5 Hotels in Big Sky, MT Where You Can Escape the City and Relax

From Ski Resorts to Cowboy Cabins, We Have Accommodations for Every Type of Traveler in Beautiful Big Sky

Big Sky, Montana is a popular destination for tourists, travelers, and adventurers. And it’s easy to see why with all the great activities and adventures you can have in the area. And if you are planning a trip to Big Sky and aren’t quite sure where to start, today I have something I think will be quite helpful. I have narrowed down a list of the five best hotels you can find in the area. I will of course give you their address, a link to their website, a Yelp review so you can see what other people thought about their stay, and I’ll even provide a handy link anytime one of these great hotels accept our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards.

I find GiftYa’s digital format makes them the perfect tool when you are trying to plan and budget a trip or vacation. Since you can buy them in just seconds you can allocate the money you might spend at a hotel or restaurant in advance and just put it on the gift card. That way you don’t have to worry about keeping track of the math in your head. And since the cards are all digital you don’t even have to worry about leaving them behind at home in the rush of packing for a vacation.

But enough about how GiftYa makes it much easier to travel and plan vacations, let’s get to that list of great hotels in Big Sky Montana that you were looking for!

1 - The Wilson Hotel

Incredible Hotel In Big Sky Right Next to the Town Center

Image courtesy of Marriott. 

145 Town Ctr Ave | Big Sky | marriott.com

The Wilson Hotel is only just a few minutes walk from Big Sky’s locals shopping centers, restaurants, and nightlife. It’s one of the newest hotels in the area, but it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular locations for people trying to stay in Big Sky. The rooms they have feature all of the modern amenities you have come to expect from modern hotels, and then some. They have big cozy beds, a full kitchen that has all the dishes and silverware that you’ll need, and there’s even a full refrigerator so if you are planning to stay for the duration of your trip you can do plenty of home cooking right in your hotel room!

This is overall going to be my number one choice of hotel to stay in while you are in Big Sky. As long as you have the cash to splurge that is. Because it looks like their average nightly rate varies between $250 and $350 a night. But with all the amenities and fantastic location it’s gonna be hard to beat that price. 

They have a full fitness center, a modern game room, and obviously high speed wifi access. They even have a heated outdoor pool for you to enjoy during your stay with them. And if you make sure to get rooms on the right side of the hotel you will even get great views of the Lone Peak mountains! You can try booking seasonal specials or weekly rates for those of you who know this is where you want to stay but you want to save some money since you're staying there anyways.

“Very comfortable and modern accommodation. It's a small property so the staff is very personable. Breakfast has lots of options and it's FREE! A great place to stay, I can't wait to come back.” - Yelp Review 

2 - 320 Guest Ranch

Modern Log Cabins for Rent at this Historic Homestead

Grab a digital 320 Guest Ranch gift card by following the link!

205 Buffalo Horn Creek Rd | Gallatin Gateway | 320ranch.com

Once upon a time 320 Guest Ranch was literally a homestead and ranch. First established over 115 years ago, it has been a part of Big Sky’s history from the beginning. And if you want to soak up some o f that history you are in luck. Because these days 320 Guest Ranch has been transformed into just that. A ranch that is open, welcome, and hospitable to adventurers and travelers alike. And they offer plenty of great lodging accommodations that will suit anybody’s needs!
And I think they are one of the best places to stay in the area for a few reasons. First of all, they offer private cabins with a fireplace, as well as two-bedroom riverfront cabins, and even luxury log homes that you can rent out for your stay in the area. And all of the cabins and homes feature large clear windows so that way you can enjoy the views of all the natural beauty from the comfort of your room. 

And if you are looking to really soak in the great natural landscape of the area, you really aren’t going to be able to go wrong renting out one of these fantastic cabins for the length of your trip. Not only will you get a great room, you’ll also have access to their amazing restaurant, as well as being able to enjoy the local scenery with horseback riding, hiking, and fly fishing. 

“We were welcomed with open arms, enjoyed the ranch, had a great two hour horseback ride "Montana Experience" and truly enjoyed our vacation at the ranch.  Breakfast every morning was amazing! Highly recommend!” - Yelp Review 

It only takes a matter of seconds to grab a digital 320 Guest Ranch gift card for your vacation to Big Sky, Montana!!

3 - Montage Big Sky

A Mountain Getaway So Majestic and Luxurious You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Image courtesy of Montage. 

