7 Michelin Star Restaurants in Miami That Are 100% Worth the Drive

From Modern Italian Cuisine to Restaurants Inspired by Hidden Japanese Restaurants, Here are This Year’s Michelin Star Restaurants

French tire company Michelin has been publishing its now-iconic annual guidebook since 1900, awarding the best of the best restaurants in cities around the world up to three stars for excellence. What does a tire company have to do with fine dining, you may be wondering? In its early days, the Michelin guidebook was used to indicate which restaurants were worth wearing out your tires to travel to.

Here’s what the star ratings actually mean:

  • ⭐️: High quality cooking, worth a stop!
  • ⭐️⭐️: Excellent cooking, worth a detour!
  • ⭐️⭐️​​⭐️: Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey!

Out of thousands of restaurants around the globe, only a select few receive Michelin star ratings. There are only 135 restaurants in the world who have earned the coveted 3-star rating this year, with around 400 pulling in 2-star ratings and approximately 2000 being awarded a 1-star rating. 

And several of those restaurants are located right here in Miami!

Whether you’re a Miami local who is looking to take your next night out up a notch, or you’re a visitor trying to make the most of your stay in Miami, you can’t go wrong with the restaurants on this list.

As always, we’ve included all of the information you need to plan your visit – from the restaurant’s address to a link to its website. We also indicate any restaurants currently accepting convenient GiftYa digital gift cards.

Wondering what GiftYa digital gift cards are? Here’s a refresher.

GiftYa is a digital gift card that can be sent within seconds right from your phone. These gift cards can be used at a variety of locations but are particularly popular for restaurants. This is especially true if you are out traveling and don’t love to carry cash around with you. Instead you can just carry your gift cards right on your phone that you take with you everywhere already. You don’t even have to worry about keeping track of the gift cards and the balances because your phone does all of that for you. There really isn’t a more convenient option when it comes to buying gift cards and gifts for yourself or others.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get to the good (and we mean really good!) stuff: our favorite Michelin star restaurants in Miami.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Enjoy Carefully Crafted A La Carte Items or Try the Whole Tasting Menu at the Only Michelin 2-Star Restaurant in Miami

4100 NE 2nd Ave | Design District | latelier-miami.com

At the top of our list today is L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, the only restaurant in the state of Florida that received two Michelin stars in 2022. As the name suggests, the culinary masterpieces crafted here come from the French tradition and late chef Joel Robuchon. 

L’atelier refers to a craftsman’s workshop, a choice designed to reflect Chef Robuchon’s passion for transforming the simplest dishes into extraordinary experiences using “pristine ingredients, immaculate technique, and abundant creativity.”

Guests can choose a la carte items from the menu, or opt for the tasting menu, which starts at $195 per person.

“Highly recommended by friends I was finally able to make reservations. I expected a lot for a two Michelin star restaurant and they did not disappoint. Service was impeccable. Food was delicious. There are 2 tasting menus and an a la carte option. The restaurant recommends between 3-5 dishes per person. I had three and with dessert I was very satisfied.” - Yelp Review 

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon isn’t accepting GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check here for all the other GiftYa available for Michelin star restaurants in Miami

The Surf Club Restaurant

Sample Some of the Finer Things in Life at This Michelin 1-Star Rated Restaurant

9011 Collins Ave | Surfside | surfclubrestaurant.com

The Surf Club Restaurant reimagines traditional, continental cuisine for the contemporary dining guest. Led by Chef Thomas Keller, The Surf Club Restaurant serves guests in a revamped building known as the iconic Miami Club in Surfside.

Photographs of The Surf Club look like a scene from an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, as if Jay Gatsby could be seated at any of the tables with a cocktail in hand. The Surf Club strives to keep the nostalgia of their historic location alive and well through signature libations inspired by the original establishment.

“Amazing atmosphere, great views, spacious and comfortable seating, floor to ceiling windows. Food was delicious! Fish was perfectly cooked, eggplant melted in your mouth, couldn't ask for more!” - Yelp Review

As always we’re busy adding attractions and Michelin star restaurants in Miami to GiftYa all the time but you can’t get one here just yet. Check back soon.

Boia De

Expect Modern Italian Fare at this 1-Star Michelin Rated Restaurant

5205 NE 2nd Ave | Little Haiti | boiaderestaurant.com

Planning your first visit to a Michelin star restaurant? Let this Miami treasure be your introduction. Known around town for its high-quality food and warm, welcoming atmosphere, Boia De offers a variety of modern Italian-inspired dishes a la carte. 

From fine dining staples like beef tartare and foie gras to imaginative daily specials, Bois De has been delivering some of the best meals in Miami since it opened its doors on June 26, 2019.

