Don’t Miss Out on the Action: Eat at One of The Best Restaurants on The Strip in Las Vegas

There’s no need to sacrifice on experiencing the busy nightlife while you munch away on some local eats.

No trip to Las Vegas is complete without at least one stroll up and down The Strip. (Seriously, if you’re not hitting at least 10,000 steps a day, you have not seen everything.) All that walking can make you pretty hungry, though. Now, The Strip is home to so many restaurants that it might make your head spin just thinking about it, but that’s why we’re here. Finding a restaurant near you doesn’t have to take even more brain power than you have left. Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the best restaurants along The Strip for you to drop by as you explore.

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Love burritos? Love Japanese cuisine? Boy, do we have some good news for you. Image courtesy of Jaburritos Instagram

3535 S Las Vegas Blvd, The LINQ Promenade | The Strip |

Have you ever had two very distinctly different favorite foods that you wished more than anything could be combined together to create the ultimate treat but never stumbled across it? Well, if you’re a fan of both sushi and burritos, your trip to Las Vegas just got a whole lot more interesting (and tastier).

Jaburritos is a Las Vegas original, and in the city where you can find just about anything, we really mean anything. Since founder Ken Aoki first opened up its doors in 2015, Jaburritos has been treating longtime residents and tourists alike to some of the most unique food fusions you’ll find in Vegas - and maybe the entire country.

Traditional Japanese fare rolled up into a burrito? Whether you choose to opt for the traditional tortilla of a burrito or you’d like to stay more traditional to Japanese food by making seaweed your container, these jaburritos are something you absolutely cannot miss out on when you’re on The Strip.

“Two of my favorite things are sushi and burritos. This place combined two of my favorites into one frankenfood of delight! You can pick your protein combo which is fish/meat, sauces, and toppings.” - Yelp Review

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Believe it or not, there’s more to Italian cuisine than just pasta and pizza. Discover a world of options at Scarpetta.  Image courtesy of Scarpetta Instagram

3708 Las Vegas Blvd S, Level 3, Boulevard Tower | The Strip |

If you had to describe what you imagine a traditional Italian family meal to look like, what would you say? Your first instinct would probably be to draw from what you’ve seen in the movies over the years: full of conversation and laughter, perhaps the occasional argument, food passed around the table as it’s served family style, and probably exceptionally long.

It’s that last descriptor that we’re pretty sure you’ll find yourself using to describe The Strip’s Scarpetta, where they believe one of the tenets of Italian dining culture should be the focus of their restaurant. Here at Scarpetta, they want you to savor the little moments - whether that be enjoying time with friends and family, or even just enjoying your meal.

Their name is quite fitting for precisely this reason. Plucked right out of the Italian saying “fare la scarpetta,” which translates to savoring a meal until the very last bite, Scarpetta is your new perfect excuse to spend as much time at a restaurant as you need to in order to enjoy yourself.

“I am a sucker for Italian food (okay, pasta) and was blown away by Scarpetta. Everything exceeded my expectations- our view overlooking the Bellagio fountain, the variety and taste of the bread basket, the service, and the ambiance.” - Yelp Review

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Bazaar Meat by José Andrés

Celebrity chefs are everywhere in Las Vegas, but the best restaurants might just be run by those famous chefs who aren’t actually celebrities.  Image courtesy of Bazaar Meat by José Andrés Instagram

2535 S Las Vegas Blvd | The Strip |

When in Las Vegas, there’s one thing that’s probably featured across almost everyone’s list of things to do: visit at least one restaurant created by a famous chef. There are seemingly endless restaurants with famous chefs’ names featured in their names throughout vegas, but today we’re going to highlight Bazaar Meat by José Andrés.

While this restaurant is certainly not the only famous restaurant on The Strip, it’s definitely up there in terms of top-notch service, food, and ambiance. José Andrés is the only chef in the whole world who has earned a two-star Michelin, as well as four Bib Gourmands.

On top of this, he is also an incredible humanitarian who constantly thinks up new ways to help ward off hunger for people in need. At this restaurant, fondly dubbed “The Bazaar,” you’ll find creative dishes inspired by Andrés’ Spanish roots but with their own unique twists to combine the old and the new.

