Best Places for Burgers in Hawaii

Whether you just want some really good fast food or you want to experience what a Hawaiian-style hamburger tastes like, Hawaii has some of the best burger eateries around. From burger places that offer genuine grass-fed beef to tasty teriyaki burgers to even vegan burgers, if you want a unique burger experience, you need to try at least one of these burger joints.

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Mahaloha Burger

Quality burgers made from locally sourced ingredients

Visit Mahaloha Burger at the Pa’ina Lanai Food Court. Image courtesy of Yelp.

2233 Kalakaua Ave Ste 9 | Waikiki/

Voted best burger on the island, Mahaloha Burger is known for using quality grass-fed beef and fresh ingredients sourced from the Big Island. You can enjoy this savory meat in their signature burger, the Mahaloha. Other Hawaiian-style burgers include their Teriyaki, Banzai BBQ, and Loco Moco. Interested in more creative recipes? Try the Mahi Mahi burger or Chicken Katsu.

You can also order a selection of custom-made hot dogs here, as well as some pupu side dishes (be sure to try the parmaroni fries). For a unique flavor that’s tied to the Hawaiian islands, be sure to pay a visit to Mahaloha Burger.

“What makes this stand out from other burger places is their grass-fed Big Island source of beef. Sure, you can go to another burger joint and get a tasty burger with the same ingredients, but nothing beats eating locally sourced beef and supporting a local business.” — Yelp Review

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Guava Smoked

Taste the flavor of a smoked pork burger at Guava Smoked

Smoked burger from Guava Smoked. Image courtesy of Yelp.

567 Kapahulu Ave. | Kaimuki/

As you might guess from the name, Guava Smoked specializes in providing you with delicious smoked dishes, including their smoked kalbi ribs, smoked duck, smoked chicken legs, and of course, their smoked pork burgers. Available spicy or mild, the burgers are a favorite among diners who appreciate the great taste, born from the Waiawi Strawberry Guava Wood used to smoke the meats, which gives the dishes a rounded flavor and a little sweetness. For quality burgers and smoked meat, be sure to treat your friends and family to the unique tastes at Guava Smoked.

“The food was delicious! The smoked Kalbi short ribs is really good too!” — Yelp Review

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Square Barrels

Specializing in craft burgers, craft beers and whiskey

Amazing panko eggplant, pepper vegetable burger at Square Barrels! Image courtesy of Yelp.

1001 Bishop St. Ste 108 | Downtown/

Come down to Bishop Square in downtown Honolulu where you can enjoy quality food made by experts who specialize in craft burgers and beers. The broiled bacon burger is a proven favorite, as is the corned beef burger and the fancy honey rosemary mushroom burger. There’s even a veggie burger option for vegetarians. And if you’re a whiskey lover, Square Barrels lets you customize any drink with your choice of whiskey. For burger lovers who appreciate a more upscale cuisine, Square Barrels should definitely be on your list.

“Get the wagyu beef burger and pay more for the amazing garlic fries, you will not be disappointed!” — Yelp Review

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W & M Bar-B-Que Burger

Amazing burgers at reasonable prices

Awesome cheeseburgers at W & M Bar-B-Que Burger. Image courtesy of Yelp.

3104 Waialae Ave. | Honolulu

Popular with the locals, W & M Bar-B-Que Burger provides you with quality burgers at reasonable prices. Try the top-of-the-line Hal Special with BBQ steak, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion, or sample their other offerings, like the Royal Burger, BBQ Burger, Veggie Burger, or Steak Burger. All the ingredients are expertly cooked for maximum flavor

“The Hal Special is quite a substantial burger. You could see the multiple layers of protein and generous veggie portions.” — Yelp Review

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Osoyami Bar and Grill

Friendly bar with grass-fed beef burgers

Satisfy your burger cravings at Osoyami Bar and Grill. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1820 Algaroba St. | Honolulu/

Osoyami Bar and Grill offers a friendly hole in the wall bar atmosphere where you can enjoy burgers made with grass-fed beef and great side dishes. Share some fried kimchi, spicy ahi “pokechos,” and wild mushroom sliders. There are also many vegan-friendly options, including the Vegan Furious Burger and vegan poke nachos. Folks will appreciate the friendly service and the drink options. Reservations aren’t required, but you’ll probably want to make one to ensure your friends have a great experience.

