Craving a Unique Po Boy in New Orleans? Here Are the 7 Best Restaurants to Get One!

Sometimes a po boy just hits the spot a lot, so make sure to check out these top seven restaurants that serve the best ones in New Orleans!

You can’t get any more authentic in Louisiana than by indulging into a po boy, the state’s own sandwich known for its deliciousness with your choice of roast beef or seafood! The sandwiches are huge, and we definitely think your appetite should be too when diving into one of these delicious sandwiches. Have you never had one before? Get to know and understand the Louisiana cuisine with a po boy at these top seven restaurants that serve the best in New Orleans!

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Domilise Po-Boys & Bar

Enjoy some of the best po boys since 1942 when the restaurant opened!

Come try out New Orleans’s best po boys at Domilise Po-Boys & Bar that have made history since its opening! Image courtesy of Yelp. 

5240 Annunciation Street | West Riverside |

Do you enjoy supporting local and want to get a local po boy to make your day even better? Make sure to stop by Domilise Po-Boys & Bar today for one of the best ones in all of New Orleans! Opened since 1942, Domilise has been known for their fire shrimp and fried oyster po boys, along with many other delicious flavors of Southern cuisine.

Stop by Domilise and try out the fried oyster po boy, roast beef po boy, half seafood half beef po boy, a meatball one, and even a hot smoked sausage one too. What are you waiting for? Po boys are close by, so make sure to check out Domilise Po-Boys & Bar as soon as you can!

“There is no better poboy anywhere. Domilise's is far superior to other spots and when you add in the incredible folks behind the counter, you can't beat it.” - Yelp Review 

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Killer Po Boys

Ever had a gourmet po boy? Get your taste buds ready for some global flavors in these po boys!

Try out some po boys at Killer Po Boys where they are known for their global influences and more! Image courtesy of Killer Po Boys. 

811 Conti Street | French Quarter |

Po boys are one of the most delicious sandwiches ever, but have you ever had a gourmet one? Well, we think you’ll be missing out if you don’t go to Killer Po Boys today for one of the most delicious ones you’ll ever have in your life! Using gourmet techniques with lots of global flavors, we know that you’ll definitely love what’s in store at this unique restaurant.

Enjoy some chef crafted po boy sandwiches with flavors such as pork belly, shrimp, the gulf shrimp, grilled shrimp, seared shrimp, roasted sweet potato, beef, sweet potato, and so much more that you’ll never want to try another po boy anywhere else. Check out Killer Po Boys as soon as you can!

“The glazed pork belly po boy was beyond what I expected! So many flavors of super juicy sauce with the coleslaw in the sandwich was just perfect.” - Yelp Review 

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Mahony’s Po Boys & Seafood

Dive into a loaded po boy at this fun counter-serve restaurant that you’ll love!

Make sure to check out Mahony’s Po Boys & Seafood for some huge po boys packed with some good stuff! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

3454 Magazine Street | East Riverside |

Do you want to get a bang for your buck? Why not check out Mahony’s Po Boys & Seafood for their memorable and delicious po boys that are ginormous and loaded with lots of good stuff! Open since 2008, Mahony’s enjoys making the classic po boy and blending it with lots of other delicious flavors to make for a unique eating experience you’ve never had before.

Mahony’s is a great place to go to when you’re hungry and craving something delicious and one-of-a-kind. Why not come and try out the roast beef po boy, fried oysters po boy, short rib, fried chicken, alligator sausage, fried shrimp, pot roast, and so much more. Any kind of meat or seafood can be made into a po boy, so make sure to check out what Mahony’s Po Boys & Seafood has to offer now!

“This restaurant had great food, great service and average prices in a neighborhood atmosphere.” - Yelp Review 

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Johnny’s Po Boys

Check out this cheery po boy counter-serve restaurant that has been open since 1950!

Come to Johnny’s Po Boys and experience their tasty po boy that people have loved since 1950! Image courtesy of Visit New Orleans. 

