Experience the Wonderful Little Five Points, Atlanta With These 7 Restaurants

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Have you ever heard of Little Five Points, Atlanta? This hip neighborhood is full of fun indie stores selling vinyls, burger joints, and so much more. This small town is full of excitement and even features a unique live music venue called The Variety Playhouse that was originally a 1940s cinema that you can go to to experience music on a whole other level. This area is exciting and full of good food, entertainment, and is worth a trip to visit! If you’re looking for the best food to indulge in at Little Five Points, then check out these top seven today!

Main image courtesy of Curbed Atlanta. 

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The Vortex

Known for rock n’ roll, burgers, beer, and whiskey, so what’s not to like about them!

Come to The Vortex to try out some delicious food and their beer and whiskey too! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

438 Moreland Avenue NE | Little Five Points | thevortexatl.com

Are you looking to go to a one-of-a-kind restaurant in Little Five Points? Well, we recommend going to The Vortex today for its delicious food, drinks, and the unique giant skull as the entryway of the restaurant. The Vortex not only has a unique outside look to it, but it has a fun, rock n’ roll theme inside too for an entertaining and cool atmosphere to surround yourself in. When you stop by, try out the lone star Texas melt, the blue shroom burger, the holy guacamole burger, fried zucchini, an Elvis burger, and so much more. Stop by the most memorable restaurant in Little Five Points, The Vortex! 

“The food is AMAZE-balls. This is a burger joint if you didn't know but those burgers are VERY unique and delicious! They have things like loaded fries and nachos too but the burgers are all you need! The burgers are juicy and compliment the bread!” - Yelp Review 

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Little Five Points Pizza

Bright red booths, pizza, and lots of beer on tap makes this a memorable trip in Little Five Points!

Enjoy lots of delicious pizza toppings, salads, and more at Little Five Points Pizza today! Image courtesy of Uber Eats. 

422 Seminole Avenue NE | Little Five Points | little5pizza.com

A steaming hot pizza covered in cheese, pepperoni, and lots of other different toppings of your choice sounds great right? Well, we think that you need to try out Little Five Points Pizza and all of the delicious pizza and more that they have to offer! This little pizzeria is very popular around Little Five Points and it has become a local favorite to many. With options such as white pizza, pepperoni pizza, New York style pizza, calzones, and so much more, you’ll love every bite that goes in your mouth. Try out Little Five Points Pizza today!

“I got the garlic and ricotta cheese pizza (they were out of white sauce so they used red sauce) wow! It is probably the best thin crust pizza I've had in awhile!” - Yelp Review 

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The Porter Beer Bar

A hip bar with beer and pub-fare food is all you need in Little Five Points!

Try out lots of different beers and pub food at The Porter Beer Bar in Little Five Points today! Image courtesy of Atlanta Magazine. 

1156 Euclid Avenue NE | Little Five Points | theporterbeerbar.com

If you’re looking for some simple pub-fare food and a wide selection of craft beers, then you need to stop by The Porter Beer Bar today! The Porter Beer Bar is all about eating, drinking, and just being plain ol’ happy, and you can definitely get that whenever you come here! They offer lots of delicious food that will pair well with beer and your options consist of salt and vinegar popcorn, Belgian fries, goat cheese fritters, double smash burgers, corned beef reubens, and so much more. Check out The Porter Beer Bar when you’re in Little Five Points, Atlanta today!

“We had goat cheese fritters and Belgian frites for appetizers and they were mouth-wateringly good. My wife got mussels, which were fresh and tasty and I got fish and chips, which were cooked perfectly and really hit the spot. We loved the atmosphere here and it was so very cozy.” - Yelp Review 

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El Bandido Mex Mex Grill

Mexican food is something that we always crave, so why not check out El Bandido Mex Mex Grill today!

El Bandido Mex Mex Grill Delivery • Order Online • Atlanta (1083 Euclid Ave  NE) • Postmates
There’s nothing better than some delicious Mexican dishes, make sure to check out El Bandido Mex Mex Grill today! Image courtesy of Postmates.

