Best Places to Get BBQ in Hawaii

Hawaii is famous for its luaus — otherwise known as barbecues. Maybe that’s why there are so many amazing BBQ restaurants and eateries on the islands. From incredible Korean barbeque to more island-themed cuisine, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from if you get an appetite for some excellent barbeque beef, pork, chicken, or shrimp. To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of the best places to get BBQ in Hawaii.

Hawaii is famous for its luaus — otherwise known as barbecues. Maybe that’s why there are so many amazing BBQ restaurants and eateries on the islands. From incredible Korean barbeque to more island-themed cuisine, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from if you get an appetite for some excellent barbeque beef, pork, chicken, or shrimp. To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of the best places to get BBQ in Hawaii.

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YoonCy BBQ

Order some great Korean BBQ takeout at YoonCy BBQ

Mouth-watering BBQ beef at YoonCy BBQ in Hawaii. Image courtesy of Yelp.

888 Kapahulu Ave. Unit 150 | Kapahulu Shopping Center/

Visit Kapahulu Shopping Center to taste some of the best Korean barbeque in Honolulu. You’ll have plenty of choices, from their BBQ chicken and beef to meat jun. There’s also the Korean fried chicken and Yooncy special with kalbi. Vegetarians will also enjoy the kimchee, tofu soup, and seaweed soup.

The best part of Korean dishes are the sides, and YoonCy BBQ doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy your barbeque with choy sun, long rice noodles, kim chee, bean sprouts and many other options. Take out options are also available, making it very convenient to eat at YoonCy BBQ. Make it part of your vacation dining experience today!

“Truly one of the best Korean take out spots on this side of the island.” — Yelp Review

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Mama Woo’s BBQ

Mama Woo’s offers gourmet Korean cooking

Feed the entire family at Mama Woo’s BBQ. Image courtesy of Yelp.

2080 S. King St. Ste 101 | Mo’ili’ili/

Founded in 2003 by Mama Wood and her daughter Kris, Mama Woo’s BBQ boasts gourmet Korean cooking from a woman who worked as a gourmet chef in some of Hawaii’s finest Korean restaurants. Now, those skills are being carried over to Mama Woo’s own restaurant, which serves tasty and authentic Korean food to both tourists and natives.

Enjoy bulgogi (BBQ beef), meat jun, and chicken katsu. House specialties include the spicy BBQ pork and chicken as well as the ever-popular oxtail soup. The menu options here are highly varied, allowing you to order several noodle and soup dishes, sandwiches, and side orders of your favorite Korean dishes like Kalbi (Korean barbequed beef short ribs) and fried mandoo (Korean dumplings).

Read to really impress your friends? You can order marinated meat by the pound for amazing tailgating parties. Options include BBQ chicken, BBQ beef, Kalbi, spicy pork, meat jun, and chicken katsu. Mama promises not to tell if you claim you made it yourself, but you might want to throw in some side dishes to give your friends the full Korean BBQ experience.

“The BBQ chicken was one of the best that I’ve had. I will go back for just that.” — Yelp Review

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New Island BBQ

Plenty of pleasing options at New Island BBQ

High quality dishes at New Island BBQ. Image courtesy of Yelp.

150 Mokauea St. Ste A | Kalihi

New Island BBQ is a fast food restaurant that serves exceptionally high quality dishes. Customers rave about their juicy steaks and BBQ Cheeseburger Deluxe. Be sure to try their teriyaki beef and salt ‘n pepper chicken, which never fail to please diners.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, New Island BBQ offers a remarkably extensive menu that includes bento options (complete with furikaki rice, chicken katsu, spam, teriyaki beef, and mahi mahi), seafood combos, saimin, and breakfast specials. Prices are reasonable and takeout options are available for those who can’t get enough of their food.

“One of my go-to places for lunch in Kalihi/Sand Island. Try the salt & pepper chix with fried rice!” — Yelp Review

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Ohana BBQ & Sushi

Great barbeque and sushi dishes from their family to yours

Spicy BBQ chicken at Ohana BBQ & Sushi. Image courtesy of Yelp.

