3 Ways To Set Your GiftYa Apart

But how do you set your GiftYa apart and make each one special? Get inspired by these super simple ways to make your recipient feel extra special when they receive your GiftYa. 

1. Pick a merchant that means something.
Sure, everyone could use a new sweater from a department store and you bet they would enjoy a therapeutic stroll through the aisles of Target. But what about the stores, restaurants or boutiques that bring back special moments, funny stories and fond memories?  

Back in college, frozen mango margaritas and chicken quesadillas at a restaurant near campus was a staple in mine and my roommate’s diet. The laughs and stories we shared during those meals are truly unforgettable and that little restaurant in Ohio will always hold a special place in our hearts.  

After graduation I moved back to Pennsylvania and my roommate moved to North Carolina. When she mentioned making a trip back to Ohio to attend a wedding in a few months, I immediately grabbed my phone and sent her a GiftYa to Salsita’s Mexican Restaurant. Without GiftYa, I would have never been able treat her to dinner at a restaurant two hours away from where I live, with just the click of a button! 

Whether it’s a favorite restaurant from college, a tattoo shop where you sister can get that tattoo she has been wanting, or that pastry shop where the pecan pies taste just like his grandma used to make, GiftYa gives you an opportunity to truly show someone how much you care in ways that gift cards cannot.

Salsita's Mexican Restaurant GiftYa

2. Choose a fun denomination.

$5,$10, $25, $50 - these are the typical denominations for gift cards, right?Luckily, GiftYa is not your average gift. I love spicing up my GiftYas with unique denominations for an added touch of personalization. 

  • Is it your sister’s 21st birthday? Treat her to $21 at the local dive bar to cover a round (or three) of drinks.
  • Is your cousin having a house warming party? Why not send a GiftYa to Bed Bath & Beyond and choose their new house number as the denomination.
  • What about that co-worker who gets the same coffee order every morning? Show how much you appreciate them by sending a $5.08 GiftYa to cover tomorrow’s medium White Chocolate Mocha. (Don’t forget to wrap it with GiftYa’s coffee bean wrapper!)

Tiny details like the denomination is a great way to make gift giving even more enjoyable - for you and the recipient!

Starbucks GiftYa

3. Upload a creative photo or video.

It’s no secret that one of the best parts of sending a GiftYa is uploading a photo or video, then topping it off with a fun wrapper design. But don’t hesitate to take the personalization a step further with some out of the box ideas! Here are a few to get your started: 

  • Sending a GiftYa to your wife forMother’s Day? Have your children draw a picture, snap a photo, and upload it to your GiftYa so she can admire their masterpiece!
Barnes & Noble GiftYa
  • Is it your brother’s birthday, but you need pay back for losing that bet a few months ago? Send a GiftYa to cover a round of golf, but not before uploading that video of him tripping at graduation that he is trying to forget!
Rolling Acres Golf Course GiftYa
  • Your dog-sitter puts up with a lot of crap(literally). Make a ‘thank you’ sign for your pup to wear around his neck, snap a photo, and upload it to a GiftYa for a local spa so she can get a well-deserved massage.
Evolve Luxury Spa GiftYa

GiftYa allows us to spread kindness and gifts in such a personal way – and stepping up your gifting game with these creative ideas will be sure to put a smile on your recipient’s face. Happy gifting!

Written by Allison O'Neill, Visual Designer

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