Experience Atlanta’s Best Nightlife At These Vibrant Bars And Clubs

The night is young in the city of Atlanta, so what are we going to do? Need an idea of what bars and dance clubs to visit? Atlanta has a teeming nightlife that is ready to be explored by you! Atlanta has the best drinks, foods, dancefloors, and ambiances out there, and the variety is enough to satisfy everyone! So grab a close group of friends and head out to one of these hotspots in the city after dark. 

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Sutra Lounge

1136 Crescent Ave | Midtown | sutraloungeatl.com

Experience dancing, drinking, and live music

It’s time to hit the dance floor and show Atlanta your moves! If you’re not much of a dancer, then order a drink and enjoy the live music. Image courtesy of Sutra Lounge’s Facebook

Come to Sutra Lounge if you’re looking for a night club experience filled with dancing and good music. Check out their social media to see what events they’re hosting next! Their specialities are Ladies Night Fridays and Single Saturdays. If you’re coming in with a group, consider reserving bottle service online so that you have a table and area, as well as a waitress, busser, and security ready for you upon your arrival. Grab a drink and listen to live music at Sutra Lounge!

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“Came here to listen to open mic night, the music was on point and they had some really good amateur talent performances. They put on some really nice acts…” - Yelp Review

Corner Tavern - Edgewood

Edgewood Corner Tavern

464 Edgewood Ave | Sweet Auburn | thecornertavern.com

Chill out here with drinks and friends

The best spot in the city to sit down and relax with a good drink and friends. Sounds like the perfect night! Image courtesy of Edgewood Corner Tavern’s Facebook

Edgewood Tavern is the best place to grab a seat and hang out. Entertainment here is endless. One one floor, you have the bar and a stage for local DJs to perform. The stage is also used for karaoke night on Sundays. Their second floor has three pool tables, a jukebox, and a food service and another bar. Check out the events they host, such as dance parties, and see what’s coming up. Enjoy tasty appetizers or go right for their menu that includes burgers, sandwiches, and more! 

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“this is one of my favorite bars to eat, drink, & hang out! it's a casual environment where locals & artists frequent for so many reasons… the staff here are awesome! i've never had bad service here EVER…” - Yelp Review


Suite Food Lounge

375 Luckie St | Downtown | suiteatl.com

Food, drinks, decor, dancing, it has it all!

Suite Food Lounge has style and sophistication down, making it the ideal venue for your next gathering. Don’t forget to head to the dance floor and appreciate some Atlanta live music! Image courtesy of Suite Food Lounge’s Facebook

Suite Food Lounge is the venue you come to for handsome decor and delicious food. Their modern and upscale lounge is impressive until it's upscaled by the taste of their classic American cuisine. Suite Food Lounge is also the place to dance and listen to the music. If you’re looking for a place to host an event, consider Suite Food Lounge for their secluded sitting areas. And we can’t forget to mention their events, such as Party on the Patio, Taco Tuesdays, and Karaoke Night! 

“LUCKIE'S DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!!! I had A REALLY GOOD TIME FROM THE MOMENT I STEPPED INTO THIS CLUB UNTIL I LEFT! … if you're looking for a classy, sophisticated adult crowd....THIS IS YOUR PLACE!…” - Yelp Review


Speakeasy Lounge

South Downtown | 156 Forsyth SW St | speakeasylounge.net

Relax at this secluded lounge downtown

Come for the relaxed atmosphere, great drinks, and friendly staff. It’s a great place to celebrate with a tight group. Image courtesy of Speakeasy Lounge’s website.

Looking for a spot to relax tonight? The Speakeasy Lounge is Atlanta’s well-kept secret hotspot! Coming to Speakeasy Lounge, you’re signing up for a chill environment, great tasting drinks, and live music! What kind of music? Only R&B and classic old school music at Speakeasy Lounge. Coziness is amplified by this bar’s secluded location and decor. Speakeasy Lounge is perfect for the mature audience that is looking to enjoy a relaxed night with friends, and maybe make a few new friends. 

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“the lounge has a nice atmosphere. The music and the drinks were on point.  Nice little hang out for meeting friends, etc.” - Yelp Review


Joe’s On Juniper

1049 Juniper St | Midtown | joesonjuniper.com

Have some fun and relax at this gay bar

Come for Trivia Night or to try their delicious cocktails and frozen drinks. While you’re inside, you might as well see what music that jukebox has to offer. Image courtesy of Joe’s On Juniper’s Facebook

Open until midnight, Joe’s On Juniper is a fun way to spend the night. Enjoy a nice day on their patio or stay by the bar as you order your food and drink. This gay bar is ready to show it’s pride, with rainbow painted stairs leading in and rainbow lights and flags hanging everywhere! The casual atmosphere makes it easy to meet new people as you sip on their signature cocktails. Joe’s is also known as the best place to come for trivia night, which shows how this venue is great about keeping a fun and relaxing atmosphere. 

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“This is a really cool gay bar! The decorations are awesome. Rainbow lights and flags hanging up. The patio is also dog friendly which is awesome…” - Yelp Review

M Bar & Lounge - Bar & Restaurant - Downtown Atlanta - Atlanta

M Bar Ultra Lounge

186 Auburn Ave | Sweet Auburn | mbaratlanta.com

A club filled with music, martinis, margaritas, and more

Come to the M Bar after work to unwind and enjoy great food, music, and drink. This bar is a great place to chill and appreciate a nice night. Image courtesy of M Bar Ultra Lounge’s Instagram

Come to M Bar for the definitive bar and lounge experience, with three distinct spaces within its walls. If you’re here to drink, it’s a good idea to order the drinks that the M Bar was named for: martinis, margaritas, mojitos, and mimosas. Along with your drink order, pair it with one of their delicious meals, such as their famous turkey sliders or their tacos. This upscale bar is great at being intimate, exclusive, and quaint. Sounds like the perfect spot to party and unwind all night!

“Small but nice lounge… it was cool..upscale but not so stuffy people not dancing and having fun ...again the DJ was on fire playing different varieties of music…” - Yelp Review


Revery: VR Bar

728 Monroe Dr | Midtown | reveryvrbar.com

Grab a drink and put on the VR headset

Try something new at the VR Bar. Cocktails and VR games seem as good a pairing as any. Image courtesy of Revery: Vr Bar’s Facebook.

This VR Bar is for the group that wants a fun night out while trying something new. As you wait for your VR room, grab a drink at the bar and socialize with your group and the friendly staff. They make especially good cocktails. Once you’re in your VR room, you’ll get to experience VR games! So what are you waiting for? Slip on the VR headset and expand your mind! Enjoy the artistic decor, tasty drinks, and experience with the new technology. 

“The vibe in the building was dope! The customer service was great. The establishment was clean and well maintained. We had some drinks at the bar, they all were very good, worth the money. The whole experience was very chill and low key… ” - Yelp Review

There are so many options in the city of Atlanta! It has something for everyone, so that no matter what you’re looking for -- an upscale lounge, a quiet bar, or a lively dance club -- you’re sure to find it! This list of venues should help you start your search for the perfect night out. By the end of your night, you’re sure to have some great new memories and a greater appreciation for the delicious food and drink of Atlanta! Experiencing the nightlife of Atlanta makes for the most fun night out.

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