTS of energy. Whether you're day-drinking or just need to relax.” - Yelp Review

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Chop House Burger

Image courtesy of Chop House Burger Instagram


Address: 1501 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201

Neighborhood: Downtown

Burgers are meant to be enjoyed with all of the fixings - and if those fixings are fresh, locally-sourced produce, well, that’s even better! Chop House Burger’s origin actually came about at a different Dallas burger joint.

The first Chop House Burger was actually just its own individual item featured on the original Dallas Chop House’s menu. That gourmet burger became so popular amongst the Dallas public that it eventually warranted a restaurant all its own. 

Now, you can get these delicious handcrafted burgers in the form for an angus patty topped with the freshest produce they can find and all of that piled onto an artisan bun. Don’t forget the fries!

“I love CHB! Everything is always so fresh and delicious. Their truffle sauce is amazing and makes everything taste even better (ask for a side in which to dip your fries)!” - Yelp Review

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Whether you’re making a special trip downtown to enjoy everything that the area has to offer or you’re in the area frequently and just looking for a new place to regularly dig your heels into when you’re hungry, these are some of the best restaurants in Downtown Dallas. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments down below!


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