“The restaurant has an old-school steakhouse feel, but with a contemporary modern twist featuring oversized chairs, an emphasis on wood, animal murals, and crocodile heads.” - Yelp Review

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Earl of Sandwich

Sometimes you just need a sandwich to tide you over until your next big meal - and Earl of Sandwich definitely hits the spot.  Image courtesy of Earl of Sandwich Instagram

3667 Las Vegas Blvd S | The Strip |

When you’re on vacation, chain restaurants are probably the last thing on your mind. After all, what’s the point in experiencing a new city if you’re not even indulging in every little thing that is specifically unique to that city?

Chain restaurants tend to fall flat on that unique charm you’ll find from restaurants that were opened and originated right here in Las Vegas, but we think we can pretty safely say that Earl of Sandwich is the exception to that rule. Not only do they offer up some of the most competitively affordable prices for dining in the city, but their sandwiches are also delicious and healthy!

They believe in quality at Earl of Sandwich, which means they put a very careful attention to detail into every single ingredient that goes into their sandwiches to make sure they’re only serving you the fresh stuff. They’re not just about convenience here, they’re about quality.

“There was a line out this place for a reason! A friend was raving to me that one of the places we HAD to go to in Vegas was Earl of Sandwich and she was not wrong.” - Yelp Review

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Hash House a Go Go

Brunch cooked up in the style of traditional southern fare? Sign us up!  Image courtesy of Hash House a Go Go Instagram

3535 Las Vegas Blvd | The Strip |

Whether or not you’ve experienced one before, if you’re an avid foodie, you’ve probably at least heard of a farm-to-table restaurant by now. If you’ve ever wanted to know what food made up of truly fresh ingredients tastes like, your best chance is through a farm-to-table restaurant.

Since there aren’t exactly many farms in Las Vegas, one of the closest forms of a farm-to-table restaurant you’ll be able to find is at Hash House a Go Go. Well known as one of Vegas’s most prominent “southern” eateries, Hash House a Go Go is your go-to place to enjoy some southern soul food while you’re in the city.

Here, they’ve taken classic southern fare and added some modern, creative twists to it - and they’re trying to be as conscientious as possible by using the freshest ingredients they can find. Get your hands on some chicken and waffles or even a decadent burger to make this trip complete.

“Be it brunch, lunch or dinner.... This place is good for everything. The food tastes unique and the servers are so nice. You can modify the menu to your taste a bit and add more sauces or dressings at no cost.” - Yelp Review

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Yardbird Southern Table & Bar

If this photo doesn’t make you drool on the spot, we’re pretty sure you need to try these amazing mashed potatoes ASAP.  Image courtesy of Yardbird Southern Table & Bar Instagram

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S | The Strip |

Most people don’t come to Las Vegas if they aren’t fond of a lively nightlife and an endless party, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never want a brief reprieve during your stay. Whether you’re just a little too hungover to experience the bright light of day after a long night out or you’re just really fond of quiet places that’ll let you recharge, there are always pockets to escape to.

One of those pockets is Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, and they are one of the few restaurants in the city that will treat you to some of the most delicious and hearty traditional southern cooking. Whether you’re in it for the massive pile of homemade mashed potatoes or you’re really excited to try some beignets, this is the place for you.

Stop on in to enjoy some of that southern hospitality you would be remiss to find outside of the south itself, and in the meantime you can spend your time in the quiet corner refueling as you prepare for another long, fun night. Sooner or later you’ll be leaving the city behind completely, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on taking care of your needs in the meantime.

“The food was made with pure love. You can tell that the cooks/kitchen staff take pride in their presentation and flavoring of their food. You have to have a touch of earth flavoring on everything to make it complete.” - Yelp Review

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There’s no denying that if there’s one place most people are looking to visit when they’re in Las Vegas, it’s definitely The Strip. These are some of the best restaurants along that long stretch of vibrant nightlife. Let us know which one gave you the best meal of your life in the comments below!

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