1083 Euclid Avenue NE |  Little Five Points | facebook.com/elbandidomexmexgrill

Mexican food is something that many people love and enjoy. From combining this type of food with margaritas (who wouldn’t do that!), and of course diving into the salsa and chips, El Bandido Mex Mex Grill may be the best place for you to check out! This restaurant serves fresh and authentic Mexican food, such as fajitas, lobster enchiladas, chimichangas, carnitas, quesadillas, and so much more. Why not try out El Bandido Mex Mex Grill today!

“Cannot go wrong at this place. You might recognize the inside of the restaurant from the Melissa McCarthy movie "Super Intelligence". Anyways, really good food and drinks. I had the enchilada dinner (one shredded chicken, one ground beef and one cheese), served with sour cream, sliced avocado and fried rice.” - Yelp Review

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Euclid Avenue Yacht Club

Although fancy sounding, this place is full of fun, diversity, and good food!

Try out Euclid Avenue Yacht Club for some cheap, yet tasty food in Little Five Points! Image courtesy of GiftRocket. 

1136 Euclid Avenue NE | Little Five Points | yachtclubatl.com

If you’re looking for some delicious food at an establishment that sounds like it would be super expensive, but offers affordable instead, then you need to try out Euclid Avenue Yacht Club. Euclid Avenue Yacht Club is home to bikers, the LGBTQ community, and so many other people because of the many people that come by and explore the area. This restaurant, as expensive as it sounds, offers deliciously cheap food such as tater tots, Philly cheesesteaks, fish and chips, knuckle sandwiches, and so much more. Stop by Euclid Avenue Yacht Club today!

“I love this place. This is a real bar, no fuss. The service is amazing; the staff are on top of it and get your food and drinks fast. They have lots of beers on tap: standard stuff and fancier rotating taps too. The food is also delicious. It's bar food at its best.” - Yelp Review 

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Ali Baba Mediterranean 

Enjoy some authentic Mediterranean food whenever you stop by this restaurant today!

Try out some of the tastiest Mediterranean food in Little Five Points today! Image courtesy of Uber Eats. 

1099 Euclid Avenue NE | Little Five Points | alibabamedgrill.com

Are you interested in some Mediterranean food from Little Five Points, but not sure if they even offer it? Well, let us assure you that they do! If you go to Ali Baba Mediterranean, you can try out some of the best dishes that they have to offer! You can’t get any better with this food once you try out beef kabobs, kafta kabobs, lamb chops, greek salads, falafel, and so much more. Make sure to check out what Ali Baba Mediterranean has to offer for you today!

“Wonderful service and great food. We are new to the area and stopped by for take-out, and the owner was so friendly and gave us complimentary drinks and sides as a welcome to the neighborhood. The falafel wrap and lamb wrap were delicious, fresh, and super filling.” - Yelp Review 

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Wrecking Bar Brewpub

Located in an old Victorian mansion basement lies this gastropub with great pub food and beer!

Come to Wrecking Bar Brewpub today and try out their tasty food and drinks in Little Five Points! Image courtesy of Food Network. 

292 Moreland Avenue NE | Little Five Points | wreckingbarbrewpub.com

If you’re looking for something tasty to nosh on along with a good craft beer, then you need to try out Wrecking Bar Brewpub! Wrecking Bar Brewpub is super unique because it is located in the basement of an old Victorian house, so it offers a different atmosphere that everybody will love. They offer some appetizing dishes such as house pastrami sandwiches, corn pups, wrecking bar burgers, beer boiled peanuts, chicken fried rabbit, and so much more. Stop by Wrecking Bar Brewpub today for some tasty food and beer today!

“Every beer that I tasted was good if not great. It's a great local place and you can't find those beers anywhere else. My friend got the burger which was gorgeous and while I only got a taste, can tell you that it was delicious. 10/10 recommend giving them a shot.” - Yelp Review 

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Little Five Points is full of restaurants that we know you will love, along with some other fun places to go to in a fun, hip neighborhood. If you’re interested in what Little Five Points, Atlanta has to offer, then you need to come and check out the restaurant scene too, which you’ll be in for a surprise!

Is there a restaurant in Little Five Points that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!


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