These Haunted Hotels In Estes Park, CO Will Definitely Lift Your Spirits!

Enjoy a delightfully “frightful” stay at any of these hotels and you can learn a bit of history while you’re there!

Are you someone who finds the spooky interesting? Or maybe you’d like to stay in a place with a rich and engrossing backstory, well get ready because today we’re going on a frightful journey through the best haunted hotels in Estes Park, CO! All of these places have a fascinating story behind them and are– quite frankly, for those who love this sort of thing, aesthetically really cool. So let’s step into the past and learn about these mysterious hotels, (and talk about what they offer cause let’s be real, the haunted is intriguing and all but we’re here for a comfortable stay too)!

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1. Stanley Hotel

Any fan of ‘The Shining’ knows about this famous haunted hotel in Estes Park, CO!

Voted around the country as one of the best haunted hotels! Image courtesy of The Stanley Hotel Instagram page.

333 E Wonderview Ave | Estes Park |

The Stanley Hotel is known to scary movie fans all over the world as the hotel where you can get the most fun out of your stay while seeking out haunted hotels. Known as “the place where The Shining was filmed”, this hotel is a staple in the lineup of haunted hotels all over the world. And The Stanley Hotel isn’t just a cool place to say: “oh hey we’ve stayed there!”-- no, it has a myriad of activities/things to see/do!

If you’re here for the prime haunted hotel experience you can stay at the grand heritage hotel itself, dating all the way back to 1909, there are classic rooms, deluxe king rooms, superior king rooms, suites & junior suites, and of course, the “spirited” rooms which are all featured to have “high paranormal activity.” (Plus you can even stay in the Steven King Suite or the Ghost Hunters’ favorite rooms– availability is limited so make sure you book well in advance).

But if you’re looking for a more “low-key” experience, you can also stay at The Lodge which is all about making a boutique experience or The Residences which are fully equipped condos perfect for groups. Or stay at the Aspire Hotel & Spa which is all about modern comfort. With a great selection of spots to stay and events always happening in their showroom, The Stanley Hotel is here to offer a hotel adventure you won’t wanna miss out on.

“The view from this place is amazing! Snow capped mountains and homes in the valley are just beautiful. Inside you can feel the same beauty and history. The movies that were inspired and filmed there are everywhere. We had a wonderful experience.” -Google Review

2. The Oxford Hotel

Bringing “timeless elegance and modern luxury”-- you won’t find a better stay while in town.

Enjoy relaxing and learning a bit of history while you stay at this haunted hotel! Image courtesy of The Oxford Hotel & Spa Instagram page.

1600 17th St | Denver |

“Stay for the story” is a tagline The Oxford Hotel & Spa uses and oh boy is that correct! Established in 1891 by architect Frank E. Edbrooke became one of the biggest hotels in the city standing a whopping five stories tall. Through small hurdles and renovations the hotel became a hugely popular place to stay and it has housed thousands of people since it first opened its doors. (Learn more about their history on their website).

There are reports of incidents happening at The Oxford Hotel & Spa, leading to some guests experiencing seeing appliances turn on & off, and seeing a figure at the hotel’s bar. If this piques your interest then this might be the place for you to stay while in town.

Offering 80 guest rooms and suites providing a modern yet historically-inspired atmosphere, The Oxford Hotel is here to make sure you have a comfy stay. And with complimentary wifi, a spa & salon, restaurant, bar, business area, curated art collection, and more, you’ll have something to look forward to next time you’re back in the city.

“What a great, old fashioned hotel. They still use actual keys! Fantastic architecture and friendly staff. We were able to take the train from the airport and walk the block to the hotel with ease.” -Google Review

3. Seven Keys Lodge

Formerly known as the “Baldpate Inn”-- this seasonal hotel is a Colorado favorite!

Take in the rustic ambience and enjoy the views of nature from high above! Image courtesy of the Seven Keys Lodge Instagram page.

4900 CO-7 | Estes Park |

Since 1917, Seven Keys Lodge (formerly known as The Baldpate Inn) has been a Colorado highlight to all those who come and visit. And since it was recently renovated as of this past season, it’s safe to assume that even though things may look a little different than previous years, this place is still one to come back to again. 

Whether you decide to stay in one of the 12 rooms at the lodge or one of the cabins built for multiple people to enjoy, you’re sure to have a nice time. Events are scheduled all the time when the lodge is open and they have their own dining, brunch, and cocktail menu to peruse while you sit outside to enjoy the lovely weather of Estes Park, Colorado.

