All the Best Places to Go in South Beach, Miami

If you’re in the South Beach area, here are 9 spots you won’t want to miss out on for some great food and entertainment!

South Beach is a great part of Miami and Florida in general and not just for the titular beaches! Restaurants, entertainment spots, spas, museums, gorgeous views— this area has it all. There’s so much to do in South Beach that it can sometimes be difficult to narrow it down for what you’ll have time for during your trip.

Luckily for you, we’ve found some of the best things for tourists— and even locals —to do while in South Beach. So, if you’re planning a trip to the area in the near or far future, or even if you live there already, look no further than this list to help form your plans.

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Gelato-Go South Beach

“Downright delicious” gelato in South Beach, Miami!

This cold treat would be perfect for the hot Miami weather. Image courtesy of Instagram.

458 Ocean Dr | Miami Beach |

When in Florida, you’re definitely going to need a place to stop for ice cream. Well, Gelato-Go has a great, healthier alternative to ice cream in the form of their gelato. There are over 20 authentic flavors for customers to enjoy made from locally sourced and Italian ingredients.

Not only can you walk in and grab a cup of gelato to go, they also cater for events not just from their Miami locations but also in Los Angeles! Gelato-Go is very popular for very good reason, and they even offer the option of gelato making lessons in both cities as well. 

“Very good gelato - the hazelnut flavor was fantastic and the texture was really good for gelato. Definitely on the expensive end for a small cup of ice cream, but it is expected for its prime location on South Beach.” -  Yelp Review

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South Beach Dive and Surf Center

Go scuba diving or snorkeling with this company!

Don’t be afraid to try new things on your trip to South Beach, Miami! Image courtesy of Instagram.

850 Washington Ave | Miami Beach |

With South Beach Dive and Surf Center, guests can book diving and snorkeling trips as well as diving and snorkeling references, so this is the perfect place to go no matter what your comfort level is with the activities— they welcome both beginners and masters to enjoy!

There are a large variety of certification classes offered, from Open Water to Dive Master, and the instructors will be there to support you along the way regardless. Classes are also available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French as well as Japanese, Italian, German, and Dutch with the e-learning option.

“After doing a lot of research trying to find somewhere to snorkel for cheap, we came across this place. And I’m so glad we did!!! We got to rent 2 full sets of snorkel gear for only $20 each.” - Yelp Review

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Full Bloom Gourmet Vegan Cuisine

Creative vegan dishes in South Beach since 2015.

The setting is just as picturesque as the food at this restaurant, so you’re sure to enjoy your dining experience! Image courtesy of Instagram.

1670 James Ave | Miami Beach | 

Full Bloom was the first fully vegan restaurant established in Miami Beach, and from the start their goal has been to not only bring animal-friendly, healthy, fresh, and delicious food to your table, but to also give you a unique dining experience.

On the menu you’ll be able to choose from appetizers, main entrees, and desserts— but there’s also a separate menu for drinks you won’t want to miss out on. In addition, you also can book catering or a party with Full Bloom.

“We found this restaurant as one of the highly recommended vegan restaurants in south Miami. We walked in without a reservation and were promptly seated by the bar. Full Bloom is a really cute and warm restaurant.” - Yelp Review

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South Pointe Pier

Beautiful scenery is right at Florida’s point.

As gorgeous as this picture is, pictures don’t do the real views justice. Image courtesy of Instagram.

1 Washington Ave | Miami Beach |

The southernmost point of Florida, you definitely won’t want to miss out on South Pointe Pier if you happen to be in the South Beach area of Miami. There’s green space and a beach in addition to the pier itself, and beautiful views all around— the South Beach shoreline, PortMiami’s cruise ships, the downtown Miami skyline, and Fisher Island are all visible from South Pointe Pier.

There are park benches, picnic and barbeque areas, and winding paths to run, bike, or rollerblade on, but this park can truly be whatever you make of it since there’s so many different things to do and so much space!

“Wow is an understatement. So this is the southern easternmost tip in the United States in Miami Beach and I would consider it a must do bucket list as it is one of America's greatest gem[s].” - Yelp Review

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Originally opened as the “Garden Center” in 1962 and still going strong.

If you’re looking for beautiful sights to see, this place definitely delivers on both the small and large scale. Image courtesy of Instagram.

