Keep to Your Budget With the Top Seven Best and Cheap Restaurants in Nashville

Do you want to enjoy a good bite to eat, but not sure where to go with your budget? Here are some of the best cheap restaurants to check out in Nashville today!

Are you looking to get some food on a budget, but you don’t want to get fast food? Are you sick of the greasiness that comes from eating fast food and the feeling after? If you want to stop feeling bloated and gross after eating a Big Mac, but want to go to a restaurant that is perfect on a budget, then we got the solution for you! Never worry about your budget when you come to these seven cheap restaurants in Nashville that will both make your tummy happy, along with your wallet. 

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I Dream of Weenie

Eat some delicious hot dogs out of an old vintage VW bus at a remarkable price!

Enjoy some of the best hot dogs you’ll ever have in your life at I Dream of Weenie in Nashville! Image courtesy of East Nasty. 

113 S 11th Street | East End |

Do you want to enjoy a delicious gourmet hot dog that not only tastes good, but is also super cheap? Well, if you stop by I Dream of Weenie, a small hot dog shop where everything is made out of a vintage VW bus, then you can get one of the best hot dogs of your life! I Dream of Weenie offers lots of different hot dogs with many different condiments on top to test your taste buds to completely different combinations. With options such as pimento cheese hot dog, the rebel yelp hot dog, the french toast hot dog, slaw weenies, and even classic chili cheese dogs, you’re in for a treat. Make sure to check out I Dream of Weenie today for some of the best hot dogs you’ll ever have in your life!

“Okay so everything is so freakin' cool about this place. It's a little food truck shaped like a Volkswagen, super trendy and hipster-y, and such a cool atmosphere to grab lunch. The menu is huge for a place that serves hot dogs, too. Who knew there could be so many different hot dog toppings?” - Yelp Review 

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Mas Tacos Por Favor

If you’re craving Mexican food, then this is the place to go to for some tasty tacos!

If you’re in the mood for some cheap, yet delicious Mexican food, make sure to check out Mas Tacos Por Favor today! Image courtesy of Pinterest. 

732 Mcferrin Avenue | Greenwood |

There’s nothing better than the taste that comes from a taco. With so many toppings, spices, and being able to choose which type of protein you want on it are great ways to customize them and make them taste the best to you. If you’re craving Mexican food, then you need to try out Mas Tacos Por Favor today! Known for their tacos inside a small and snug restaurant, this place is a must try if you’re on a budget in Nashville. From chicken tortilla soup, fried avocado tacos, fried tilapia tacos, fish tacos, cast iron chicken tacos, and so much more, you’ll be loving every second of indulging in their food. Stop by Mas Tacos Por Favor today for some great dishes!

“This is a must come to while in Nashville. Everything is amazing and have never had anything bad here. The tacos, corn, and other sides are delicious! The pickled veggies and hot sauce on the side are also a must!” - Yelp Review 

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Gabby’s Burgers & Fries

Enjoy some signature grass-fed burgers and sweet potato fries for something different!

Looking for a traditional burger and fry meal? Try out Gabby’s Burgers & Fries today! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

493 Humphreys Street | South Nashville |

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a simple burger and fry meal, and if that’s what you’re craving, then you need to check out Gabby’s Burgers & Fries today! Gabby’s Burgers & Fries is the perfect place to go for a cheap, yet delicious hamburger that beats other fast food restaurants by a tremendous amount. They also offer dishes such as chili, a bacon swiss burger, a chili burger, BBQ burgers, and so much more that pairs along perfectly with their signature sweet potato fries. Come and see what all the hype is about at Gabby’s Burgers & Fries today!

“It was my first time trying a Gabby's burger, and I will say it's the best burger I've tasted in Nashville! Grass-fed, juicy, seasoned was delicious.” - Yelp Review 

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Baja Burrito

Sit outside and enjoy some Mexican street tacos and burritos in Nashville today!

Mexican street food offers lots of great food, and at Baja Burrito, you get that plus more! Image courtesy of Happy Cow. 

