Great Places to Snack in Hawaii

Craving some iconic sandwiches or hoagies in Philadelphia? Here are the places to go.

When you’re busy having fun in Hawaii, finding a place for a quick bite can sometimes slip your mind. Fortunately, there are plenty of good places on the islands to pick up something that’s tasty but not so fancy it takes forever to prepare. From fast food places to local spots that offer Hawaiian-based cuisine, you’ll be snacking on great burgers, pizzas, and poke bowls before heading out to enjoy more sun and surf.

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Moe’s Southwest Grill

Amazing names for delicious burritos

Enjoy delicious spices, cheeses, and vegetables at Moe’s Southwest Grill! Image courtesy of Yelp.

98-1005 Moanalua Rd | Aiea/

If there’s one word to describe Moe’s Southwest Grill, it’s “inclusive.” That’s because this restaurant has meals for everyone, including meat lovers, vegans, and everything in-between. You can choose from a selection of vegetarian and low-calorie options as well as kids’ sizes for younger diners.

However, Moe’s does specialize in one meal — the burrito. Made with grass-fed sirloin steak, all-natural chicken, organic tofu, ground beef, pulled pork, seasoned rice, fresh vegetables, shredded cheese and more, the burritos here are huge and bursting with flavor. And if that’s not enough incentive, they’re given fun, memorable names including Homewrecker (one of the larger options), Joey Bag of Donuts, Joey Jr., and Art Vandalay.

In the mood for something different? You can pick up some delicious salads (the Close Talker and Personal Trainer), quesadillas (John Coctostan and Super Kingpin), Tacos (Overachiever, Unanimous Decision), Nachos (Billy Barou, Ruprict), and more. Come in and discover the name of your new favorite dish.

“The homewrecker is massive! It comes with rice, beans, choice of protein, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo, and guacamole. It was yummy and I loved it.” — Yelp Review

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Five Guys

Big appetite? The custom-built burgers at Five Guys have you covered.

Cheese Veggie Sandwich by Five Guys. Image courtesy of Yelp.

98-1005 Moanalua Rd. | Aiea/

Five Guys is known nationwide for its delicious burgers, and their Hawaiian location in beautiful Aiea is no exception. Order your favorite classic burgers, hot dogs, fries, milkshakes, hot dogs and more here. There are also vegetarian options, including the Veggie Sandwich. Those who want a (relatively) light meal can order the one-patty “Little” Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Bacon Burger, and Bacon Cheeseburger, while the standard sizes come with two patties for those with bigger appetites.

Located in the Pearlridge Center, Five Guys may be pricier than the other food court options, but the size of the burgers, and the customer’s ability to customize their burgers with as many toppings as they like makes up for the price. Be sure to save room for fries (available in Cajun Style), and a wide variety of milkshakes (with unlimited mix-ins).

“Love the double patty, the cheese, how simple it is, yet add your own toppings of choice. They are speedy and give you exactly what you expect.” — Yelp Review

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Round Table Pizza

Making incredible pizza since 1959

Customize your pizza at Round Table! Half gourmet veggie, half King Arthur Supreme. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1020-J Keolu Dr. Ste J | Kailua

Visit Enchanted Lake Shopping Center to visit Round Table Pizza, a pizzeria that has been serving customers for over 60 years. You can order pizzas, salads, wings and more here for dine in or carry out. Delivery options are also available. Pizzas here are made with fresh ingredients, hand rolled dough, homemade tomato sauce and original recipes developed by restaurant founder Bill Larson.

So, what type of pizzas can you expect here? The menu offers plenty of delectable choices, including the crowd-pleasing King Arthur Supreme and Kalua Pig Supreme Pizza. Popular side options include the garlic parmesan twists and mini “pizzatoes” You can expect plenty of toppings and a nice thin crust. Love buffalo wings? Round Table offers some of the best. Come in and enjoy the “royal” treatment.  