98-042 Kamehameha Hwy | Aiea/

“Ohana,” as anyone who’s seen the Disney film “Lilo & Stitch” knows, is the Hawaiian word for “family.” Ohana BBQ & Sushi clearly lives up to this name by putting in a lot of love and thought into the dishes they offer just so you feel like family when you come here.

You’ll find plenty of barbeque dishes here, including BBQ beef, chicken, and pork (with spicy options). For the full Korean BBQ experience, though, make sure to order some of their side orders, including the fried mandoo, fish jun, seaweed soup, and fried tofu. And as their name indicates, you can order some tasty sushi dishes, including shrimp tempura, Korean rolls, and ahi rolls as well as some gyoza on the side.

If you have a large group to feed, check out their family packs that offer plenty of BBQ, vegetables, rice, and salad. Online ordering options are available for extra convenience.

“One of our favorite places to enjoy some awesomelicious food!” — Yelp Review

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Sadie’s BBQ Inn

Sample a rich variety of barbeque and seafood dishes

Try the sizzlin’ spicy pork at Sadie’s BBQ Inn. Image courtesy of Yelp.

850 Kamehameha Hwy Unit 132 | Pearl City/

Located in Pearl City Shopping Center, Sadie’s BBQ Inn offers an early Okazuya menu from 5:00AM to 2:00PM that includes several bento packs. Then from 11:00AM to 9:00Pm, you can order from the lunch and dinner menus which includes Sadie’s Special and its rich variety of King Kalibi (charbroiled king ribs), BBQ chicken, meat jun, fried shrimp, and mandoo. You can also choose from many other barbeque options including BBQ beef, spicy pork, and ika (cuttlefish).

Like many fine Hawaiian restaurants, you’ll find many delectable seafood options here, including their yellow corvina, mackerel, butterfish, and fried seafood platters. Barbeque might be part of their special dishes, but the truth is they do all sorts of Korean cuisine right here. Make sure to come with a big enough appetite to sample multiple dishes!

“Sadie’s BBQ is the type of restaurant that does all things well. The thing that sets it apart from a lot of other Korean restaurants in Hawaii is that it doesn’t really have a specialty. It’s just all-around good!” — Yelp Review

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Gina’s B-B-Q

Gina’s BBQ can take care of all your dining needs, no matter how big

Gina’s Special offers plenty of food for BBQ lovers! Image courtesy of Yelp.

2919 Kapiolani Blvd. | Honolulu/

A family-owned restaurant located in Market City Shopping Center, Gina’s BBQ has been serving Hawaiian-style and traditional Korean meats, noodles, and soups since 1991. You can expect dishes with generous portions at reasonable prices here, along with great side dishes and plenty of rice. Kalbi, fish jun, chicken wings, and spicy pork are all popular choices for individual dishes.

For barbeque, large groups or families can try the Family Pack, which includes 6 BBQ Kalbi, 6 BBQ Chicken, 6 BBQ Beef, 12 fried Mandoo (Korean dumplings), 12 Meat Jun, and 10 scoops of rice as well as a selection of vegetables, salads, and drinks. Gina’s BBQ also provides catering for parties, birthdays, weddings, company picnics and more, making them a go-to place for all your barbeque needs.

“Been to this mom and pop shop since I was little and it just makes you feel so homey.” — Yelp Review

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Me’s BBQ

Try some of the tastiest Korean food in Hawaii

Kalbi and chicken katsu from Me’s BBQ. Image courtesy of Yelp.

151 Uluniu Ave. | Waikiki/

Considered some of the tastiest Korean food in the Hawaiian Islands, Me’s BBQ has been delighting diners since 1997. A family-owned restaurant in Waikiki, Me’s offers Korean dishes with generous portions and a variety of side dishes. Breakfast lovers can try their Portuguese sausage & egg or delicious omelets.

Then, when lunch and dinner roll around, be sure to sample all their beef and chicken barbeque offerings. You can also order meat or fish jun, stir fried squid, and fried fish. And don’t forget to save room for their popular soups, especially the oxtail. Come sample their cuisine and see for yourself why Me’s BBQ has won awards from TripAdvisor, Yelp, and more!

“The menu is quite large and can accommodate just about anyone’s sense of taste.” — Yelp Review

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