Get Fishy With the 7 Best Sushi Restaurants in Dallas, Texas

If you’re a sushi connoisseur and want to try out the best sushi in Dallas, make sure to check out the top seven restaurants in the area!

There is something so unique about eating seafood. With there being so many different kinds of sauces, fish, meats, vegetables, and more that can be included in sushi, there is a lot of amazing variation that comes with the food itself. If you are interested in sushi and trying it out for the very first time, or even just trying to find some new places, make sure to try out the top seven best sushi restaurants in Dallas today!

Main image courtesy of Dallas Morning News. 

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With that being said, make sure to check out the seven best sushi restaurants in Dallas right now!

Yutaka Sushi Bistro

Enjoy a comfy and cozy atmosphere as you enjoy some delicious sushi and more!

Check out Yutaka Sushi Bistro if you’re interested in some amazing sushi and other tasty flavors too! Image courtesy of Dallas Morning News. 

2633 McKinney Road | Uptown |

Are you looking to enjoy some delicious seafood in a comfortable and refreshing environment? If so, then you need to check out Yutaka Sushi Bistro as soon as you can! This amazing sushi bistro is perfect for date night, or even just a casual get-together with you friends or family because of the environment it is in, along with the tasty sushi options they have too.

Make sure to check out Yutaka Sushi Bistro right now where you can enjoy everything from spicy tuna gyoza, yellowtail sashimi, black cod shumai, soft shell crab roll, king crab rolls, red snapper wrapped uni, and lots more. Don’t miss out on Yutaka Sushi Bistro and all the incredible food they have to offer!

“The California roll is one of the best. Usually I get more exciting sushi rolls but theirs is just so fresh you can't go wrong.” - Yelp Review 

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Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Check out this restaurant for its fresh and energetic environment, along with the sushi too!

Try out the sushi at Blue Sushi Sake Grill where they have some of the best sushi options right in Dallas! Image courtesy of Blue Sushi Sake Grill. 

3220 McKinney Road | Uptown |

Sometimes there is nothing better than a wide variety of tasty sushi that will just melt in your mouth. No matter when you’re craving sushi, make sure to try out only the best at Blue Sushi Sake Grill! This amazing restaurant features everything from a cozy environment, and lots of sushi options, including vegan options for those looking for it too.

Make sure to come check out Blue Sushi Sake Grill where you need to try out the lion king roll, Hawaiian roll, spicy gringo roll, mango crab rangoon, a tuna tower, the cowgirl roll, tidal wave roll, and lots more. Blue Sushi Sake Grill is a restaurant that you won’t want to miss out on, so check it out today!

“Absolutely love this place! There are so many varieties of sushi, sashimi, etc! Their menu is huge and you have many many options to choose from.” - Yelp Review 

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Sa Sa Sushi

An amazing restaurant offering a sushi bar, bento boxes, sashimi, and maki too!

Don’t miss out on Sa Sa Sushi where you can enjoy lots of creative sushi dishes that are super fresh and ready to go! Image courtesy of D Magazine. 

6340 Gaston Avenue | Lakewood |

Are you looking for some unique takes on sushi that you never thought possible? Make sure to go to Sa Sa Sushi whenever you’re looking for that little bit of extra when it comes to sushi! This amazing restaurant has a sushi bar, lots of flavors of sashimi, bento boxes, and even some delicious maki that is also worth trying out.

When you stop by Sa Sas Sushi, consider trying out the spicy tuna roll, salmon sashimi, blue crab hand roll, coconut shrimp rolls, shrimp tempura rolls, heavenly rolls, volcano rolls, poke bowls, and much more. Don’t miss out on Sa Sa Sushi because you will regret it if you don’t try their sushi!

“Food and sushi was good overall.  I liked the scallop sushi and the tempura and some of the rolls.” - Yelp Review 

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Sushi Robata

Come here to enjoy the best combination of both sushi and beer at this fun restaurant!

