Breakfast + Lunch = Perfect Combo! Take A Peek At These Top Brunch Spots In Miami!

Up later than you planned and still in the mood for brunch foods before you head to the beach? Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Way back in 1895, a clever wordsmith created a term that molds the words “breakfast” and “lunch” together, which of course is…brunch! Brunch is the perfect time to combine the heartier foods that normally are served better for lunch, and the sweet blend of delicious breakfast food everyone loves, together. 

Brunch holds many opportunities for a family day out on the town, meeting up with your friends, or enjoying eating so much food you won’t have to eat again till dinner! Brunch in Miami holds a lot of promise, with its many different restaurants catering to the brunch phenomenon, you can’t go wrong with many of the choices out there!

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Rusty Pelican

Set in an updated landmark on the water with views of the city, enhancing upscale dining!

Colorful mimosas are a fun way to start your brunch meal! Image courtesy of the Rusty Pelican Instagram page.

3201 Rickenbacker Causeway | Key Biscayne | 

Giving guests a unique taste of Miami, The Rusty Pelican is right on the Rickenbacker Marina, giving guests an unbeatable view of the water! The building is very “plantation-stylized,” exuding a flare of elegance and an emphasis on the “modern” decor adding a dash of flavor to the atmosphere and the menu!

The Rusty Pelican has six separate menus, ones for dinner, lunch, the bar, happy hour, togo & delivery, and of course brunch! Their brunch menu consists of many different options, but just some of them are Caviar Frites, Calamari, Crab Cake, and Short Rib Empanadas as starter choices. 

With Smoked Salmon Benedict, Lobster Benedict, Crab Huevos Rancheros, Fried Chicken and Waffles, and Fruity Pebble Pancakes as a few of their aptly named: “Brunchy Type Of Things.” Lots of fun to be had at the Rusty Pelican!

“We came here based on a recommendation of two people. We requested a window and they gave us a stunning view. We had Roberto. He was amazing. He recommended the best dishes and drinks. A wonderful experience. If you go, ask for Roberto. Can't wait to go back.” -Yelp Review

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Bulla Gastrobar

A popular array of restaurants serving a delightful combo of brunch, lunch, and dinner!

Cheers to friendship and cheers to good brunch! Image courtesy of the Bulla Gastrobar Instagram page.

8870 Southwest 136th Street Suite RR01 | Miami | 

Long setting the “standard for Spanish cuisine,” Bulla Gastrobar is a popular set of restaurants that have been “creating a stir” in the Miami area! Artisanal cooking is the main aspect of Bulla Gastrobar, with an emphasis on a unique and lively atmosphere, creating a perfect restaurant for any occasion!

With five separate menus highlighting their brunch, lunch, dinner, drink, and cocktail options, giving the customer plenty to choose from. However, you’re here for brunch, so let’s break down some of Bulla Gastrobar’s brunch choices:

Appetizers like Avocado Toast, Crispy Calamari, and Watermelon Salad, entrees like Huevos Bravos, Chicken & Waffles, Bulla Benedict, and Hazelnut Waffles, and then Torrija, Flan De Coco, and Churros Con Chocolate for dessert. Delicious choices to enjoy for brunch time at Bulla Gastrobar!

“The food was so delicious and came out so quick. I would recommend to order a little at a time to have space on the table. The sangrias are delicious and flavorful. The service was exceptional thought it was the cutest thing for a husband and wife dual. They were great!!!” -Yelp Review 

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Chug’s Diner

A fusion of Cuban and American diner culture to create a perfect diner!

Perfect plating for a perfect brunch combo! Image courtesy of the Chug’s Diner Instagram page.

3444 Main Hwy Suite 21 | Miami | 

Chef Michael Beltrán brings the Cuban-American experience to the people of Miami with Chug’s Diner! Treating their roots with respect and skill in the kitchen, Chug’s Diner is serving a variety of foods all throughout the day that reflect where Michael has come from and what he has learned! When you’re ready for a great meal, Chug’s Diner is there for you to sit down, enjoy the music, and have a meal you’ll be talking about for the rest of the day!

Chug’s Diner has many different categories of foods, from cold platters, handhelds, pastries, cocktails, entrees, and more! But we are here to discuss their brunch menu! On the brunch menu, Chug’s has Beltran’s Bacon, Quiche, Cast Iron Pancake, Veggie Hash, Ricotta Toast, Salmon Tostada, and more! Plenty to choose from for your brunch outing!