722 Thompson Lane | Nashville |

Burritos and tacos are some of the best dishes out of all of the other Mexican dishes because of their popularity and the different customizations that you can make to it to make it truly enjoyable for you. If you stop by Baja Burrito, you can try out some of the best Mexican street food that Nashville has to offer at a great price. Mainly known for their street tacos and burritos, they offer fish tacos, tampico pork burritos, chipotle chicken burritos, and also their signature guacamole and chips too.  If you’re thinking that Mexican sounds good right now, then you need to check out Baja Burrito today!

“Just moved from Phoenix up here and was missing good tacos and burritos- this place is amazing! Great tortillas, friendly service, amazing salsas. Trust me if you want good quality food go here!” - Yelp Review 

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Brown’s Diner

Support your local family-owned business while diving into some burgers and hush puppies!

Burgers and fries are one of the best dishes to get that’s cheap, and if you want a good price plus quality, check out Brown’s Diner today! Image courtesy of Now Playing Nashville. 

2102 Blair Boulevard | Hillsboro West End |

Do you want to support the local businesses in Nashville, but also eat something tasty on a budget? If burgers and hush puppies are what you’re craving, then you need to check out Brown’s Diner today! Open since 1927, Brown’s Diner is a family-owned business that serves classic burger meals that will blow fast food chains out of the water. From dishes like cheeseburgers, fish sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, catfish dinner, frito chili pie, grilled cheese, and many other comfort food dishes, this is a place that you will want to go to again and again. Try out Brown’s Diner and all of the goodness they have to offer today!

“Brown's is known to many Nashville locals as the best spot in town for burgers, and I would agree with this statement. The cheeseburgers are delicious, perfectly cooked, and just the right size. Oh, and the prices are pretty great as well.” - Yelp Review 

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Robert’s Western World

Listen to live country bands play as you bite down on a signature fried bologna sandwich today!

Come to Robert’s Western World to enjoy some live performances by country bands and enjoy some delicious food for a fun night out! Image courtesy of Travel + Leisure. 

416 Broadway | Downtown |

Want to get a cheap bite to eat, but also be able to enjoy the Nashville nightlife and what it’s all about? Stop by Robert’s Western World today for some delicious signature fried bologna sandwiches while you listen to country artists perform for a unique Nashville experience! Robert’s Western World has been labelled the favorite local honky tonk for its food and music scene that is a must see when you come to the area, visiting or not. Try out the fried bologna sandwiches, cheeseburgers, a turkey and swiss sandwich, corn dogs, and lots of appetizers to hold you over at a great price. Stop by Robert’s Western World today for the experience and the food, of course!

“Thank God for Robert's and the bologna and cheese sandwiches that made me feel like my mom was making lunch for me on a cold winter day (ate two).  I only wish I could have watched the cooks deal with the bologna dome while being grill/pan-fired.” - Yelp Review

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Arnold’s Country Kitchen

Come here to enjoy some classic, and budget-friendly Southern soul food today!

Craving some fried chicken and mashed potatoes? Check out Arnold’s Country Kitchen today!  Image courtesy of Cookstr.

605 8th Avenue S | Downtown |

If you’re down south, there’s one thing that you must try and that is Southern soul food. From fried chicken, collard greens, mashed potatoes, roast beef, and so much more, it’s a thing that you must do if you’re in or around Nashville. Why not give Arnold’s Country Kitchen a go where they offer some of the best Southern dishes in the area! You can choose from dishes like roast beef, fried chicken, pecan pie, chicken and dumplings, country fried steak, and so much more, all for a low price that your wallet will love too. Experience what Arnold’s Country Kitchen has to offer today with its delectable Southern dishes!

“I had the brisket which was fantastic, the cole slaw, and the Mac and cheese. The Mac and cheese was deliciously creamy and the brisket was tender and perfectly made. I also had the pecan pie which was the best way I could imagine finishing the meal.” - Yelp Review 

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It can definitely be difficult to go out and enjoy a great and delicious meal whenever you’re on a budget. Even though we know you want to splurge, it’s important not to go over your budget, which can cause future stress to occur, so we hope we solved this issue for you. All you gotta do is check out these seven cheap restaurants in Nashville and you are good to go!

Is there a cheap restaurant in Nashville that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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