2000 Convention Center Dr | Miami Beach | 

The Miami Beach Botanical Garden is definitely a hidden gem in the city with a lot to see— there are several different parts of the garden! Guests can walk through the Collins Canal Promenade, the Japanese Garden, the Edible Garden, the Native Garden, or the Palm Garden. Don’t miss the orchids, flowering trees, water features, and wildlife. Migratory birds visit regularly, and there are also plenty of permanent residents in the form of birds, butterflies, moths, turtles, and koi fish.

There’s also the Garden Center— named after what the botanical garden began —which is home to the Nursery, Propagation Center, and outdoor classroom. In addition, if you wish to buy a beautiful plant of your own, there’s the Botanical Boutique where you can grab a souveneir— there aren’t just plants for sale, either.

“This is a beautiful little garden tucked away in an urban environment.  While it is small, (only takes 30 minutes or so to walk around and see everything) it is packed with beautiful plants, orchids, and lots of butterflies!” - Yelp Review

Mango’s Tropical Cafe

Great food, drinks, and live entertainment!

This is the perfect place to go for drinks with your friends, and the food is great, too— perfect for sharing! Image courtesy of Instagram.

900 Ocean Dr | Miami Beach |

Mango’s is the epitome of Miami Beach nightlife, and if you stop by you’ll be in for great food as well as a great time! The atmosphere alone enhances your dining and drinking experience with tropical decorations, and the live performances make it even more fun!

Whether you want a sit-down dinner that will never be boring or to get up on the dance floor with a drink in hand, Mango’s Tropical Cafe is the place for you. It’s great for celebrating special occasions such as birthdays and bachelorette parties, but the live entertainment makes every night here into a special occasion!

“If you're in South Beach you cannot miss Mango's! My husband and I were in Miami for a few nights, and everyone we talked to recommended Mango's. It was super fun, great entertainment, and the food wasn't too bad either!” - Yelp Review

Flamingo Park

Something for everyone in South Beach Miami!

Flamingo Park is fun for the whole family! Image courtesy of Instagram.

1200 Meridian Ave | Miami Beach |

If you can’t decide what you want to do in South Beach, Flamingo Park is a great choice because they truly have it all. Construction began in 1950, and this park has been renovated several times since and now amasses 36.53 acres of Miami Beach. You can’t miss it— or miss out on it! 

Flamingo Park includes an aquatic center, a bark park, a baseball stadium, basketball courts, a football stadium and track, a tennis center, a tot lot, as well as soccer, softball, and handball fields! No matter what you want to do, you can find something to entertain you here.

“Being from out of town, I am quite happy with this facility. Compared to many "public" clubs in the Northeast, this place is lovely. Well maintained, easy to get to, plenty of courts, and cheap.” - Yelp Review

The Bass

A contemporary art museum that’s worth a visit!

There’s even art outside at The Bass, so you won’t have to miss out on nice weather by spending your time indoors. Image courtesy of Instagram.

2100 Collins Ave | Miami Beach | 

The Bass primarily presents exhibitions of international contemporary art, and is one of only a few art museums in the Miami Beach area. This museum prides itself on incorporating lots of different kinds of art, artists, and perspectives into their exhibits. The education program is also a huge part of the experience!

This museum first opened in 1964, but underwent a complete transformation in 2017. Now The Bass enhances the cultural experiences of those living in Miami Beach with art from all over the world and artists at various different points in their careers.

“A portal, a unique perspective, an escape route lined with surreal yellow blossoms to twist perceptions and paint expressions of new realities. Ideas, thoughts, colors, energies electrified and on display presented as a feast for the eyes.” - Yelp Review

Bodies Kneaded Massage Spa

“Serious, no-nonsense” massages, facials, and body treatments in South Beach!

A visit to a spa is the perfect thing to help you relax on an exhausting trip while not crashing at your hotel! Image courtesy of Instagram.

1451 Drexel Ave | Miami Beach | 

Open since 1996, Bodies Kneaded Massage Spa has been offering high-quality massage therapy and treatment to their customers without the high price tag. Guests can enjoy deep-tissue therapies, spa facials and body treatments, heated stone massages, targeted muscle relief, and much more!

There are also packages available for multiple people, so if you’re on a trip with friends or family, this could be the perfect place to wind down after a long drive or flight.

“Wow what a great spa!  My friend and I traveled here on vacation and last minute booked a 90 minute massage and facial. They aren't kidding — great quality without the high resort spa prices.” - Yelp Review

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If you’re thinking about a trip to South Beach, Miami, you should definitely think about all the spots on this list when you plan out what you want to do. And think about purchasing a GiftYa while you’re at it!

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