“Just what Coconut Grove needed. This modern Cuban American diner is home to the best black bean croqueta's you'll ever try! I tried the avocado sandwich which was AMAZING, but everything on the menu seems to be spectacular. From the ambiance, to the service Chug's diner is should def be added to your MUST-TRY list.” -Yelp Review

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Plant Miami

A refined and suave restaurant presenting raw/vegan cuisine!

Waffles with a splash of color, brings every flavor together! Image courtesy of the Sacred Space Miami Instagram page.

105 NE 24th St | Miami | 

Holding a “modern plant-based” standard, Sacred Space Miami emphasizes “vibrant and organic” foods that have a dedication to conscious cuisine. Inspired by the South Florida landscape, each dish uses the purest of ingredients that are locally sourced, kosher,and gluten free, with vegan options to satisfy any palate!

It would be remiss to not mention the restaurant setting, Sacred Space Miami is set in a “garden” setting with a gold tiled reflecting pond, meditation area, and outdoor lounge space! A mix of the comfortable and the upscale to create what is known as Sacred Space Miami!

What we are here to talk about is, of course, the brunch menu, with a full selection of foods there are many great things to choose from. Here are just some of what Sacred Space Miami has on their brunch menu: a Cheese Course, Jackfruit Maki Roll, Tahini Eggplant, Bagel Sandwich, Avocado Toast, Coconut Parfait, Ruben Sandwich, Truffle Noodles, Waffles, Banana Pancakes, Cheesecake, and more!

“Plant Miami has fantastic vegan food! This restaurant is a real gem! The Sacred Space is such a beautiful oasis! I've been to several events; meditation, shamanic healing, etc. Highly recommend this venue!” -Yelp Review 

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Zuma Miami

Chic, minimalist, and popular, this Japanese restaurant has got it all!

A picture-esque meal makes for a good one! Image courtesy of the Zuma Miami Instagram page.

270 Biscayne Blvd Way | Miami | 

A twist on the traditional Japanese Izakaya style of informal eating and drinking, Zuma Miami was co-founded by Rainer Becker and Arjun Waney in 2002. With 11 venues globally and 5 seasonal locations, this restaurant gives a unique flavor to every customer with their fantastic food and great ambience.

Located in the heart of downtown, Zuma Miami has dishes that are authentic in their flavors, their dishes may have a simple presentation but that does not take away from bold flavors that come through with their quality ingredients.

On the brunch menu they have selections including but not limited to, Spicy Tuna Roll, Steamed Soybeans, Vegetable Roll, Beef Tataki, Watercress Salad, Glazed Pork Ribs, Chilean Sea Bass, and a whole sushi selection! Plenty of Japanese favorites to mix up your regular brunch outings! 

“This is one of my favorite places to go when I'm in the mood to eat somewhere high-end, the ambience is beautiful outside by the water and everything on the menu was amazing! I wish I had more pictures to post but I love everything at this restaurant and I try to go at least once a month!” -Yelp Review

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Strawberry Moon

Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine and serving it in a modern stylish swim club & bar!

Pool side, cabanas, and tasty drinks? Amazing! Image courtesy of the Strawberry Moon Instagram page.

601 Washington Ave | Miami | 

A new contemporary, high energy, unique, and swanky bar, Strawberry Moon is a restaurant/bar combo that is at the newly opened Goodtime Hotel. Strawberry Moon strives to capture the lighthearted fun feeling that Miami offers with its pops of color and gorgeous views. From creatively made cocktails, to bottle serves, or regular ol’ beers, Strawberry Moon has a little something for everyone to enjoy, including a brunch menu which is what you are searching for!

Their brunch menu may be small, but that does not take away from the dishes, on the menu the Strawberry Moon has Chocolate Babka French Toast, Moroccan Shakshuka, Falafel Benedict, Avocado Toast, Breakfast Pide, Jah-Mama Mary, Bottomless Sips At The Moon, Mimosas, and Rosé! Simple and decadent dishes/drinks served at Strawberry Moon!

“We came to the Strawberry Moon last month (March) to celebrate my sister's birthday for brunch and had an amazing time. The food was good and server was cool! This place is a vibe. I loved the decor and cute areas to take photos!!” -Yelp Review

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Planning your trip to Miami can lead to a lot of researching what the best places to grab food are, and brunch being one of the most popular, knowing what the best brunch places are is key to a great day! Although this list has just a few, these places offer a different array of cuisines for your brunch needs. Plenty to enjoy before a big day out exploring Miami, sitting in the sun, and spending time with those you love!

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