511 St. Louis Street | French Quarter |

Are you just thinking about po boys and where you can get your next one at? Why not give Johnny’s Po Boys a chance then! Johnny’s Po Boys has been open since 1950 and it is a counter-serve restaurant that serves all of your favorite and classic po boys to get your hands on. Many people rave about Johnny’s, so we definitely think it’s worth a try.

There are lots of different flavors of po boys to get at this unique restaurant. Everything from a shrimp po boy, roast beef, fried shrimp, oyster, alligator sausage, catfish po boys, and even seafood gumbo, there are plenty of options to choose from to pick something delicious. Make sure to stop by Johnny’s Po Boys today!

“As always Johnny's is delicious! The absolute best Po Boys in NOLA!! This is a MUST stop!!” - Yelp Review

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Melba’s Po Boys

Stop by for some fast service, delicious po boys, and some exceptional customer service!

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a tasty po boy, so get a tasty one at Melba’s Po Boys! Image courtesy of Melba’s Po Boys. 

1525 Elysian Fields | St. Roch |

Are you thinking about where you can get your next po boy at? We got just the right place for you. Come to Melba’s Po Boys today and get one of their tasty po boys to try out for yourself! Melba’s is one of the best places to get a po boy in New Orleans because of their authenticity and with just how tasty they are.

Get the best customer service and po boy possible at Melba’s when you try out the shrimp po boy, roast beef, red beans and rice, the hot sausage po boy, and so much more. Melba’s Po Boys is a place that you don’t want to miss out on, so make sure to stop by because you won’t regret it!

“Awesome comfort food and people. Catered our daughter's wedding and everything was wonderful. Thanks, you all.” - Yelp Review 

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Parran’s Po Boys Uptown

Go to this restaurant in uptown New Orleans where the food is great and it’s in the center of the action!

Come to Parran’s Po Boys Uptown for some tasty po boy sandwiches right in the heart of New Orleans! Image courtesy of Eater New Orleans. 

4920 Prytania Street | Uptown |

You should take a day to explore uptown New Orleans. Why do you ask? Well, for one simple reason and that’s Parran’s Po Boys Uptown! Parran’s is a great place to go to when you’re craving a tasty po boy and you’re right in the heart of New Orleans. With so much to do there, you have to take a break and get a Louisiana favorite.

Parran’s Po Boys Uptown serves lots of tasty po boys, such as roast beef, shrimp, fried oyster, blackened shrimp, and other favorites like fried chicken, gumbo, crusty chicken, and so much more. Make sure to come and explore Parran’s Po Boys Uptown ASAP and get a tasty dish too! 

“I ate a classic roast beef poboy and devoured it.  First rate and the bread was perfect.  Service was very good.” - Yelp Review 

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Cajun favorites are served here, and of course, po boys, so get exactly what you’re looking for!

Explore Parasol’s today for some delicious po boys, and other cajun favorites that we know you’re going to love! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

2533 Constance Street | Irish Channel |

Are you looking for one of the best po boys in New Orleans? Make sure to come and try out Parasol’s today located in the Irish Channel of New Orleans! Parasol’s is a sixty-year-old establishment known for its delicious po boys, cajun, and other Southern favorites that you need to make sure you try ASAP!

Parasol’s serves lots of delicious dishes, such as roast beef po boys, firecracker shrimp, fried shrimp, a fried oyster sandwich, and so much more good stuff that you’ll never want to pass up. Make sure to stop by Parasol’s today, or the next time you’re in New Orleans!

“Local atmosphere, plenty of drink options, and authentic/tasty food! We got the boiled crawfish and loved it.” - Yelp Review 

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Po boys are one of the best things that you can try out in New Orleans, or Louisiana for that matter. With being the staple of the state of Louisiana, po boys and other tasty Southern and Cajun food should be enjoyed always. Make sure to explore these seven best restaurants in New Orleans that serve po boys today!

Is there a restaurant in New Orleans that serves po boys that you love that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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