Now you may be wondering, “what about the ‘haunted’ part?” Well, according to patrons, you can find the original owners Gordon and Ethel Mace roaming around the hotel, either to mess with the hotel itself or simply to visit their once home again. Plenty of mysteries to be had at the Seven Keys Lodge.

“Mark and Meredith are amazing hosts. They have an uncanny ability to make guests feel like family. If you are in search of some excellent southern hospitality in an unbeatable setting, head to Seven Keys.” -Google Review

4. Hotel Colorado - Glenwood Springs

With fine dining, great rooms, and conveniently located, this hotel has got everything you need!

Get a load of those Colorado mountain views at this haunted hotel near Estes Park, CO! Image courtesy of the Hotel Colorado Instagram page.

526 Pine St | Glenwood Springs |

Located in downtown Glenwood Springs, (and right next to Glenwood Springs) is Hotel Colorado! Established in 1893, this hotel is the prime location for all those who want to explore the wonder that is Colorado and some of the finest it has to offer. With Iron Mountain Hot Springs, Yampah Spa, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, White River National Forest, and the whole city at your disposal, Hotel Colorado has plenty of outdoor attractions to explore and once you’re done you can go back and enjoy the hotel.

As for the “haunted” aspect, Hotel Colorado has multiple different claims about being haunted either by the Ute Indians who were wrongfully displaced from their land in 1880 who set a curse upon that land, and/or guests who’ve passed on in the hotel still roam the halls. Either way, you’re here for spooky- they have spooky!

Enjoy amenities like their very own restaurant called Coppertone Bar featuring delicious foods and tasty drinks, outside adventure packages, and many different rooms/suites with appliances/other room amenities that will make for a lovely stay.

“Wow!!! Beautifully decorated and maintained historic hotel. We had views of the mountains and the hot springs and cute downtown were right next door. Super clean and genuinely great night’s sleep. We will 100% be returning.” -Google Review

5. The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, Autograph Collection

Want luxury in downtown Denver? Look no further than this hotel and spa!

Truly gorgeous architecture that makes you feel like you’re staying in a whole new world. Image courtesy of The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa Instagram page.

321 17th St | Denver |

Like most of the hotels on our list, The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa has been around forever, since 1892 in fact! And ever since then they have been known for their exceptional service, exquisite aesthetic, and top of the line amenities you won’t find in just any hotel. They also have six restaurants and bars, a boutique spa, and plenty of fun events to go to!

Wake up in a room or suite and put on your plush terry robes, drink your pure artesian water from their well, and enjoy the space built to make your stay unlike any other you’ve had in Colorado.

Setting the standard for “luxury” in Colorado, The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa has never closed, not even for renovations since its opening, so you know they are here to make the very best stay possible just for you. And since you’re here for the eerie, this hotel has reports of multiple guests who’ve stayed throughout the years in various homes appearing in different rooms all throughout the hotel itself. You may hear or see something spook-tacular while you stay at The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa.

“If you haven't been than you should! A real part of Denver history well preserved and in immaculate condition. Live music, great updated rooms, gorgeous atmosphere and on and on....” -Google Review

6. Hotel Jerome - Aspen

An Aspen staple and Colorado icon, this hotel’s unique aesthetic makes for an enjoyable stay!

A beautiful social hub makes for a great conversation starter. Image courtesy of the Hotel Jerome, Aspen Instagram page.

330 E Main St | Aspen |

“Voted #1 Hotel in the West & Southwest by Condé Nast Traveler Readers”-- Hotel Jerome, Aspen is a beautiful hotel first established in 1889. They’ve always been known throughout the state as being the “social hub” of Aspen. And with their beautiful decor and comfortable atmosphere, we can see why! You can learn about the history while you stay and learn about all the people who’ve come through their doors over the years, and it’s truly fascinating.

Stories are told about multiple guests and workers who’ve passed on while staying at Hotel Jerome, Aspen and they can be reportedly seen or heard in certain areas of the hotel. There’s a fair amount of spookiness to be found at the hotel, so take your sights here if any of this interests you.

Junior Suites, Luxury Suites, Deluxe Rooms, and Residential Suites are all available to make your stay comfy. Plus the view of the spectacular Colorado Mountains are quite lovely to come back to after a long day of exploring Aspen.

“Probably my favorite hotel in Aspen. It’s very cozy and quaint. We loved sitting in the bar/lounge area and having drinks and apres. The staff are super friendly and the rooms are great!” -Google Review

Well there you have it, you’ve now learned about some of the haunted hotels in Estes Park, CO (and beyond just Estes Park). From a relatively simple stay to fine luxury, these places offer a range of comfort for whatever you’re looking for, (the bonus fun of the spooky history is quite fun too). There are a great many things to look forward to when you go to these hotels.

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