“I love Round Table Pizza. It’s different than the typical thick crust. Theirs is thinner and crispy. They are very generous with their toppings. We also enjoyed their buffalo wings. The service is also very good and the food came out pretty quick. The inside was clean and inviting.” — Yelp Review

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Jersey Mike’s Subs

Fresh subs ready for any party or special occasion

Perfect for large parties with big appetites! Jersey Mike’s Subs. Image courtesy of Yelp.

2615 S. King St. Space No 6 | Honolulu/

In the mood for a tasty sub sandwich? Head over to Hale Mahana in Honolulu to try the delicious creations from Jersey Mike’s Subs. Between the store baked bread and high-quality meats, cheeses, and spices, you can expect some amazing sandwiches. Try the roast beef and provolone or popular grilled pastrami reuben. Cheese lovers will also want to sample Mike’s Chicken Philly.

Regardless of what you choose, the signature cold subs here are seasoned with “The Juice” — red wine vinegar and olive oil blend with spices, providing a unique and memorable flavor. Jersey Mike’s Subs also provides catering services for events and parties, offering wrapped subs by the box or bag (or personal boxed lunches). Cookie and brownie trays are also available for dessert. With several hundred Jersey Mike’s locations open all across the United States, you know they’re doing something right!  

“I was in search for food for a small baby shower and Jersey Mike’s Sub by the Box fit the bill! I called this location on King Street the day before to place my order, and when I arrived 10 minutes before my desired pick-up time, my box of 12 sandwiches (4 giant sandwiches, each cut into thirds and individually wrapped and labelled) were ready to go!” — Yelp Review

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Dave & Buster’s

Eat great food. Play fun games.

Great food and games? It’s a winning combination! Image courtesy of Yelp.

1030 Auahi St. | Kaka’ako/

Want to have a real party? Head down to Dave & Buster’s at the Ward Entertainment Center in Kaka’ako (near Ala Moana Beach) and spend a fun afternoon or evening snacking on great burgers, sandwiches, tacos, and wings before heading for the main event. Battle zombies in virtual reality games with your friends and coworkers. Indulge in a bit of nostalgia with classic arcade games. Or spend your first date collecting tickets to win fun prizes.

Offering event space and packages for everything from birthday gatherings to office parties, Dave & Buster’s also provides a happy hour for adult gatherings while the kids can head for the games. Menu options offer a nice variety of the usual snack food (pepperoni flat bread and cheese bacon burgers are popular choices) along with more standard dinner choices like the fire grilled salmon and Southwest Cobb salad. Great for every taste and sensibility.

“Come on down if you’re feeling playful. Grab a bite and play some games!” — Yelp Review

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Poke Bar

Customize your own poke bowl at Poke Bar

Refreshing and filling meals at Poke Bar. Image courtesy of Yelp.

226 Lewers St. Ste L106 | Waikiki/

Hawaii may offer plenty of great hamburger, pizza, and sandwich shops, but if you’re looking to dine on something a bit more, well, Hawaiian, then visit Poke Bar. Located on the beautiful Waikiki Beach Walk on Lewers Street, this popular eatery serves Hawaii’s famous poke bowls fast and fresh while retaining the delicious taste and high quality you’d expect from this traditional Hawaiian dish.

“Poke” means “to slice or cut,” with a poke bowl being chunks of raw, marinated fish tossed over rice with vegetables and unami-packed sauces. While most people associate tuna with poke, at Poke Bar, you can expect a lot of other options. The chefs here use shrimp, salmon, ahi, octopus, baby scallops, and tofu in their poke bowls. You’ll also be able to season your dish with fresh vegetables like cilantro, cucumber, kale, and onion, while six different sauces serve to provide you with a light, fresh, and memorable dish.

Popular menu options include the spicy tuna, spicy mayo bowl, and fresh ahi bowl. You can also choose from some delectable salads, including the seaweed salad, crab salad, and ocean salad. For a quick, delicious lunch you can enjoy on the beach walk, Poke Bar is a great choice for vacationers.  

“This is great poke! The fish is very fresh, and they have great toppings like crab, seaweed salad and avocado (which costs extra of course). A great place to grab a quick lunch and it’s very light yet filling.” — Yelp Review

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