“Boia De! Where do I start with this Miami gem? Tucked away in an unassuming strip mall is a charming, quaint Michelin Starred restaurant that does not feel elitist, snobby, or trendy in any way!” - Yelp Review 

There aren’t GiftYa digital gift cards available for BLANK as of the date of this writing, but there might be now! Be sure to check GiftYa itself for all the gift cards available for Michelin star restaurants  in Miami.

La Jardinier

Enjoy Michelin 1-Star Rated Cuisine at This Casually Chic, Vegetable Forward Restaurant

141 NE 41st St | Design District | lejardinier-miami.com

Sustainability and responsibility are at the forefront of La Jardinier’s philosophy. Taking advantage of seasonal local produce and wild, sustainably-sourced protein, La Jardinier provides a “vegetable forward” experience unlike anything else in Miami.

With indoor seating and a spacious outdoor patio, you can dine in comfort and style all year round. 

“When you're celebrating a memorable anniversary, you want it to be as close to perfection as possible. And we came pretty close at Le Jardinier, the newly Michelin starred and more casual outpost of the Joel Robochon empire that's just downstairs from L'Atelier.” - Yelp Review 

Right now you aren’t able to get a GiftYa digital gift card to La Jardinier but check back because there’s more Michelin star restaurants and stores in Miami added all the time.

Cote Miami

This Korean Steakhouse Earned a Michelin 1-Star Rating

3900 NE 2nd Ave | Design District | cotemiami.com

Daydreaming of the Manhattan food scene? You don’t have to anymore. With a sister restaurant in New York City, Cote Miami is an upscale Korean steakhouse located in the heart of Miami’s Design District. Tasting menus begin at $64 per person, and a la carte offerings are also available.

“Best place I've ever been in Miami. No need to get specific. If you have 200 bucks to burn through, this is bucket list stuff right here. Period.” - Yelp Review 

Unfortunately Cote Miami isn’t one of the Michelin star restaurants in Miami participating with GiftYa just yet, but check back soon cause they might be any day now.


Inspired by Secret Omakase Restaurants in Japan and Award a 1-Star Michelin Rating

313 NW 25th St | Wynwood Art District | hidenmiami.com

Pronounced “hi-den,” Hiden is inspired by tales of hidden omakase restaurants in Japan, similar to speakeasies in Western culture. The cornerstone of Hiden’s philosophy is a respect of nature and every living thing that makes the journey from nature to the table. Every ingredient is meticulously prepared using classic techniques designed to bring out the best flavors and textures of every element that comes together to make the meal. 

“Had a fantastic experience here after a long wait to get a reservation! The employees put such care into making this a unique experience for all. From the sommelier, to the server, the chef, and the sous chef, everyone contributed positively to the experience in their own way.” - Yelp Review 

You can’t get a digital GiftYa gift card to Hiden at the moment but be sure to check back soon as new Michelin star restaurants and locations in Miami are added all the time!

The Den at Sushi Azabu

Winner of an Impressive Michelin 1-Star Rating

161 Ocean Dr | Miami Beach | azabuglobal.com

Named after a district in Tokyo, Japan, Azabu is a unique concept designed to bring diverse clientele and a surge of energy to the Miami Beach neighborhood in which it was established. Azabu includes several unique dining experiences all under one roof, including the Michelin star-winning concept, The Den.

The Den is a dedicated omakase restaurant within Sushi Azabu, specializing in edomae sushi. Menu options begin at $220 per person, but guests feel strongly that it’s worth the steep price tag.

Guests can’t stop talking about the lobster tempura roll, pork belly skewers, and baked crab rolls. With a variety of sushi, seafood, and meat items on the menu, you’re sure to find something that leaves you satisfied. 

“Walking into Azabu felt like transporting to Japan. The sushi, service, and atmosphere was well thought out and made it such an enjoyable experience. The waitress spoke to us in both English and Japanese and she had great menu recommendations for us. This place is worth every penny. Everything we tried on the menu was a 10. Such a special treat to visit Azabu.” - Yelp Review 

The Den at Sushi Azabu doesn’t offer GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check back soon because we are always adding Michelin star restaurants and attractions in Miami!

That’s it for Michelin star restaurants in Miami, FL.

There you have it! All the best rated Michelin star restaurants you can find in Miami. Miami is a major hub of business and commerce so it isn’t easy to narrow down the list of great Michelin star restaurants to only what can fit in this post. 

But just from what we gathered for you here today you’ll be sure to find a location that's convenient for you with plenty of excellent options. And remember, if you or someone you love is out in Miami, we marked off which Michelin star restaurants accept convenient GiftYa digital gift cards. 

And you can use them at any of the locations we indicated on this list today. But even if you choose a Michelin star restaurant that doesn’t accept GiftYa, you’ll be sure to find authentic some of the best fine dining in the Miami food scene. Miami and GiftYa definitely have something to offer.

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