Check Out These 6 Popular Drive-In Movie Theaters in Las Vegas

You don’t need to leave your car to enjoy a great show! Visit one of these 6 popular Las Vegas drive-in movie theaters for your next night out.

The first patented drive-in movie theater opened in 1933. Since then, thousands of eager movie-goers have opted to enjoy films on the big screen from the comfort of their own cars. Like regular movie theaters, guests typically have the option to purchase snacks from a concession stand. Some drive-in theaters even boast extra attractions like a carousel or mini-golf course. 

And while there aren’t as many drive-in theaters open today as there were 80 years ago, you can still find great spots in Las Vegas. Since the start of the pandemic, interest in drive-in theaters has significantly grown. Drive-in theaters allow guests to watch movies on the big screen while also practicing social distancing. 

Want to take a break from the bars and casinos and have a fun movie night with some friends and family members instead? We’ve got you covered! Check out our list of the top 6 drive-in movie theaters in Las Vegas now.

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1. West Wind Drive-In Las Vegas

Popular drive-in movie theater that frequently hosts family-friendly events

car parked by booth
Enjoy the latest films in the comfort of your own private space. Image courtesy of Yelp.

4150 West Carey Ave | Las Vegas |

West Wind is a family-owned and operated drive-in theater chain with locations in California, Arizona, and Nevada. The Las Vegas location is one of the most popular drive-ins in the city. 

Before the screening, guests can grab a quick bite from the snack bar. Their snack bar offers delicious snacks like Orville Redenbacher popcorn, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs, and oven pizza. When the movie starts, guests can enjoy crystal-clear imagery on West Wind’s massive digital projector while listening to crisp audio straight from their car stereo. 

One of the major draws of West Wind is its feature midnight screenings of major releases and early openings. Just like indoor theaters, West Wind offers first-run movies. West Wind also offers double features on occasion. In between screenings, you and the kids can visit the playground or play some arcade games.

Are you ready to visit West Wind? General admission for teens to adults is $9. However, teenagers and adults can get a $3 discount on Tuesday Family Night. Buy tickets online now!

“I've visited other drive-ins and this one is one of the best in my opinion, mainly it's nostalgic.  There's a no-frills, old-school, laidback vibe to it, something that is definitely needed from time to time. All the concession prices are reasonable....great popcorn!!! Sound quality and sight lines from your car are all good too!” - Yelp Review

2. Snappy Burger

Drive-thru burger joint that also offers an outdoor drive-in theater

101 N Decatur Blvd | Westside |

Snappy Burger combines two of the best things in the world: burgers and films. At this local, family-owned drive-thru business, you’ll find a full burger joint paired with an outdoor drive-in movie theater. 

Snappy Burger offers classic American dishes like french fries, burgers, popcorn, and slushies. Once you finish grabbing your grub, you can park your car and watch whatever movie is playing. 

Snappy Burger is the only drive-in theater in the world to show short films from independent artists. These films are usually shown on a loop, and last around 10 minutes. Family-friendly movies are played during the daytime while more mature content is screened at night. During the day, Snappy Burger adds a shade cover over the movie screen to cut down on daytime sun glare.

Want some memorabilia to take home with you? Snappy Burger features a wide selection of $1 comic books at the drive-thru window. Why not take a few books on your way out? 

Think you’ll give Snappy Burger a try? Let us know how it goes!

“Drive-in" for a perfect place to eat burgers and watch classic movies, any day of the week! Food: HUGE portions of fries, popcorn, and icee along with messily-delicious burgers all under $5. They also serve candy and gourmet sodas. Ambiance: Small drive-in lot that you can park in and watch movies on the big screen. Recommend coming during the evening to avoid the daytime glare!” - Yelp Review

3. Dreamland Drive-In

Outdoor drive-in theater that is also known for its drag shows

3905 W Diablo Dr | Las Vegas |

Dreamland Drive-In is the world’s first drive-in dinner theater. Dreamland Drive-In hosts live music, stand-up comedians, and drag shows year-round. Over the years, they’ve hosted events like the Drive-In Drag Show and Sexxy: The Show. Themed drive-in experiences like Nightmare Drive-In and Holly Jolly Drive-In have also been held in the past. 

According to Thrillist, Dreamland Drive-In is set to offer a drive-in food experience. For now, guests can order their food online and have it delivered to their car. 

Dreamland Drive-In allows you to experience the joys of theater while socially distancing from others. If this sounds like a good time to you, you should head to Dreamland Drive-In’s website for a list of upcoming shows and events! 

