8 Pittsburgh Inspired Gifts That Will Win Over Any Yinzer

Image courtesy of 7 Springs

They have an entire room dedicated to Steelers memorabilia.

They like taking trips up to “Crahnbahrry”. They bleed black and gold. Every hat they own has a capital ‘P’ on it. Tell us if this sounds like someone you know.

If you checked one or more of these boxes, you might know a yinzer.

A very specific breed, the yinzer can sometimes be a bit of a pain to buy for. Why? Because they already have every piece of Pittsburgh merchandise in existence! But not to worry; that’s why we put this list together.

Whether they’re from Pittsburgh or not, any fan of the Steel City will be sure to love any of these amazing gifts.

Want to get something nice, but don’t want the pressure of picking it out yourself? Try a GiftYa gift card. They source from hundreds of local businesses, so you’re sure to find something they’ll like. They’re also totally customizable. No more worrying you’ll come off as impersonal when you get a gift card. With the personalization features at GiftYa, they’ll always know this gift is for them and only them. Most importantly, GiftYa gift cards are electronic. No more losing gift cards in the depths of some drawer because it’s all handled on your phone! They’re the perfect gift for any occasion.

Shirts and Jerseys from Etsy

Pittsburgh T-shirt from Etsy
Etsy is home to some great designers and artistic producers. You’re sure to find a gift that’s unique and creative. Photo from Really Awesome Shirts Etsy

price tag icon

Price Range: $10 - $100

We know it might seem like your yinzer already owns every possible piece of Pittsburgh inspired clothing, but that’s why we’re suggesting you look at some Pittsburgh shirts on Etsy.

Etsy has hundreds of artists and clothing printers selling their own designs or truly unique finds, so there’s always new stuff. Also be sure to check out their favorite Pittsburgh teams and see if you can’t find anything they’d like for the Pens, Steelers, or maybe Pitt. It’s also possible to search based on any price range you’re interested in, so you’re sure to find something that’s kind to your wallet.

Snow Day!

Snowboarding at Seven Springs
While the weather lasts, a skii day is the perfect way to get out of the house and have a great time. Photo from Seven Springs
price tag icon

Packages range from $20 - $100+ depending on your preferred snow mountain activity and rental needs

If you prefer giving the gift of memorable experiences, consider treating your Pittsburgher to a trip up the mountain at Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

Wonderful property. A week is not enough. Their is so much to see and do. - Yelp Review

Enjoy a day of skiing, tubing, snowboarding, luxury, relaxation, excitement, or all of the above with a winter package. Or maybe a day of hiking, inner tubing, and zip lining with one of their summer packages.

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Whatever season and whatever your budget, there’s sure to be the perfect gift somewhere on the mountain!

Museum Memberships

Museums in Pittsburgh from Carnegie Museums
Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museums include some of the best in the country, and with a constantly updated list of attractions and collections, there’s always something new to see. Photo from Carnegie Museums
price tag icon

Carnegie Museums: $75 individual package (Includes entry to the Carnegie Museums, the Warhol, and the Science Center)

price tag icon

Phipps Conservatory: $65 individual package

price tag icon

Mattress Factory: $55 individual package

price tag icon

National Aviary: $95 family package

Pittsburgh is home to some of the country’s best cultural attractions including our expansive list of museums.

Highly recommend a museum membership if you live in the city - Yelp Review

From art to history and flora to fauna, Pittsburgh’s Museums are absolute treasures to the city, and any trip to one of them is sure to impress any Pittsburgh lover.

Memberships include passes to all exhibits throughout the year so be sure to check out museum webpages for details on traveling shows and exhibits in the works.

Hiking Guide

Hiking Guide Front Cover For Pittsburgh
Western PA and the surrounding Pittsburgh area is home to some of the finest hiking trails in the country.
price tag icon

$16 Paperback Edition

Looking for a way to show the outdoor Pittsburgh lover the path? We recommend 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles -- Pittsburgh.

Very neatly organized...Definitely worth having if you live in the area and like to get outdoors. - Amazon Review

If the name is no indication, this helpful guide will give your Pittsburgh love a complete look at the amazing trails in and around Allegheny county for up to 60 miles! They’ll sure to be busy with this one for quite some time!

Drinking Guide?

Drinking Guide for Pittsburgh
Learning a new skill can be a lot of fun. Drinking can also be a lot of fun. So learning to make drinks must be almost too much fun!
price tag icon

$15 Paperback

Know a Pittsburgher who’s into cocktails, mixology, and history as much as they are the city of Pittsburgh?

What a fantastic book!...What a terrific trip down memory lane for me! - Amazon Review

Well then do we have the gift for them! Pittsburgh Drinks: A History of Cocktails, Nightlife & Bartending Tradition is the perfect guide for anyone who loves both the history of the Steel City and mixology. One part cocktail recipe book and one part history book, the authors do a wonderful job of bringing the Pittsburgh bar scene to life in your kitchen!

Want to really impress your cocktail lover? Consider also getting them a cocktail mixing set so they’ll have everything they need to bring these drinks to life!

Learn a New Skill

people blowing glass
Give a man a handmade glass craft and he’ll have one of those; teach a man to craft glass and he’ll have a new hobby! Photo taken from Pittsburgh Glass Center webpage

price tag icon

$20 - $75+ Depending on the Course

So your yinzer owns every piece of Pittsburgh memorabilia known to man.

I had a fantastic time at the glass center!...They had a great spread of refreshments, places to put your coats, and all of the staff was super friendly and helpful. - Yelp Review

You’ve exhausted Etsy. It’s time they start making their own merchandise, and what better way than with molten glass?

If it’s a truly unique hobby you’re looking for, try out a course with Pittsburgh Glass Center.

With classes on how to make everything from beads to vases and experience levels from newbies to aces, everyone is sure to find something (and make something) perfect for their interests! The perfect gift idea for the crafty yinzer in your life.

Pens Games

Pittsburgh Penguins celebrate after scoring
The one thing every Yinzer really wants deep down. Photo from NHL webpage

price tag icon

$30 - $200+ Depending on Package

Deep down we all know that any gift you get a true Pittsburgh lover is going to pale in comparison to Penguins Tickets.

I love the new arena. I loved how happy and bright and shiny everything is. - Yelp Review

Make sure to check out the Penguins’ season calendar so you’re getting the best game you can!

Also be sure to check out ticketmaster and stubhub if the game you want sells out on the NHL website before you get a chance to score them.

GiftYa Gift Cards

the GiftYa app on a smartphone
We know, we know, but it really is the perfect gift!

price tag icon

As much as you want!

If there’s one gift to rule them all, it’s GiftYa gift cards. Think about all the perfect gift ideas we just gave you. Now, roll them all into one neat package that allows your loved ones to pick the perfect versions of those gifts. That’s double perfection, and it’s amazing.

GiftYa cards allow you to put the power of choice in your loved one’s hands without coming across as impersonal and lazy. That’s because GiftYa cards are totally customizable.

That means no matter how little idea you had of what to get them, the personalized electronic cards will make them feel special because it’s a gift with just them in mind. Being sourced from hundreds of local businesses all across the US, you’re even sure to find the perfect spot right here in Pittsburgh for your Pittsburgh loving loved one to enjoy. We told you it was the perfect gift.

This has been our list of the best gift ideas any Pittsburgh lover would not stop thanking you for. From yinzer merch to a fun day on the slopes, the Pittsburgh lover in your life will absolutely fall in love with any of these gift ideas on the stop! Don’t see something you know other Pitt lovers would want? Let us know so we can spread the word and the Pittsburgh love.