Keep the Kids Entertained With the Top 7 Things to Do in Nashville That Every Family Will Love

Are your kids bored? Why not take them out to these top seven fun places that kids will enjoy!

Are your kids struggling with staying entertained, or just seem to get bored easily? If this is the case, we know your struggle. Trying to find something to do on your days off with your kids can be fun, especially when it’s something new and different. If you’re looking for something new in The Music City for your kids to participate and get involved in, then we got you covered with the top seven most fun things to do to keep them on their toes!

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The Country Music Hall of Fame

Check out one of the world’s largest museums featuring some of the best country music stars!

Go to The Country Music Hall of Fame with your kids to enjoy some history of where country music started to where it is now! Image courtesy of Wide Open Country. 

222 5th Avenue S | Downtown |

The iconic staple of Nashville is of course The Country Music Hall of Fame and it’s a great place to take your kids as well! The Country Music Hall of Fame is known for reflecting on the history of country music, to how it is present day. They also provide lots of country performances for you to enjoy as you’re checking out the many artifacts in the museum. Why not bring your kids to The Country Music Hall of Fame for something fun to do today!

“Lots of interesting memorabilia, clothing, instruments, vehicles, posters, recordings, photos,... great history and timeline from the origins of country music all the way to the present.” - Yelp Review 

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National Corvette Museum

Take your kids to see one the evolution of one of the best American sports cars at this museum!

Check out the National Corvette Museum and the evolution of one of the best American sports cars! Image courtesy of Louisville, Kentucky. 

350 corvette Drive | Bowling Green |

Do you have a kid that is fascinated by cars? Make sure to take them to the National Corvette Museum for one of the best times they’ll ever have in their life! With over eighty Corvettes on display, the National Corvette Museum also features a mid-century barbershop, a service station, and a historic race track to check out. Your kids can even experience what it feels like to be behind the wheel of a Corvette, so make sure to take them to this unique, one-of-a-kind museum today!

“Having traveled all over the country I can tell you this place is worth the price of admission. Even if you are not a big Corvette fan you can't help but have a good time.” - Yelp Review

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Nashville Zoo at Grassmere

Thinking about taking your kids to see their favorite animals? Make sure to take them to the zoo!

Come to the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere today to see some of the most fascinating animals in the world! Image courtesy of Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. 

3777 Nolensville Pike | Nashville |

Do your kids love going to the zoo to see some of their favorite animals? Make sure to check out the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere  so they can see all of their favorite animals today! At the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere you can see all of the animals in replicas of what their real home would actually look like, adding to the uniqueness that this zoo offers. From kangaroos, giraffes, zebras, red pandas, and much more, why not bring your kids to a day filled with nature at the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere today!

“Highly recommend. My child loved this place!!! Great place to entertain kids if trying to kill a day!” -  Yelp Review 

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The Johnny Cash Museum

Help your kid learn more about the one-and-only Johnny Cash and how he became a music icon!

Take your kids to The Johnny Cash Museum and enjoy teaching them about this memorable music icon! Image courtesy of Nashville. 

119 3rd Avenue S | Downtown |

Do you love Johnny Cash and even have your kid listening to him? Why not take them to The Johnny Cash Museum and have them enjoy the history of one of the most important music figures in history! This museum pays tribute to the man himself and shows off lots of the articles of clothing he wore on stage, the guitars he used, and lots, and lots of pictures. This is a one-of-a-kind museum to go to, so make sure to take your kids to The Johnny Cash Museum today!

“The museum might seem small but there is so much history packed inside that you'll end up spending hours in there.” - Yelp Review 

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Fannie Mae Dees Park

Let your kids run around with all that excess energy and play in this large jungle gym with other kids!

Check out the local art at Fannie Mae Dees Park while your kids run around and enjoy the sunshine! Image courtesy of Nashville Scene. 

2400 Blakemore Avenue | Midtown |

Do you like your kids to run around and be active? Make sure to take your kids to Fannie Mae Dees Park on a sunny day to enjoy the local art and the many different spots that your kids can play in or around. The large art pieces make them a fun place for kids to run around in along with the jungle gyms that they have surrounding the park. Help your kid lose all of that excess energy at a local park in Nashville, Fannie Mae Dees Park! 

“It had a couple of spots for the kids to run around at. Pretty good size for them to explore as well. Fairly enjoyed being outdoors here.” - Yelp Review 

Gymboree Play & Music

A hand-on class may just be what your child needs for something new and fun to do! 

Take your kids to Gymboree Play & Music to enjoy a fun day running around and doing hand-on activities! Image courtesy of Gymboree Play & Music. 

4004 Hillsboro Pike | Green Hills |

If you’re thinking about taking your kids to do something to surround themselves with other kids and do some hands-on activities, make sure to take them to Gymboree Play & Music! Gymboree Play & Music is a great place for toddlers to go to to be able to learn more about their senses and how they work, along with being able to explore new places and play new games. All of the activities are divided by age groups to ensure the safety of each kid. Make sure to check out Gymboree Play & Music today!

“This is a spectacular place to take your little one for guided play and music. Our little guy bursts with excitement when we walk in - so many places to climb, touch, jump!” - Yelp Review 

Altitude Trampoline Park

Jump around with your kids at a trampoline park with many obstacles and more!

Check out all of the fun that Altitude Trampoline Park has to offer for your kids today! Image courtesy of WSMV.

3432 Lebanon Pike | Nashville |

Do your kids have a lot of energy and you want to take them somewhere to let it all out? Why not check out Altitude Trampoline Park today for one of the most fun times your kids will ever have! Altitude Trampoline Park features over 45,000 square feet of trampolines with lots of different obstacles, dodgeball, and more. Why not take them to Altitude Trampoline Park today for a fun day filled with jumping!

“OK, that was fun (for my 5yo) - rock climbing walls with foam pits to fall in, mini Ninja Warrior areas, trampolines as far as the eye could see, elevated battle areas, diving boards, trapeze swings, lawdy.” - Yelp Review 

Nashville is filled with so many things for kids to do and enjoy. From going to museums, learning about the music history in Nashville, jumping on trampolines, seeing wild animals at the zoo, and so much more, why not check out these seven amazing things to do in Nashville with your kids today!

Is there something fun you think your kids would enjoy doing in Nashville that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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