“Dreamland Drive-In is the most fun you can have in a warehouse trucking bay.” - Thrillist

4. Family Movie Night at Container Park

Downtown park that hosts Family Movie Night every Thursday night

707 Fremont St | Downtown |

Container Park is a popular family-friendly park located in Downtown Las Vegas. In addition to its extensive outdoor space, Container Park is home to a number of shops and restaurants. It’s the perfect spot for a day-long outing.

After a long day at the park, you can enjoy a fun movie with your loved ones. Family Movie Nights are held every Thursday night at Container Park. One of the nice things about this park is the number of restaurants it houses. Before you attend a movie screening, you can grab some food from one of the many nearby restaurants. 

Ready for dinner and a movie at Container Park? Check out their website for more information!

“Their summer movie sessions are awesome. I've been attending the past two years and I enjoy it. My little one loves it so it's a must every summer. They don't start showing until sundown which is around 8ish and they have the misters going to keep you cool during those hot summer nights.” - Yelp Review

5. Clark County Drive-In Movie Series

Free drive-in movie event that offers food trucks on-site

cars in parking lot in front of big screen
500 S Grand Central Pkwy | Downtown |

The Clark County Drive-In Movie Series is a popular summer activity! Image courtesy of Thrillist.

Clark County Parks partnered up with TruVision Cinema to host a drive-in movie series for residents. Films usually start at 7pm. If you wish to watch the movie while also enjoying some fresh air, you can sit outside as long as you’re in the vicinity of your vehicle. 

In the past, Clark County Parks offered themed movie nights like the Cinema of Horrors: Drive-In Experience. Popular horror films like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Hocus Pocus were shown in the days leading up to Halloween. 

It’s important to note that space is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, we highly encourage you to arrive early. 

Does this sound like your kind of night? Check out the Clark County website for a list of upcoming events!

“'I’ve been here several times and it's a great setup for outdoor concerts/show. Parking is ample and the venue is contained. Depending on the show/festival, there are different retail and food vendors that show up.” - Yelp Review

6. Yonder Escalante

Luxury RV resort outside of Las Vegas that has a drive-in theater for guests

2020 UT-12 | Escalante |

Yonder Escalante is not a pure drive-in movie theater. Located outside of Las Vegas, Yonder Escalante is a luxury camping and RV site that offers upscale amenities. It’s located on the grounds of an old drive-in movie theater, and it still screens movies for guests. Popcorn and other snacks are available at the concession stand. 

Because of its distance from Las Vegas, Yonder Escalante is best suited for people looking for a mini-vacation. While they stay in the park’s cozy cabins, they will also have the luxury of their own drive-in movie theater. 

Ready to book your next vacation at Yonder Escalante? Check out their website to get started!

“This place is awesome! Stayed in the cabins on a girl's trip and didn't want to leave. The facilities are super clean and have everything you could want or need, gourmet snacks and premade sandwiches to go. At night, we played cards, drank wine, ate smore's, and watched movies at the drive-in theater on site, it was so much fun.” - Yelp Review

What to Expect at a Drive-In Movie Theater

Is this your first time going to a drive-in movie theater? Read on!

movie projector
So, how does a night at the drive-in theater work, exactly? Read on to learn what you can expect at a drive-in movie theater.

Most drive-in movie theater screenings occur at night. This is done to ensure a premium viewing experience free of the annoying glare from the sun. Drive-in theaters are pretty popular in Las Vegas, so make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes early to grab a good spot close to the screen. 

Food & Drinks

Most regular movie theaters do not permit outside beverages or snacks. However, this policy varies a little more among drive-in theaters. 

If you visit a drive-in theater that allows outside food, you have the wonderful opportunity of creating your own inexpensive and delicious picnic. You might even be able to order food and have it delivered right to your car!


During the heyday of drive-in theaters, most of the theaters had a small speaker on every parking spot that would broadcast audio to cars. This allowed each car to experience high-quality audio in its own space.

Nowadays, most cars can tune in through a designated FM radio station. But tuning in through a station will require you to keep your car on the whole time. Instead, you should bring your own portable radio along with extra batteries! 

Getting Comfortable

Most drive-in theaters let you bring your own chairs to sit outside. If you want to get comfortable, you should bring blankets, sleeping bags, or pillows along with your lawn chairs. If you decide to sit outside, remember to be courteous to other movie-goers. No one wants to listen to your conversations or get distracted by the glare of your phone. 

Everyone should visit a drive-in movie theater at least once in their life. If you haven’t gone to one yet, you’re really missing out! 

Which drive-in theaters on the list do you plan to visit? Let us know!

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