995 Settlement Trl | Big Sky | montagehotels.com/bigsky

Listen, this place is absolutely going to be the nicest/most luxurious hotel you can find around Big Sky, Montana. And they really do their absolute best to epitomize the peaceful, yet adventurous spirit of the Mountain West. At Montage Big Sky they invite all of their guests to bathe and bask in the unparalleled beauty of Big Sky country. The land the hotel is on is framed by the Spanish Peaks mountain range. 

If you are looking for upscale hotel luxury then this is going to be the place for you. Provided you can afford it that is. You can expect a night here to run somewhere in the $1800 - $2000 dollar range. So if it’s a once in a lifetime trip where you need everything to be beyond excellent, or you happen to be very wealthy then feel free to blow thousands of dollars on your stay here. 

If you need more than a comfortable bed, fridge, microwave, and hair dryer then this is going to be the spot for you. The amenities and luxuries here almost justify the incredible price tag. If you need wide roaring fireplaces, chandeliers in the hallway and unparalleled views of the majestic mountainside in all of its natural beauty then this would be my choice of hotel in Big Sky for you. But for those of you who don’t want to blow 10 G’s on just your hotel stay, then keep reading because there are much more affordable hotels further down the list.

“Can't recommend this place enough! Food and drinks are pricey but everything is worth it. The spa is an absolute must! The rooms are super nice and the staff was amazing. You definitely get what you pay for……The views alone make this place a must go to.” - Yelp Review 

4 - The Lodge At Big Sky

A Mountain Village Lodge In Big Sky

75 Sitting Bull Rd | Big Sky | lodgeatbigsky.com

You can enjoy your time in Big Sky right underneath the Rockies when you stay at The Lodge At Big Sky. This dual season retreat will put you right at the base of the legendary Lone Peak Mountain. Which means that whether you stay here in the winter or in the summer there will be plenty of great nearby activities for you to enjoy while you are here. 

They have free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, an indoor pool, event spaces, and a whole fitness center. You can big between different size rooms with king sized beds. And you’ll even be able to choose whether you want a view of the valley, or a view of the majestic canyons. No matter what you choose, you’ll be sure to have an amazing stay at The Lodge At Big Sky. 

And if you want to be close to the action, there is nowhere closer to all the hiking, skiing, ziplining and adventuring you can do at the Big Sky resort. And you won’t even have to break the bank too much because rooms run around $200 - $400 a night depending on the season and the accommodations you are looking for.

If you want to spend more of your vacation, actually, you know, vacationing and not stuck in traffic commuting then this is going to be my number one choice of hotel in Big Sky for you! 

“Great stay at big sky. Staff is very accommodating. The property is a little dated but the scenery and the service make up for that. Will definitely stay again.” - Yelp Review 

5 - Red Bear Inn

The Best Hotel In the Area to Help Keep Your Trip On Budget

204 N Main St | Ennis | www.redbearinn.com

Red Bear Inn isn’t going to be as fancy as some of the other locations on the list today. The rooms basically come with the standard hotel layout. The rooms have tvs, hair dryers, microwaves, and a mini-fridge that has been the hotel universal basic standards. But they really take pride in providing a clean and relaxing environment for everybody who stays with them. 

And I really think it helps make this one of the absolute best hotels in the area for those of you who plan to spend your time outdoors exploring Big Sky Country as opposed to locked in your hotel. There’s no reason to spend $400 a night or more on a hotel you don't plan to spend anytime in. And you are able to get a night here for only around $100 a night which makes it far more affordable than The WIlson, The Lodge, or Montage Big Sky by a wide margin. 

You can get a whole week here for less than the price of a single night at Montage Big Sky so it will definitely make your trip much more affordable and less stressful. The only downside here is that you have to be willing to sacrifice a little bit of commute time, for a big chunk of saving. But if you are willing to make that trade, then it is going to b e impossible to beat the value that the Red Bear Inn provides in Big Sky! 

“This has to be the cleanliest motel I have ever stayed in. The floors are spotless! The sheets smell lovely! There's heating in the room and the bathroom! Rather than having basic television in their rooms, there's satellite!!  The wifi actually works! The clerk was wonderful and very courteous when I checked in. You can tell the owners put a lot of pride into their motel!” - Yelp Review 

And that concludes my list of the five best hotels you can find around Big Sky, Montana. But if you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for here, be sure to check out our other great article on places to stay around Big Sky Montana. And since we here at GiftYa strive to make sure we can help you plan a total vacation, be sure to check out some of our other great articles about the Big Sky area. 

We have one that has all the best restaurants in the area, as well as an additional one that has a list of all the great activities you can find when you are exploring Big Sky!

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