“Their vegan menu is actually amazing! They make their own vegan burger plate platters and I also enjoy their vegan poke nachos.” — Yelp Review

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South Shore Grill

Big on flavor

Awesome blue cheese burger at South Shore Grill. Image courtesy of Yelp.

3114 Monsarrat Ave. | Diamond Head/

South Shore Grill is known for many dishes, including its famous fish tacos, burritos, and of course their amazing burgers. Served on toasted ciabatta bread with Mediterranean aioli sauce, lettuce, and tomato, you’ll be able to order from some very extensive menu options. There’s the basic “Cliff’s” with the standard toppings and then the cheese-lover’s Mansions with its choice of cheddar, provolone, or pepper jack. And if spice is what you crave, the Incinerator offers a burning blend of cajun, pepper jack, jalapenos, and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. Get ready for some major flavors.

“Yes please!!! This is hands down my favorite as they can put together the most simplest yet tasty balanced plates.” — Yelp Review

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The Alley Restaurant Bar & Grill

Satisfying burgers are just the beginning at The Alley Restaurant

The signature Alley Burger with Bacon. Image courtesy of Yelp.

99-115 Aiea Heights Dr. Fl 3, Ste 210 | Aiea/

Located in the Aiea Bowl bowling alley, The Alley Restaurant Bar & Grill is known for its tasty dishes, including the aptly named “Tasty Chicken” and Ox Tail Soup. Where other bar & grills may focus on burgers, The Alley Restaurant offers a more diverse menu with its deep-fried pork chops, Asian braised shoyu pork, and furikake ahi salad. Still, you won’t want to miss the signature Alley Burger, cooked to perfection on a sesame seed bun, or the Portabella hamburger with portabella mushroom and handmade hamburger patty. With so many options, you’re sure to find plenty of favorite and new favorite dishes here.

“You want a satisfying meal and dessert to boot?? Try The Alley Restaurant … located in the Aiea Bowling Alley in the Aiea Shopping Center on the top floor.”— Yelp Review

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Forty Niner Restaurant

Order burgers at a home-style restaurant

Classic cheeseburger and fries. Image courtesy of Yelp.

98-110 Honamanu St. | Aiea

Established way back in 1947 after World War II, Forty Niner Restaurant has been priding itself on providing a “Mom and Pop” diner experience for decades. You’ll be able to order solid breakfast and lunch specials here, including a Banana French Toast, Forty Niner Breakfast, and Oxtail Soup. Of course, burger lovers will appreciate the standard cheeseburger, but you can also go for a hamburger steak lunch plate with all the savory fixings. A great place to stop in for quality breakfasts and lunches.

“This has been our go-to brunch location when picking up for a small potluck with friends or just in need of some delicious food to start our morning!” — Yelp Review

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Shige’s Saimin Stand

Flavorful burgers and old school saimin comfort food

Go all the way with a double BBQ cheeseburger and deluxe Teri Burger. Image courtesy of Yelp.

70 Kukui St. | Wahiawa

Enjoy cheeseburgers, BBQ burgers, and teri burgers at this mom and pop-style restaurant that specializes in Japanese cuisine. While the flavor-filled burgers are a favorite here, many diners come for the saimin noodle soup dishes with their house made noodles. A standard in Hawaiian contemporary cuisine, the restaurant’s old school curry, veggie, and fried saimin offers the perfect form of comfort food. Be sure to include some of their popular dishes with your order to see what everyone is raving about.

“I love the old school saimin and Shige’s captures that classic nostalgia well. Right now they’re takeout only so I was able to call ahead and the food was ready within 10 minutes!” — Yelp Review

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