10 Unforgettable Places to Stay in Estes Park, CO

Looking for the Best Places to Set up Camp in Colorado? We’ve Gathered Some of the Best Lodges, Inns, and Airbnbs for Every Budget

Today I have a list of some of the best places you can stay around Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. I’ll give you a couple of Airbnb options on top of a bunch of great hotels as well. I’ll be sure to give you the hotel’s location, a review from other customers, and a link to their website so you can check out their pricing and accommodation options. And anytime one of these great places to spend the night around Estes Park accept our convenient GiftYa gift cards I’ll throw you a link.

If you haven’t used GiftYas before, they are a great solution for travelers, adventurers, and gift givers alike. Their all digital format makes them easy to buy, send, and keep track of. They really take all the headache out of the equation for anybody who uses them. You never have to worry about leaving a gift card behind or losing it, because they will always be available right from your phone. Which I think makes them great anytime you are planning a vacation. 

But enough about how GiftYa works, let’s get to that list of great places to stay around Estes Park.

Best Airbnb Locations In Estes Park

1 - Best Cabin Style Airbnb

Affordable, Roomy, and Private Cabin with Natural Views

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Image courtesy of Airbnb.

109$/Night | Estes Park | View Airbnb Listing 

If you are looking for a great cozy and private place to stay the next time you are in Estes Park, or hoping to visit Rocky Mountain National Park, then this cabin is going to be a great value. You can find fancier and more elegant cabins to stay in around Estes Park, but they can run you up to $600 a night. This cabin has a full kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom and it will only run you $109/night. And when you are already spending money on a trip to one of our nation’s beautiful national parks, the last thing you want to do is overpay on lodging and have less money to spend doing activities and events to make your trip memorable.

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2 - Best Home Style Airbnb

The Best Views You Can Find In the Area

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Image courtesy of Airbnb.

$149/Night | Estes Park | View Airbnb Listing

If you are looking to have more of a traditional house experience for your Airbnb, then this spot is going to be a great choice for you. It’s only $149/Night, but it can host up to 8 guests a night. And it’s easy to see why when you consider it has 3 full bedrooms, five beds, and two full baths. So if you are on a family trip and you need a little more room than the cabin has then this is going to be a great spot for you.

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3 - Best Condo Style Airbnb

Amazing Condo Style Airbnb Only 5 Minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park

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Image courtesy of Airbnb.

$207/Night | Estes Park | View Airbnb Listing

If you are looking to have a really comfortable trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, you should absolutely take a look at this Airbnb. It’s a newly remodeled condo that is right on the Fall River and nestled right up to the Roosevelt National Forest. Which means that it is just minutes away from Rocky Mountain National Park, and features beautiful mountainside views. And you can enjoy these amazing views from the comfort of a brand new hot tub. And nothing is better after a long day of hiking around in the sun all day than being able to relax your aching muscles with a bunch of high powered hot water jets.

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Best Hotels Around Estes Park

1 - Silver Moon Inn

One of the Most Popular Hotels In Estes Park

175 Spruce Dr | Estes Park | silvermooninn.com

Silver Moon Inn isn’t just one of the most popular hotels in all of Estes Park, it is also locally-owned and family-operated. So you know your dollar is going right to hard working people and not the CEO of a hotel chain who refuses to give anybody but himself a raise. Listen, this hotel is going to have many of the standard amenities that you have come to expect from a modern hotel. But the thing they have that makes them so unique is that during your stay you can go down and relax next to a fire pit right down on the beautiful Fall River. 

Honestly the rooms are beautiful, the beds are comfortable, the staff is friendly, but being able to sit down by the river and have a small campfire is such a nice amenity that I haven’t seen at a hotel before. So between that and their phenomenal rating with customers, SIlver Moon Inn quickly became my number one recommendation of hotels to stay at in Silver Moon Inn.

“Had a great 3 nights here and this is my second time staying here. The staff is top notch and always willing to go the extra mile. Everything you need morning noon and night like having s'more's set out every night fire pits with free wood and plenty of snacks for everyone. In this world where you pay extra for everything it's nice to see this kind of care.” - Customer Review 

2 - Murphy’s Resort at Estes Park

This Resort Specializes In Making Sure Travelers and Families Enjoy Their Trip to Rocky Mountain National Park.

1650 Big Thompson Ave | Estes Park | murphysresort.com

If you are hoping to have a really amazing trip to Rocky Mountain National Park then Murphy’s Resort is going to be one of your best choices to stay at. They’ve been around since 2013 and in that time, they have been providing guests with comfortable beds, pools, playgrounds, and private grills at an affordable price. And you get to enjoy all of that, along with all the other modern hotel amenities, while you are only six miles from Rocky Mountain National Park. 

And I can tell you first hand that our national parks are massive, and you are going to want to go back for more than one day. And you don’t want to spend your trip driving 45 minutes each way. That’s two hours each day out of your vacation that you are spending in traffic instead of enjoying your vacation. So the affordable prices, and great location, makes Murphy’s Resort another one of my top picks of hotels to stay at in Estes Park.

