7 Vegan Restaurants in San Antonio That Serve Delightful and Savory Dishes

One of the best things about living in San Antonio, Texas is having access to numerous vegan and vegetarian restaurants. In fact, choosing just one vegan restaurant for your next night out can become overwhelming thanks to the number of options afforded to you by this bustling city. Even if you aren’t a practicing vegan, it doesn’t hurt to change up your regular dining choices every once in a while. For help picking out a new spot, check out this article listing the top 7 vegan restaurants in San Antonio, TX. 

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1. Binge Kitchen


449 McCarty Road, San Antonio

Southern Comfort Food for the Everyday Vegan

Try the Coconut Chick’n, cream potatoes, macaroni, and okra the next time you are in. Image courtesy of Yelp

Binge Kitchen offers a wide variety of filling and savory vegan dishes. Classic comfort food dishes including meatloaf, candied yams, and country fried steak are all served with a vegan twist. Not sure which option you should try first? Check out the Southern Plate, which features a fried “chicken” filet topped with gravy. You can choose three different sides to accompany the filet. The Coconut Crusted Chicken is another popular plate that will fill you right up. 

“I ordered the southern fried chick'n, my boyfriend got the coconut chick'n. We both ordered mashed potatoes, okra, and mac n cheese. Both of us agree the mashed potatoes were the best part! But we loved all of it. It's nice to have a great vegan food place to go get some good southern food.” - Yelp Review 


2. Earth Burger


818 NW Loop 410, San Antonio

Hearty and Delicious Vegan Food in San Antonio

The FishLESS Sandwich is a savory and filling option. Image courtesy of Yelp

Since 2014, Earth Burger has served as one of the top options in San Antonio for plant-based burgers and “fast food” dishes. Not only are these alternatives much healthier and fresher than the typical burgers and fries you get at fast food restaurants, but they are also vegan. 

If you haven’t stopped by before, you need to try the signature Earth Burger at least once. This quarter pound burger is served on a whole wheat bun and topped with a secret sauce. You can either eat it alone or turn it into a combo. Not hungry for a burger? The BBQ Pulled Jackfruit and Chik-N Tender basket are also popular options among Earth Burger fans. 

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“Absolutely love this place. Definitely my #1 place to go cuz it's plant based and that it's so good ! I love their coconut cones...I'm really impressed by them. The burgers actually taste like meat in my opinion which is honestly awesome because sometimes I miss those burger tastes I use to eat.  Early burger definitely provides the meat taste without having any meat.” - Yelp Review

3. Go Vegan San Antonio


14530 Roadrunner Way, San Antonio

Popular Vegan Restaurant Known for its Hearty Entrees

Grab a hearty and delicious burger to fill your appetite. Image courtesy of Facebook

San Antonio’s most popular vegan food truck offers a vibrant and exciting menu full of delicious vegan options. From the Savory Tofu Tacos to the Crispy Seasoned French Fries, everything here is made with extra care and love. Along with its extensive food menu, Go Vegan San Antonio also serves refreshing vegan drinks. For something sweet, try the Cotton Candy Smoothie or the Ginger Berry Tea. If you are in the mood for something with chocolate, the Green Cookie Dough Milkshake is perfect for you. 

“I had the Buffalo style chicken nuggets and vegan mac and cheese (the cheese is made from cashews - you gotta try this) for a total of $13.  Both tasted like the real thing.  I have no idea what was in the nuggets, but both items were sure scrumpdidealicious.  Even my carnivore friend was impressed by them.” - Yelp Review

4. Viva Vegeria


1422 Nogalitos, San Antonio

Tex-Mex Restaurant Offering Vegan and Gluten-Free Menu Items

Satisfy your cravings for Tex-Mex by ordering the fried avocados. Image courtesy of Yelp

Viva Vegeria enjoys a prestigious reputation as San Antonio’s first 100% vegan and gluten-free Tex-Mex restaurant. Offering savory and authentic dishes such as the Nachos del Picadillo and the “Chicken” Mole Enchiladas, it is no wonder that Viva Vegeria enjoys a large and loyal fanbase. In addition to their regular menu items, the restaurant also offers daily specials, such as “Chicken” Enchiladas Verdes for $8.99. Don’t forget to ask about these specials the next time you stop in. 

“This place hits my spot beautifully - I'm in love with their mushroom chicharrones tacos - easily one of the best, if not the best, vegan tacos I've had to date. And I've enjoyed eating them more than a lot of the plain joe tacos you can find throughout this southern part of Texas. Even the accompaniments (Mexican rice, pinto beans, and salad) and drink options are great, to give this place an all-around love it well deserves.” - Yelp Review

5. Senor Veggie


620 S Presa St, Downtown San Antonio

Vibrant BYOB Spot Offering an Eclectic Menu of Organic, Vegan Options

The street tacos with jackfruit is the perfect dish for someone who wants to move out of their comfort zone. Image courtesy of Yelp

Specializing in local, handcrafted cuisine, Senor Veggie offers a vegan dining experience like no other. Its creative and savory dishes are sure to leave you excited to return again. Located in the heart of Lavaca outside of Downtown San Antonio, this restaurant is a perfect spot for people looking for a short retreat from the more crowded area of their city. Some of the restaurant’s most popular options include the Falafel Plate, Eggplant Torta, and Jackfruit Street Tacos. 

“The eggplant torta was great. The patties were breaded and fried just right, laid on top of vegan refried beans, with tomato and spinach. Very flavorful and a definite must try. Now for the star of the show! That Buffalo tofu Po boy! Oh, my! This was so freakin good! Of course kinda spicy, but isn't that the point?” - Yelp Review

6. La Botanica


2911 N Saint Marys St, Tobin Hill

Vegan and Vegetarian Dishes Inspired by Traditional Mexican Food

Select a drink from an extensive list of beers and wine. Image courtesy of Yelp

La Botanica prides itself on its dedication to serving nutritious dishes to hungry guests while remaining respectful to the rest of the planet and its surrounding community. By working with local farms and vendors, La Botanica is able to bring fresh and savory food to your table made from only the finest ingredients. Along with its diverse array of vegan foods, La Botanica also offers a full bar and community space. 

While the restaurant is closed at the moment due to COVID-19, you can take this time to plan what kind of margarita you want to pair with your burrito or tacos. 

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“Very cool hangout. Kind of like a backyard hangout but that's what makes it even better. Very casual, the bartender was super nice, funny and made great drinks (Palomas are the best) and just a great place overall. We had their nachos and those hit the stop. Very very good.” - Yelp Review

7. Miss Chickpea’s Bakeshop


8065 Callaghan Road, San Antonio

Delightful Bakery Known for its Vegan Treats

Choose from an extensive list of pastries and cakes. Image courtesy of Yelp

Need something to indulge your sweet tooth? Look no further than Miss Chickpea’s Bakeshop. Offering a wide array of cupcakes, truffles, and cakes, you may find yourself lost in its displays. But if you are looking for something more savory, Miss Chickpea’s offers nourishing foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well. This popular vegan bakery offers everything from Ham and Cheese Croissants to Breakfast Sausage and Cheese Biscuits. 

“Hands down the best vegan pastry shop in San Antonio. They have poptarts, cinnamon buns, donuts, cookie sandwiches, cookies, cake, muffins and more. Their honey chick'n biscuit is the best. Their kolaches are good too! Just make sure to order online through their Instagram account. You wanna order early because they always run out of items fast!” - Yelp Review

There are so many delicious and exciting vegan options in San Antonio. What are your favorite vegan restaurants in San Antonio? Tell us in the comments below!

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