5 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for Your Fashion-Forward Friends When Visiting NYC

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When choosing gifts, you want the item to reflect the personality and interests of the individual receiving it. So, if you plan to show gratitude and appreciation for your more stylish friends, it makes sense to go for an equally fashionable gift.
However, while we’ve previously listed luxury gift ideas here at Giftya like designer items, finding the perfect present for a fashionista doesn’t necessarily mean you have to break the bank—especially when you’re in the diverse retail landscape of New York City. Whether you’re giving a gift for a birthday, a special occasion, or just because they deserve it, here are a few budget-friendly things you can get in NYC that your fashion-forward friends will truly appreciate.

1. Luxury-inspired fragrances

Despite being invisible, perfume can serve as an accessory that adds elegance and sophistication to anyone’s outfit. Fortunately, Fine Homes & Living states that luxurious fragrances that match your friend’s personal style are available at an affordable price through the New York-based brand Dossier, located in Valley Stream. There’s the Chanel Chance-inspired Woody Hyacinth, whose floral and spicy notes may suit female friends who balance femininity and sensuality in their outfits. Meanwhile, the Powdery Coconut scent that emulates the heady blend of notes from Tom Ford’s iconic Soleil Blanc is fitting for men with a vibrant and comforting aura.

2. Style-appropriate sunglasses

Much like fragrances, shades are fashion staples that help complete and accentuate an ensemble, while also being the ideal gift due to the variety of frame styles, colors, and designs. While you can order women’s sunglasses from LensCrafters online, you can also shop for the perfect pair by visiting the retailer’s boutiques scattered across NYC from Broadway to 34th Street. Affordable and stylish brands like Vogue Eyewear carry cat-eye frames for your chic female friends, as well as the more experimental wraparounds suited for those who push sartorial boundaries. Meanwhile, your male friends will appreciate classic and timeless rectangular frames for brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley.

3. Leather bags

You can’t go wrong with gifting a fashionista a leather bag they can mix and match with their outfits. Since going directly to high-end boutiques can come with a hefty price tag, The Cut suggests trying vintage resellers for curated yet accessible designer bags? If you’re looking for bags and leather goods from Agnès B., try going to Lara Koleji on Orchard Street, while Rogue on Stanton Street has the most budget-friendly nostalgic pieces for your friends sporting Y2K styles. Lastly, the fun and eccentric brand Bode’s quality bags for both men and women are likely to be found at spots like the eclectic Desert Vintage.

4. Disposable cameras

Fashion enthusiasts are likely to not just enjoy coming up with the trendiest outfits but also capturing both travel and day-to-day OOTDs. So, it’s only reasonable to give them a camera that’ll help memorialize each iconic look. High-end digital cameras may be way out of your budget, but a disposable camera from Kodak can do essentially the same job—but with the added thrill of making each shot count. Additionally, the 35mm film format has a distinct way of capturing all the fun colors and silhouettes in your friend’s choice of attire. You can find single-use cameras from family-owned photo labs and most retailers in NYC like CVS, but many advise against the camera shops in and around Times Square, as they typically overcharge tourists.

5. Personalized gift cards

For a very fashion-conscious friend, it’s better not to risk picking out a fashion abomination and simply give them a gift card. But don’t worry about coming off as lazy or thoughtless, as our digital gift card services here at Giftya allows you to personalize your gift and send it within seconds!

You can select from our catalog of local and national merchants, ranging from Ulta Beauty if your friend’s into beauty and makeup, or Amazon for more options for clothing, footwear, accessories, and everything fashion-related. There are also NYC-based partners like LUNESSA Designer Jewelry to make your gift card more unique and tailored to visiting the Big Apple.

Gift amounts also range from $5 to $100, allowing you to customize your gift based on your budget. Feel free to explore this website for more information about GiftYa.

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