Sushi Robata has some amazing and classic sushi options for you to try and even pair it with a beer too! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

4727 Frankford Road | North Dallas |

Are you looking for a restaurant with some of the best classic sushi options in Dallas? If so, then you need to come to Sushi Robata right now! At this restaurant, you can enjoy a comfortable and modern setting with some classic sushi options that you will love, even if it is your first time. They also sell beer here as well to pair alongside your sushi.

Don’t forget about Sushi Robata because you won’t want to miss out on the spicy tuna rolls, shrimp tempura, a tuna tower sushi special, the Red River special roll, tuna roll, California rolls, and other classic sushi dishes. Check out Sushi Robata as quickly as you can because you won’t want to miss what they have!

“Sushi robata is a local sushi restaurant, family owned I believe, that has been my family's favorite for years. The sushi is spectacular and so fresh.” - Yelp Review 

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Indulge in some sushi plates, along with some Chinese and Vietnamese favorites too!

Check out Oishii for their tasty sushi rolls, along with their famous Chinese and Vietnamese dishes they serve too! Image courtesy of CultureMap Dallas. 

2525 Wycliff Avenue | Oak Lawn |

Looking forward to some of the best sushi dishes in Dallas? Well, there’s definitely no place like Oishii and we think you need to try it out ASAP! This amazing sushi restaurant is not known for its Japanese sushi rolls, but they also serve both Chinese and Vietnamese eats as well to enjoy something different every time you go.

Come to Oishii so you can try out their sashimi, g rolls, spicy tuna, crab rangoon, sashimi salads, volcano rolls, vietnamese spring rolls, orange chicken, yellowtail rolls, and even more. What are you waiting for? Come to Oishii right now for the meal of a lifetime right in Dallas, Texas!

“The rolls were good. A friend and I shared three rolls and bok choy. They had a summer roll, uptown roll, and spicy yellowtail. The spicy yellowtail was my favorite then summer.” - Yelp Review 

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A sleek restaurant that has all of your favorite Japanese sushi rolls is just what you need! 

Don’t miss out on the inventive sushi roll flavors that come from visiting Uchi in Dallas, Texas! Image courtesy of PaperCity Magazine. 

2817 Maple Avenue | Dallas |

Are you interested in going on a romantic date night with your significant other and want to take them somewhere special? Why not consider Uchi for that special occasion then! This beautiful restaurant has a sleek modern feel to it that will make you feel cozy right from the start, and they have a lot of amazing and inventive sushi roll options and flavors that you just have to try too.

Make sure that you don’t miss out on Uchi so you can try out their foie gras, hama chili, machi cure, walu walu, short rib rolls, wagyu beef, pork belly rolls, sake toro, and many other incredible flavors. Don’t delay any longer, go to Uchi right now for some of the best sushi and other Japanese delicacies today!

“WOW!! This place is amazing. Best food experience I've ever had and I am a huge foodie. It was the second time we came here and it was even better than the first time.” - Yelp Review

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Shinsei Restaurant

Don’t miss out on this Pan-Asian restaurant that also serves sushi too!

Check out Shinsei Restaurant if you’re looking for some amazingly inventive and appetizing sushi rolls! Image courtesy of Shinsei Restaurant.

7713 Inwood Road | Dallas |

Are you looking for something unique when it comes to sushi? If so, make sure that you don’t miss out on Shinsei Restaurant right now! This creative and magnificent restaurant has some of the best Pan-Asian food around that you and your loved ones can enjoy for a fun dinner out and about in Dallas.

If you’re interested in Shinsei Restaurant, we think that you need to indulge in the Thai fried rice, miso black cod, dragon lady pressed sushi rolls, yellowtail sushi rolls, Hawaiian sashimi, short rib postickers, spicy tuna rolls, snow crab spring rolls, and much more. Check out Shinsei Restaurant right now if you’re interested in an amazing sushi dinner in Dallas!

“Loved my first experience here last night! It's got a great upbeat vibe and we had great service!” - Yelp Review 

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If you are interested in some amazing sushi options in Dallas, just know that there are a lot to indulge in and try out. Since there are so many to try out, we recommend our seven favorite ones to try out right now, so stop by one of them today!

Is there a sushi restaurant in Dallas that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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