Experience Downtown Nashville With These Seven Appetizing Restaurants

Are you getting hungry after all that walking in Downtown Nashville? Refuel with the seven best restaurants to satisfy your hunger needs today!

Exploring downtown Nashville is an experience all on its own. With many different country bars to go to, visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, going to many different concerts, and just being able to experience the atmosphere is something that you won’t forget. We know that stumbling along the streets of downtown Nashville can make one hungry though, but where should you go? Well, we want you to have a boot-kicking good time, so make sure to stop by these seven iconic restaurants in all of downtown Nashville today!

Appetizing Restaurant in Nashville
Main image courtesy of The Vale Magazine.

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Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant

Check out this iconic family-friendly restaurant with an old-general-store atmosphere and live music acts!

Enjoy some tasty dishes at Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant for some of the best food and live performances ever! Image courtesy of WhereTraveler. 

500 Church Street | Downtown | puckettsgro.com

Do you want to enjoy some delicious Southern comfort food? We know the answer is yes, so why not try out Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant today! Located near The Johnny Cash Museum, Puckett’s is known for its tasty food, family-friendly vibe, and even its live performances that you can enjoy while having a nice meal!

What does Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant have to offer? Lots of great comfort dishes! With favorites such as pulled pork, fried chicken, piggy mac, hot chicken sandwiches, a Southern stack, and even a redneck burrito, you’re bound to find something here that you love. Make sure to stop by Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant during your visit to downtown Nashville today!

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“Came here twice to eat on our trip to Nashville. Once for lunch and once for breakfast, both were very good and filing. You get a lot of food!” - Yelp Review 


Enjoy some delicious food in this restaurant that was previously an old, three-story hotel!

Indulge in some delicious bistro dishes in Merchants, that was previously an old three-story hotel! Image courtesy of Merchants. 

401 Broadway | Downtown | merchantsrestaurant.com

Have you ever thought about going to a restaurant that was previously an old hotel? If you come to Merchants today, you can enjoy a fun atmosphere in this three-story restaurant today! The first floor is a fun bistro with tasty cocktails and food, the second consists of lunch and dinner dishes, and then the third floor is for business parties, cocktail dinners, rehearsal dinners, and much more.

No matter what floor you plan on dining in at Merchants, you should get to know the tasty food options that they offer. Some of their favorite dishes consist of fried chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, deviled eggs, fish tacos, a salmon BLT, jambalaya, and so much more. Make sure to try out Merchants for a fun experience with delicious food today!

“Started off with several appetizers, the most and far away notable was their crab cake special. Never have I had such moist, fresh, and flavorful crab cakes!” - Yelp Review 

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Try out this restaurant that offers a little bit of everything, and even has a long wine and cocktail list!

Not feeling a particular type of food? At Etch, they have a little bit of everything for you to enjoy during your time in downtown Nashville! Image courtesy of Visit Music City.

303 Demonbreun Street | Downtown | etchrestaurant.com

Are you a fan of eclectic restaurants that offer a little bit of everything? If this sounds like your kind of restaurant, then make sure to check out Etch in downtown Nashville today! Etch is located on the ground floor of Encore tower with an open kitchen for guests to see what all goes down while creating your dishes for a very intimate experience.

Since Etch offers lots of different kinds of dishes, we’ll list off a few of their most popular dishes to get you acquainted with the menu! Some of their most popular dishes include roasted cauliflower, shrimp bruschetta, grilled lamb loin, pork belly, octopus bruschetta, pork tenderloin, and so much more. We don’t think there’s anything better than Etch, so you need to come and try out this unique restaurant today!

“Etch is easily one of the best restaurants in Nashville and should definitely be included in the "must try" list. It is conveniently located in the heart of the city near the symphony.” - Yelp Review 

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Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse

Come here for some delicious steak and seafood options and some cold beer and wine to go with it!

Come to Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse and enjoy some of the best steaks and seafood you’ll ever have! Image courtesy of TRAVELHOST.

300 4th Avenue North | Downtown | jeffruby.com

If you want to indulge in a deliciously juicy steak, then there’s no better place to go to then Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse in downtown Nashville! Serving some of the best steak and seafood dishes around, you can also complement your meal with a nice cold beer or glass of wine as well. This critically-acclaimed restaurant also features live performances to engage in when you’re eating!

Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse has lots of tasty dishes to offer that we know you’re going to enjoy. Offering some award-winning dishes like filet mignon, cowboy steak, bone-in filet, New York strip, cold water lobster tail, and even more tasty dishes, you can’t go wrong with this restaurant. Make sure to stop by Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse today! 

“Five star experience all around!!!!! Service and food were excellent and we couldn't have chosen a better restaurant for our anniversary!” - Yelp Review 

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The Stillery

Take part in eating some good burgers, pizza, beer in mason jars, and live music on the weekends at this restaurant!

If you love burgers, pizza, and beer, then The Stiller in downtown Nashville is the place for you! Image courtesy of ABC15 Arizona. 

113 2nd Avenue North | Downtown | stillerynashville.com

Can you think of anything better than burgers, pizza, and beer, because we sure can’t! We think that The Stillery in downtown Nashville is the perfect place for you to go to today because of its tasty food and fun atmosphere. The Stillery offers beer in their signature mason jar glasses and they even have live performances to check out every single weekend while you enjoy some of your favorite foods.

The Stillery has lots of good eats that we think you should try on your trip down to downtown Nashville. Some of their most popular dishes include sriracha deviled eggs, pretzel burgers, pickle chips, hot chicken pie, BBQ chicken pizza, hot chicken tenders, and so much more that a beer can definitely wash down. Come try out The Stillery today for a good time and some good eats!

“Overall, I couldn't recommend this place enough! Get the Pretzel Burger, try the fried pickles, and enjoy yourself. If you live in the Nashville area, consider yourself lucky to have easy access to this gem! :)” - Yelp Review

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Skull’s Rainbow Room

Experience a speakeasy vibe at this restaurant that serves American dishes with nightly burlesque shows!

Enjoy delicious American food at Skull’s Rainbow Room while watching an entertaining burlesque show! Image courtesy of Skull’s Rainbow Room. 

222 Printers Alley | Downtown | skullsrainbowroom.com

Do you want to have some lively entertainment as you enjoy an American-fare dish? If so, then you need to stop by Skull’s Rainbow Room to enjoy some good food and watch some live burlesque shows too! Winning the Diners’ Choice Award in 2019, Skull’s Rainbow Room is the perfect place to go to for some critically acclaimed dishes that have been popular since 1948.

We know you’re dying to know what is on the menu at Skull’s Rainbow Room, so here are some of their best award-winning dishes for you to enjoy today! They offer a selection of dishes such as lobster bisque, prime ribs, pork chops, a rack of lamb, duck empanadas, filet mignon, and so much more. Make sure to stop by Skull’s Rainbow Room to check out the checkerboard floor that many famous singers performed on, like Elvis Presley, and Johnny Cash and enjoy a great meal!

“Great cocktails and food-- you can order all food options at the bar. This is a must go to if you're looking to get an authentic, classy, Nashville experience.” - Yelp Review 

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Oak Steakhouse Nashville

Dive into some angus beef, filet mignon, seafood, and small plates at this popular steakhouse!

If you love a nice, big, juicy steak, then Oak Steakhouse Nashville is the perfect place for you to go to! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

801 Clark Place | Downtown | oaksteakhousenashville.com

There’s something about a steak dinner that just makes everything better. If you’re craving a steak, then you need to go to Oak Steakhouse Nashville today! Known for their angus beef, and other seafood dishes, you will not be disappointed with their dishes, especially after knowing that they won the Diners’ Choice Awards in 2018.

At Oak Steakhouse Nashville, you can enjoy some of the best steak dinners around, along with many other tasty dishes. They have a selection of dishes ranging from filet mignon, crab cakes, charred octopus, dry aged ribeye, beef tartare, and so much more. We recommend that you try out Oak Steakhouse Nashville during your trip to downtown Nashville today!

“The Oak did NOT disappoint. This is the best meal I have ever had in Nashville, from start to finish. I'm not normally a steak person, but this was spectacular!” - Yelp Review 

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Downtown Nashville is a place full of excitement and entertainment. With some of the biggest country stars, and other celebrities being known for performing at restaurants, bars, and other places around downtown Nashville, this place is full of history with music, and is one of the best places to go to for a good time, and some good food too. We hope that we were able to help you find the best restaurant to go to in downtown Nashville with the seven best around!

Is there a restaurant in downtown Nashville that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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