“We spent one night here during our stay at Rocky Mountain National park and it was amazing!! We saw some elk on the property and little rabbit and they have free movies to rent and free popcorn too!!! We had a great stay even though it was so short, nice clean room and clean bathrooms as well. Great, friendly staff too!” - Customer Review 

3 - Blue Door Inn

You Get More for Less at this Hotel that is A Gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park.

1220 Big Thompson Ave | Estes Park | bluedoorinnestes.com

If you are really concerned about hotel cleanliness, then the Blue Door Inn is going to be the perfect spot in Estes Park for you. Not only are all of their rooms cleaned and sanitized by hand, they are also sanitized using electronic sprayers, and then the air is recycled and filtered using top quality filters. There are no fears for germaphobes or families alike when you stay here. 

I know that staying in a public room can be a little uncomfortable for some people (especially after the world went through a pandemic) so I wanted to make sure I had a great hotel on here for those of you who want to visit the National Park, but have a hard time finding an Airbnb or hotel that feels safe and clean to stay in. And no matter who you are, you have to appreciate the fact that they keep in mind that many of their guests are traveling on vacation, and they try to help keep vacation costs low without having you sacrifice on the quality of your stay.

“Great spot to stay. Clean and close to everything. Washer and dryer on site.

And a very good breakfast included. Coffee in the room and plenty of parking.

I will stay here again. Such a great place.” - Customer Review 

4 - Murphy’s River Lodge

Only 4 Miles from Rocky Mountain National Park

Image courtesy of Murphey’s River Lodge.

481 W Elkhorn Ave | Estes Park | murphysriverlodge.com

If you want a hotel that is conveniently located next to the National Park, but close enough to downtown Estes Park that you can still see the city and enjoy a night on the town then Murphy’s River Lodge is going to be in the prime location for you. It’s only 4 miles from Rocky Mountain National Park, but only 2 blocks away from downtown. On top of the great location, they feature free wifi and breakfast, as well as an indoor heated pool and hot tub. And that’s without even mentioning the reputation they have for the friendliest staff in town. 

“Me and my husband loved staying here and wish we could do it more often! They were so accommodating and I love the hot cocoa and movie stuff in the front office :)” - Customer Review 

5 - Coyote Mountain Lodge

Great Motel offering Views of the Rockies and a Heated Pool

1340 Big Thompson Ave | Estes Park | coyotemountainlodge.com

If you want to stay in a place that is affordable and comfortable while you are in Estes Park, then Coyote Mountain Lodge is going to be a great choice for you. They aren’t going to be quite as fancy, or convenient, as some of the hotels higher on the list, but what you save on lodging you can spend making the rest of your visit to Estes Park very memorable. 

And if you are one of those people who like to speak with the way you spend your money, then you will be happy to know that they are in the process of transitioning to being entirely powered by clean and green energy. The only place in town with more solar panels, is their other hotel. So you know they are serious about making this change and are committed to a sustainable future. 

“Safe and spotless during COVID, super friendly and helpful staff... nice pool, hot tub, and elk!! :)  Dog-friendly (with very small deposit), clean rooms, TV, wifi - all the essentials! I was paying the same amount at the horrible KOA facility down the street with NO bathroom or linens!” - Customer Review 

6 - The Ridgeline Hotel

The Best Chain Hotel You Can Find In Estes Park

101 South Saint Vrain Ave | Estes Park | ridgelinehotel.com

The Ridgeline Hotel is part of the Ascend Hotel Collection, and in exchange for being sponsored by a big hotel brand, they are able to offer their guests more amenities than some of the other spots on the list. They have an on-site pool, an on-site restaurant, and an on-site bar as well. So they are trying to offer their customers the full hotel experience in every way. And they do all of that while being nestled at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains and only a few minutes away from downtown Estes Park.

“Good location and pet friendly. Had a balcony overlooking the indoor pool which was nice. Good spot for kids. Also many outdoor fire pits and a good restaurant on site.

Check in was a bit rough but it was Fourth of July and very busy.” - Customer Review 

7 - Discovery Lodge

The Most Sustainable Hotel In Estes Park

800 Big Thompson Ave | 800 Big Thompson Ave | estesdiscoverylodge.com

If you like that Coyote Mountain Lodge was sustainably minded, then you will be happy to hear that this is the other property those hotel managers own. And that’s right, this is the one that has the largest solar array of any location in Estes Park. So you can feel really good about staying at this beautiful five acre location that is only minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park. They are focused on sustainability while offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere to vacationers and adventurers alike. 

“Clean. The room is a decent size. We  dropped by and checked in. Employees are friendly.

For the price, this place is great!!” - Customer Review 

And there you have it! That is my list of some of the best places you can find to stay around Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. I hope I helped you find a great place to stay that will help make your vacation comfortable and affordable. And if you are still planning your trip be sure to check out one of our other great articles on fun things to do around Estes Park and great places to eat as well.

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